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  1. Thebes, I know what the Khorn means to Klipsch....it is at their very soul. I don't want to build one, tweak one, imitate one...at all. My passion lies in just how much these speakers have meant to me as an audio lover. I can remember the days when any "high end" audio outlet would have a pair of Khorns on the floor.....that is how I fell in love with them and had to wait 20 years to finally afford them. Now, nada, I think Klipsch can devise some sort of "floor plan" deal with retailers to make the Heritage line more attractive for them to display and sell. That is my only fear, that profits will outweigh the faith in pure sound the Heritage line is known for.
  2. This is going to sound really dumb....here goes, Does Mac still make amps? If they do, do they still produce Tube gear? If not, then that would explain why there is so high intrest in the vintage gear. If they don't, what happened, they were the popular benchmark in "High end" amps. I just don't have the time to stay in tuned with all the great knowledge that this forum supplies...wish I did.
  3. Godd bunch of questions.... 1. I would not want to mass market the speaker through retailers. This is for the people who have heard a set of Khorns and want to have a set for their own. In WHATEVER wood and finish they would like. 2. The reason I purchased a set of Khorns 5 years ago is that I did not think a person could build one. But this forum has changed my mind. I did not know that someone could build a cross over network that was actually better than what Klipsch was making. 3. I would love to have a Khorn cabinet to tear down...the most complicated of all work involves curving wood and making the joints. Angles are simple, 4. I feel that the R and D put into the currnet Khorn is lacking seeing as the Heritage line is NOT the cash cow for Klipsch these days. They need to be made for the music the produce, not the dollars they can deliver
  4. Everyone! I am a custom furniture maker who owns a 5 year old pair of Khorns. I could make the cabinets in my sleep. If Klipsch does not continue to market and promote the great Knorn, so be it. Al K can build the crossovers, I will do the cabinets, and someone can supply the drivers. WE can continue the line in fine style. I would even prefer to make the mid range horn exposed out of a beautiful wood to the exact specs that we would need. AND, I would bet we could sell them at LESS than Klipsch does now...just to keep the faith going. Give me an old KHorn cabinet, and the rest is history. BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!
  5. HG, I don't mean that you have to buy the Khorns soon. It took me until I was 40 to have the cash to buy a pair brand new. Just set your sights on that, demo a pair and that will carry you through until you can afford them.
  6. Honda Guy, go on less vacations, sell the honda, buy a Kia, eat mac and cheese, do what you can to save and buy the newest Khorns you can afford. Tear out the kids room sleep 6 to a room. build a dedicated room with true corners and Never look back
  7. Great stuff guys! You have taught me plenty.....BUT....I will throw just one example out. Now this may seem a pretty lame audio experience with so many good ones out there, But here goes.... Take a listen to The Eagles Hell Freezes Over in PCM, and then in DTS. There is just no comparison between. You feel that you are IN the Audience hearing it just as it was presented. Not with standing....nothing matches a studio recorded two channel high quality recording, and it is most impressive with jazz or acoustical music.....but "live" I don't know. You guys impress the **** out of me.....even with a great cup of coffee.
  8. I agree....2 channel is a fantastic listening medium. I have A/B the same song via 2 channel and then through multi channel format and the soundstage is just terrific. I am one who designed the listening room with complete Klipsch speakers and have never looked back.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy 2 channel music. BUT....If anyone has been to a live venue then you must see that the music is arriving from many different points of origin. Speakers for amplified sound, natural instrament, refelected, etc. I can't see how with the leaps in multi channel recording, can a group continue on the premise that the only "true" musical listening configuration is 2 channel. The new high end multi channel recordings available are breathtaking in creating a more ambient listening environment than the Best...and I have Khorns, 2 speaker set ups. I guess my question is that I not so sure OLD SCHOOL two channel is viable in todays recording technology. What is your take?
  10. If you cannot afford rear projection, then I would suggest that you find the biggest LCD flat screen you can afford. Side by side, a really good LCD....not LCD projected, will blow away a plasma. Plasma suffer from angle view problems that LCD do not. Plus, the LCD are more affordable. Have better contrast ratio's, and do not have the bulb live issues. I would use that for general TV viewing, but for the best in movies....you have to go projector.....nothing compares!
  11. What's up? Did I tread on the 2Channel Taboo? Either you do or you don't...but the question can be asked.....Is everyone using a Tube pre which does not give them the option to play with that nasty temptation to boost?...I think we have a horde of CLOSET EQers
  12. Using my SS Sony TAE9000es pre I find it VERY hard not to use the equalizer with my Khorns. If I walk in and play a score in flat 2 channel with no EQ, it sounds great, but if I use my preset EQ curve.....WOW!. Now I know that is not a 2 channel purest position, but I have heard some, many, recordings which EQing makes a big difference. I don't think it is hedonistic to like a fuller mid range, or deeper bass than the orginal recording. You can admit it if you do use the EQ, I won't name names.
  13. With all the talk about a tube pre amp and good tubes as the perfect mate for Khorns....do you think that staying with a SS pre amp and switching to tube amps will do the "new" tube sound justice? I don't think I can make a financial jump to all tubes just now. Besides, I want to use my current pre Sony TAE 9000 to source my HT, decode DTS, etc. I don't know of any tube pre with the features that the high end SS have. AND, I don't want to be switching imputs and outputs to jump between two channel music and 5.1 movies. What are your thoughts on the best of both worlds?
  14. After hearing Xman's tubes with my Khorns....very nice sound. I was wondering if anyone has heard the Transcendent Sound amps. They sell them as both a DIY kit and pre assembled....They seem to be quality, but the hearing is always the key. I am drifting toward mono blocks but a great two channel would also work. BTW...on another thread...I would love to be a Heritage rep and demo Khorns to a select group directed from the local Klipsch dealer. Maybe that way sales will keep the Heriatage line viable....
  15. This post is from Elydaman, who was lucky enough to play host to Xman's tube amp and collection of sweet multi and 2 channel recordings. If you can remember, I have been asking just what advantage tube amps give Khorns....several posts to the question. After demo of many different types of music, and Xman has some really great tunes..we decided to hook up his amp to the left and right Khorns. I have been running a Sony TAE9000 pre into a ATI 1505 to power everything in my theater. What I heard from these tubes was best descirbed as a more "open, live, spacious soundstage" I did not hear any "more" music, just the music did not seem as "compact" as the ATI. What I was afraid of was that the "tube" would not be able to give me the "punch" that a great solid state 150watt amp could deliver.....the Khorns showed that a 35W tube would rock just as well....or better than SS. NOW I AM IN A JAM.....to make the Tube jump....with only 10,000 choices....which tube. Give me any advice you can! Thanks to the Xman for making the drive, and willing to unhook his beautiful amp and bring it for me to demo....that's a Klipsch purest!
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