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  1. Dont use anything water based, as Rick pointed out, it will raise the grain and require sanding that will thin the veneer. Do not use a thinner that is too hot, such as laquer thinner, MEK, acitone, etc.they can loosen the adhesive that the veneer is stuck on with. If they are dirty, lightly sand them with a Med/fine sanding sponge or 220 grit sand paper, wipe them down with enamel reducer,then dry immediatly with clean paper towels. Apply 3-4 coats of tounge oil, read the directons on the can for application process.
  2. ---------------- On 10/30/2004 8:02:42 AM Audio Flynn wrote: In the end, I opted for neither and went with a modded Jolida JD-100, tubed output player (modded by Underwood). Very detailed, wide soundstage, and warm and full sound. Never heard an unmodded JD-100, but they also get rave reviews. ++++++++++++++ I heard Shapeshifters Jolida; it is a keeper. Deeper souindstage than my MSB DAC ++++++++++++++ If I were you, Steelie, I would do a tubed player (Ah!, Heart, or Jolida) or a higher end CD player, as mentioned previously. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ I agrre, the Jolida with mods, or the Ah, Tojeb Audio Flynn mentioned, if you like solid state, check into the Electrocompaniet Cdp EMC - 1 24/96 ,you can buy one used for 1600.00 or so.
  3. I would check into ribbon supertweets, or the focals.
  4. I tried rope caulk on my chorus 2s, and lost most of their sweet midrange. try it, Im sure it will kill your midrange also.
  5. I own a Marantz 64"rptv, when I purchased it, the dealer had a tech come out and align the guns by hand. I noticed blacker blacks,richer colors. I dont know how much this service would cost, I would be interested in having re-done, now that I think about it.....
  6. Earlier and now I am listening to Lynard Skynards greatest hits. The the songs in the middle of the disc appear to have a slight delay in the 2 channels of music, sounds almost like a quiet, perfect little "echo" in the vocals, particurally the song "working for the MCA" is it the disc? Or, because it is worse at louder volumes, is it Jitter? Rob, Mark if you read this, I read your PM, and I will be contacting you shortly.Thanks for your response, greatest customer service out there.
  7. If you boys would save your money you could save up and buy a nice set of loudspeakers that will never need a sub.
  8. 1000.00 mint with shipping to your door.
  9. I am trying to use the Blueberry with a large 600 watt/ch amp and 89db speakers, with the phono I have to use alot of gain, it is very noisey at low volumes. I just orderd a Acoustech PHD phono stage. I do have some rare vintage NOS mullards, and tel.Dia mark tubes for the phono in the blueberry, if anyone is iterested, let me know, Ill sell them cheap. They are, matched pair NOS 1964 Mullard 12AT7,Matched Pair Telfunken 12AT7 Diamond NOS,Mullard 12AX7 cv4004 boxplate NOS, Telefunken 12AX7 smoothplate NOS . I paid around 350.00 for them all, I can seperate, 40cents on dollar.
  10. Craig, how much "noise" do you have in your Blueberry Phono stage?
  11. Do your homework, 1500 is alot of dough....
  12. Did you try and move the woofer cone in and out with your hands to see if you have a voice coil dragging?
  13. ---------------- On 10/15/2004 4:05:13 PM bclarke421 wrote: Welcome Brian, You might find that those will not sell here at that price. That is on the high side even for one of the nicer veneers. No offense intended, just trying to be helpful. Also, pictures can be uploaded here. Just click on the "attach file" button in the post form, and you can upload them to Klipsch server form your hard drive. More detail would help as well. Actual model & serial numbers are usually helpful. You may find that $1500 would be a more common price point for raw finished Khorns. Another member had a matched pair of Walnut veneer sheets cut & ready to go, so this might make a nice project for somebody. Again, no criticism is intended here. I've been trying to get $800 for my Scott 299C for a while now. Good luck. ---------------- Add some Boiled Linseed Oil, and your there!
  14. Adcom is the wrong stuff for Klipsch, I have been down that road, waisted alot of money before I finally "got it right" and ditched adcom.
  15. Try a set of MIT biwre cables, youll here a difference, or you can get your money back.
  16. I have decided to build a new toy with my son. I am stumped between to models, and cant decide. My son likes one I like the other, we have been going back and forth on this for about 2 months,after I sold our drag car, and I am ready to order this week. The kits come un-painted so please dont let the paint jobs effect your opinions, thanks, Rob
  17. ---------------- On 10/8/2004 3:30:58 PM yromj wrote As for the sub: Timbre matching is not important for the sub. Just get the sub which will do the best job, in your price range. I have listened to the RWs and I have an SVS. It's very hard to beat SVS for the money. John ---------------- The crossover slopes are important though, they must match for correct timber match, as do the phase of the woofers at the listening position.
  18. I own a Dared vp-16, a very good sounding product, well built, swap the tubes from the China parts, you have something that will be hard to beat for the money.
  19. ---------------- On 10/5/2004 6:45:11 PM D-MAN wrote: Within the respective price point, the stock Khorns are a fine sounding product, and possibly the BEST sound for the money, IMO. For 7500.00 they are far from best sound in that price range, what 7500.00 speakers have you A-B'd them to?
  20. Use chemical paint stripper, you can find it at any paint store. After you apply the stripper let it soak just until it almost starts to dry, then take a green scotch bright pad and scrub , repeat that until you feel it is removed, then whipe the cabinets down with mineral spirits until your rags come back clean. Let them dry for a week, then sand and re-finish, without BLO of course......
  21. ---------------- On 10/4/2004 7:46:42 AM picky wrote: http://forums.klipsch.com/idealbb/files/raddig.jpg"< ---------------- [/blockquote> I guess I do need to buy some Lamisil, thanks, maybe then people will stop looking at my feet when I where open shoes.
  22. radiob

    Sharke Tale anyone?

    seen it yesterday with my kids, they were a little young to understand the humor.
  23. Go gor a turntable, dollar for dollar the cd type format, high resolution or not, can not come close to the sound of a well set up turntable.
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