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  1. Kimber silver streak with their 8tc speaker wire is a nice choice for klipsch speakers with a laid back SS or a tube amp.
  2. ---------------- On 12/7/2004 6:59:51 PM kjohnsonhp wrote: or simply add a $300 cart like the Dynavector to my 5 ---------------- I was going to upgrade carts on my MMF7 and found out from posts on audiogon that the mmf tables are not very cartridge freindly, the goldring erotica is about as good as you can tweek out of the table. The Shure v15 is supposed to work well also.
  3. ---------------- On 12/7/2004 6:59:51 PM kjohnsonhp wrote: I am interested in the MMF-7....I have an MMF-5 which I could sell towards the 7..... question....what kind of improvement should I expect? I wonder is this is worth the step or make a bigger one...or simply add a $300 cart like the Dynavector to my 5 ---------------- I upgraded from the planar 2 to the MMF-7 and heard a huge improvement in soundstage detail, darker background, and alot higher extension of upper freqs. Kick drums seem a lot tighter also. This could be due to the fact of the HO M/C cartidge. The MMF-7 is a great deck, however it has let me know what actual high end turntables can sound like, and has given me the intrest to move to the next level of tables.
  4. ---------------- welcome to the forum. Please post your food tastes, lawnmower type, and house color, so other forum members know what you eat, and the hp of your mower. They can also comment on the color of your house!
  5. Thought I would let you guys know first before I list them on audiogon. The planar 2 has a new audio technica ml440 cartridge rb250 arm new cond w box $300.00. The MMF-7 has the factory cart/arm and is less than 3 months old paid 1100, sell 600. looking to upgrade to scoutmaster or orgin live.
  6. colterphoto1, I just like to lurk down your avitars shirt.
  7. colterphoto1, I just like to lurk down your avitars shirt.
  8. what do you mean by slim? Hight?
  9. I have a sunfire 300 two, in new condition with all paperwork boxes, etc. Ill sell it for 950.00. It will sound sweet with the RF7.
  10. Cheech & Chongs Christmas album.
  11. Servo subs seem to work great in home theater, not the fastest in 2 channel, the servo correction happens after the fact, not Ideal for 2 channel.
  12. ---------------- On 11/30/2004 1:41:22 AM SoundBroker wrote: ---------------- On 11/29/2004 5:41:03 PM kenratboy wrote: Oh good, I was about to ask if your Vette was a ***** little 4-speed auto or a stick, but any Vette freak knows the Z06 only had one flavor of tranny ---------------- 405 Horsepower with a 6 speed manual baby! 1+G's in the corner on the stock tires and 12 sec 1/4's. That, my friends, is a real man's car! Rumor is, the new Z-06 will have 500+ HP/TQ from a hand built 427... grunt grunt! ---------------- 50 grand? You should be running in the 7 sec zone for that. I used to have K-horns, 2 sets actually, I currently have chorus 2s, I listen to them in my office with a set amp. For serious listening, I listen to VMPS. When the volume went down, the quality went up. I guess it is wisdom, same reason I sold my K-horns, and my 6 sec NMRA outlaw street car. Wisdom.. 50 grand for 12 seconds? goofy.
  13. I have listened to the WATT PUPPYS, a dealer in my home town used to carry the wilson line , he also carried vmps, in my opinion, the vmps/ elixer sounds far better than anything I heard from wilson. A better value is the vmps rm40. does a klipschorn compare?, well the rm 40 is cheaper than the klipschorn, not as efficient, less colored,has a huge detailed soundstage, has real bass, has won best of show regardless of price 2 years in a row at the CES show, does the watt puppy or k-horn compare?, NO Way.
  14. ---------------- On 1/17/2003 11:28:34 AM NOSValves wrote: Tim, How do you like the CV4003's in your phono preamp. I have a set of those in my HF-81 although there providing a different use there they do seem to be nice for the ducats. I purchased mine for $30 from a ebay seller in England. Its great how they are wrapped and the pin protectors isn't it !! Craig ---------------- Craig, I tried the cv4003s from your recomendation a few months back, they are a huge improvement over stock. However, I decided my blueberry phono stage is just to noisey, so I bought an accoustech PHD, I have several different blueberry phono tubes NOS new, if anyone would like a list of them let me know, their all of the good ones.
  15. ---------------- On 11/25/2004 12:56:44 AM DeanG wrote: Don't believe everything you read. :~) ---------------- Klipschorns doing rock n roll? Maybe bluegrass, not rock...
  16. ---------------- On 11/25/2004 12:21:35 AM edwinr wrote: I like the new Studio 20 V3. Good cosmetics and great sound. Not as dynamic as the Klipsch Reference equivalents, but okay sound for the money. The bigger Paradigm reference stuff doesn't gel with me. Just my opinion. ---------------- Agreed. The studio 20s on stands with beards, soundtage incredible.
  17. I own a set of studio 60s, they are crossed over at 50hz and used with their servo 15 sub. Sound is good, definetly 'flat' or correct, as recorded, much less colored than a horn type speaker.
  18. With my chorus2s, I like the sound of bluegrasss and country. For everthing else, I use paradigm or VMPS.
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