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  1. Awesome video dwilawyer. Thanks for posting it. I take it from this video that the new top hat grill is removable?
  2. There's a positive side to the price increases - owners of older Heritage models may find their speakers have increased in value!
  3. I have wondered myself as to how DIY sealed backs compare to factory versions.
  4. You're on the money. It should open up for more sales from those that previously disregarded Klipschorns' because they had difficult rooms. I reckon Klipsch didn't just screw random pieces of chip board to seal the backs - they would have done some fancy engineering to tweak the sound for sealed back operation.
  5. Hi Dean, Temple Audio Bantam Gold from England. 25 watts per channel (4 ohms). Cost - 200 English pounds and they will ship overseas. This is my current favourite desk top amplifier. It will run my Heresy lll's in a large room beautifully and the amplifier will make nice sounds with my Stirling LS3/5a's in smaller listening spaces. Edwin.
  6. Living in Australia, I would never be able to audition before buying. It would be a leap of faith. I was the lucky owner of a pair of AK3's for several years. They were amazing speakers, but bad corners made positioning problematic. The new Klipschorn may very well be an option for more difficult rooms like mine.
  7. No, Schu. I haven't heard nor seen the latest version. My comments are based on Klipsch's latest product page information. Reading more about it, it looks as though Klipsch have done a major redesign of the bass horn.
  8. I like the new design. The cherry finish is great. It features a new neodymium tweeter and an enclosed low frequency horn design. This will give it more flexibility with room placement.
  9. Nice products. I didn't know about them. Thanks for posting the link.
  10. Congratulations. I've been seriously considering upgrading my Heresy iii to the Cornwall iii. Any pics yet?
  11. I've never seen an AK5 unboxing either, Schu. I'm surprised it hasn't been posted before.
  12. The Mackie Big Knob Passive Controllers are highly regarded and are well priced: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/BigKnobPass
  13. Lucky You. if it was me, I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink.
  14. This is a great image sequence depicting the unpacking and assembly of a Klipschorn AK5. I love the walnut finish: http://hitopav.co.kr/board/content2.asp?board=hitoproom&uid=68578
  15. And maybe the much larger baffle has something to do with it as well.
  16. For the first time in years my local music store has started selling vinyl. Surprisingly, most are new releases from current artists.
  17. Geoff, the Heresy llls are a very special speaker. I can only imagine how good the Cornwall lll sounds with the Heresy's fantastic mid and high range horn drivers combined with a high efficiency 15 inch driver and a much larger cabinet.
  18. Interestingly, Alan Shaw from Harbeth advocates speaker cabinets which are based on the BBC thin wall principal using light weight, but well damped panels loaded with bitumen etc on the inside. These panels are designed to absorb resonance in the critical middle frequencies where our ears are more sensitive. I have linked a YouTube video of a dude reviewing a pair of Cornwall llls. He was obviously aware of Mr Shaw's philosophy and was trying it out of the Cornwall's using the age old 'knuckle test'. There are three parts to his review. By the end of the third video I felt like giving the reviewer a knuckle test on his skull!
  19. I concede that when driving difficult loads (Maganplanars?), some amplifiers will may anemic compared to their more powerful brethren. Similarly, when a lower powered amplifier is driven beyond it's power threshold the higher powered amplifier will sound better. But when driving an efficient speakers like the Heresy at sound pressure levels where the lower powered amplifier is operating in it's comfort zone, both will sound the same. Unless of course the lowered powered amplifier is a SET design (which may be restricted in output at the frequency extremes) and here the listener will will detect this anomaly if this SET amplifier is compared with a higher powered solid state design with improved control at the frequency extremes.
  20. Andrew Robinson from hometheaterequipment.com is a fan of Crown amplifiers. Here's a link to a thread where he discusses pros and cons of using pro audio gear at home. It's interesting reading: http://www.hometheaterequipment.com/threads/1319-Crown-Audio-XLS-Drivecore-Series-Amplifier-The-OFFICIAL-Thread?s=a4d621b36879edf20f818897939c73cb
  21. I use speaker and interconnect cables which I purchased from the local pro audio store. They are of a good gauge and very flexible and cost me only a few dollars. How anyone can charge $15,000 to $20,000 for a set of speaker cables is beyond me. And there are audio magazines who review these cables talking about their 'sound quality' and their 'bass and treble response' and their ability to throw a 'vast soundstage'. Maybe I'm missing something. Re the Heresy lll; every Heresy I've heard sounds wonderful, but with the latest version, Klipsch have significantly improved their bass response.
  22. As much as I don't want to flame, I am of the opinion that perhaps your less expensive amplifiers will do the trick if you're focusing on sound quality alone. Those that are more technically qualified than I am have said before that setting amplifier sound levels by ear alone isn't good enough. Even a fraction of a db level difference between amplifiers (in other words one amplifier is only slightly louder than the other) can fool the human ear into believing the slightly louder amplifier sounds better. That is not to say that buying expensive amplifiers isn't a good idea. If money wasn't an issue, I would be happy to spend money on glowing tubes and esoteric solid state finery - just because I love the way they look and I like the feel of chunky controls and watching fancy meters at work when I play music.
  23. I'm skeptical that I could hear the difference between one amplifier and another in the same system and room setup with the loudness carefully adjusted (using a volt meter) to exactly the same loudness. This is assuming the amplifier manufacturer hasn't resorted to some kind of electronic trickery (filters or internal equalization) to make their usually very expensive amplifier stand out from the crowd. I reckon even a very slight loudness differential between two amplifiers will make one stand out or sound 'better' than the other. Just my $00.02
  24. Anyone see these reviews? http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/klipsch-heresy-iii-speaker-review-im-floored-and-here-is-why/ http://www.stereolifemagazine.com/reviews/item/1333-klipsch-heresy-iii-70th-anniversary-edition
  25. Some have criticized the Bantam Gold and other compact amplifiers because they lack more than one input. I solved this issue by the purchase of a Rek-O-Kut Low Noise Stereo Phono/Aux Switch. The Rek-O-Kut enables me to easily switch between my Rega turntable/phono preamp and my Play Station 3 which I use as a universal disc player. The Rek-O-Kut is completely noise and hassle free. Highly recommended:
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