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  1. Yes, I was trying to delete this one since I reposted it on the tech page.
  2. My Onkyo receiver was damaged, it apparently had a short in a speaker wire that caused something to shutdown and now it shuts down immediately after starting up. I am just wondering if any of you tech guys can tell me what happened and how it is usually fixed?
  3. My Onkyo receiver was damaged, it apparently had a short in a speaker wire that caused something to shutdown and now it shuts down immediately after starting up. I am just wondering if any of you tech guys can tell me what happened and how it is usually fixed?
  4. I broke down and bought a ROKU Premiere... I can stream most everything now so I guess it is worth it. 😁
  5. I have been trying incessantly to get HBO Max to stream across my bluray player or even my receiver but with no luck. My TV is not smart enough to stream it directly. So tell me, what do you use to stream HBO Max or Paramount? Do I have to buy a Firestick or Roku Stick to stream these sites?
  6. I just saw this sub advertised and my first thought was, has SVS lost their minds pricing this sub at $800?!? It's total cabinet size is 10"! So, any thoughts on this? Anyone own one and want to share their experience? https://www.svsound.com/products/3000-micro-subwoofer?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=3000micro&utm_content=launchpost
  7. Well, I stumbled into a great deal on a Marantz SR5013 for $425. It looks brand new and wasn't even supposed to come in its original box but it did. I had to buy a remote, which I happened to find an OEM remote for $33 so I think I got an amazing deal! It sounds great, and even makes the picture immaculate! I am sure given some time I could nitpick on it a little but, for now, I am pickled tink! 😁
  8. Thanks Glenn! I probably wouldn't have thought of that but it could become an issue. But, for now, I only have the issue when I connect through the new Denon. When I connect through my other receiver, I don't have the issue. You also make another good observation, my TV isn't one of the smarter TVs. It has some Smarts but I do stream Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., through my DVD to get to my TV. But, as I indicated, this hasn't been a problem until this particular Denon. Dallas
  9. "By the pound" is an interesting comparison indeed, one I wouldn't discount without consideration. But, I did recently purchase a pretty lightweight Denon (22lbs) and I think it does a better job than my heavier (32lb) Onkyo at immersing the room in surround sound. But, I have heard good things about the Yamahas so I was curious what others thought. I have heard the Marantz sound and liked it which is why it was already at the top of my list.
  10. What are you thinking Yamaha? Also, given your name, what do you think about the Yamaha RX-A870?
  11. The AVR is really the only new addition. All of this was working fine until my Onkyo went out. Then I used my Integra for a few weeks until I bought the Denon. I had no problems with the Integra either. But, the Denon is the best of the group so I would like to keep it, but I can't have the picture blacking out when I am streaming Netflix. Regular TV works great. I am going to see if streaming Amazon is a problem as well. I expect it should be.
  12. I guess I dont understand. Everything is connected via HDMI, so audio and video all pass through the same connection. So, are you saying I should add a digital audio output connection from my receiver to my TV, if possible?
  13. I want to use my Klipsch speakers and surround sound by going through my receiver. It's the whole reason I have a receiver.
  14. I recently purchased a Denon AVR-S720W but I am having an annoying issue arise. As I am watching Netflix, the picture will go black like it is losing connection and then it will usually come back after a few seconds. I am streaming through my DVD player so when I connect my DVD player directly to my TV I don't experience this problem. This leads me to believe it is a problem with the receiver. Now, I am going to try and hardwire the receiver to the router instead of using WIFI, do you think that will resolve the problem? Any other ideas for what the issue might be and what could be a solution?
  15. I checked out Accessories4less. I will keep my eye on them for deals.
  16. I purchased a Denon AVR-S720W to get me by until I find the right Marantz. So, let me know when you have one I can consider. I will bump this from time to time.. Thanks!
  17. I am located in Edmond OK, 73034.
  18. Yes, the poster told me today that he sold it yesterday.
  19. I am needing an AVR, one I can also stream Pandora, YouTube Music, etc...
  20. My Onkyo went out on me so I am looking for a replacement. I have owned a Marantz before and love the sound so what do you have to offer?
  21. How does this Receiver compare to the SR5014?
  22. Ok, I found an Integra DRX 3.1 that had everything I wanted and it gives me the opportunity to test a new brand with my Klipsch speakers! It was about $90 more than I wanted to spend but I just wanted something different. This will be my 4th HTR, with my first being a Denon, then a Marantz, and now an Onkyo. My favorite has been the Marantz, so far, but I have high hopes for the Integra! I want to try an Elite Pioneer and a Yamaha next... Just a quick story from yesterday... when I go to most houses, I can tell what is on TV and what is live. Yesterday, my wife hears her phone ringing... she looks around and then realizes, "hey, it's a phone ringing on the TV." That is the degree of realism I want to hear from my speakers and receiver combination. If a plate shatters on the TV, I want to be looking around my feet to see if there are shards of glass down there! LOL! Now, maybe I can get that from other speakers and maybe I can't, I just know I get that from my Klipsch and that is what I love! Thanks to all and have a wonderful holiday season!
  23. Right as I was about to pull the trigger on the Integra, I noticed it doesn't have 4K Video Upscaling while the Denon does... this sounds like it could be a useful attribute for a receiver connected to a 4K TV. Any insights?
  24. Yes, that is the eternal dilemma! I am planning to move my RB5s as mains in my bedroom but it will leave me with no surrounds at all. I want something that I can hang higher so the surround can reach my hearing range better. The RB5s are overkill as well.
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