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  1. Thanks Glenn! I probably wouldn't have thought of that but it could become an issue. But, for now, I only have the issue when I connect through the new Denon. When I connect through my other receiver, I don't have the issue. You also make another good observation, my TV isn't one of the smarter TVs. It has some Smarts but I do stream Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., through my DVD to get to my TV. But, as I indicated, this hasn't been a problem until this particular Denon. Dallas
  2. "By the pound" is an interesting comparison indeed, one I wouldn't discount without consideration. But, I did recently purchase a pretty lightweight Denon (22lbs) and I think it does a better job than my heavier (32lb) Onkyo at immersing the room in surround sound. But, I have heard good things about the Yamahas so I was curious what others thought. I have heard the Marantz sound and liked it which is why it was already at the top of my list.
  3. What are you thinking Yamaha? Also, given your name, what do you think about the Yamaha RX-A870?
  4. The AVR is really the only new addition. All of this was working fine until my Onkyo went out. Then I used my Integra for a few weeks until I bought the Denon. I had no problems with the Integra either. But, the Denon is the best of the group so I would like to keep it, but I can't have the picture blacking out when I am streaming Netflix. Regular TV works great. I am going to see if streaming Amazon is a problem as well. I expect it should be.
  5. I guess I dont understand. Everything is connected via HDMI, so audio and video all pass through the same connection. So, are you saying I should add a digital audio output connection from my receiver to my TV, if possible?
  6. I want to use my Klipsch speakers and surround sound by going through my receiver. It's the whole reason I have a receiver.
  7. I recently purchased a Denon AVR-S720W but I am having an annoying issue arise. As I am watching Netflix, the picture will go black like it is losing connection and then it will usually come back after a few seconds. I am streaming through my DVD player so when I connect my DVD player directly to my TV I don't experience this problem. This leads me to believe it is a problem with the receiver. Now, I am going to try and hardwire the receiver to the router instead of using WIFI, do you think that will resolve the problem? Any other ideas for what the issue might be and what could be a solution?
  8. I checked out Accessories4less. I will keep my eye on them for deals.
  9. I purchased a Denon AVR-S720W to get me by until I find the right Marantz. So, let me know when you have one I can consider. I will bump this from time to time.. Thanks!
  10. I am located in Edmond OK, 73034.
  11. Yes, the poster told me today that he sold it yesterday.
  12. I am needing an AVR, one I can also stream Pandora, YouTube Music, etc...
  13. My Onkyo went out on me so I am looking for a replacement. I have owned a Marantz before and love the sound so what do you have to offer?
  14. How does this Receiver compare to the SR5014?
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