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  1. I am very interested in the XMen 3. I really liked the first two and thought they did an awesome story with the 2nd one. You know, sometimes the sequels just don't measure up but this one was great.

    I don't really know what's coming up so I don't know what to look forward to next year. Anyone have a link to what's upcoming?


  2. what do we look like to you? Your girlfriend?

    you need help spending money - ask her!!!


    Shhhhhhh, she doesn't know I have $1300 yet... I guarantee you she will have a say, I just wanted to see what you guys thought while I still had "the purse strings."

    Thanks all, I will go on my quest and see what I can find...


  3. I was thinking alot of what is coming across cable is already HD content, with the mandate coming up next year for all content to be HD.

    I don't have any connectors so all of this will be new to me with "hidden" expenses. Anyone who knows where to get some of these components cheaper then point me in that direction!



  4. Do you know what makes the IMAX version have better picture quality?

    I have this one, bought it this summer at BestBuy for cheap. I saw it had DTS sound and bought it but I still haven't opened it.


  5. Okay, first let me tell you what I want, I want a new HD TV but the options are a bit overwhelming. I wouldn't be opposed to waiting a few months and adding another $500-1000 if you think within this range ($1800-2300) I could get a much better TV. This seems like a ridiculous amount to spend on a TV but here we go with my preferences:

    I would like to have a 42" or greater.

    No projectors where you can't see the screen from an angle.

    I don't necessarily want it to weigh 100lbs but it doesn't have to be razor thin either.

    Is LCD the way to go?

    Anything else you need to know to help?

    I will go check some other threads similar so I can get up to speed a little faster.



  6. Everyone is going to be different but I will offer my opinions.

    First, I don't care if the potential buyer is flashing his cash or is dressed like a bum, the salesperson should be helpful and make the customer feel comfortable. I don't think it is an unreasonable request to have them turn a sub like the RSW12 around. I have one and they aren't that heavy or hard to move. Now, if the customer asked for the sub to be moved to the back corner, run a 40 ft LFE cable, etc., then I would say that is not reasonable.

    I have very seldom went into a high end store expecting to buy anything. That may change when I go to get my HD television early next year. With that said, I was thumbing through my wallet just yesterday and ran across an Ultimate Electronics salesperson's card. You know, I don't remember getting his card but I would go in and ask for him because I know I don't keep things like this for nothing. If he had been rude and a jacka$$ I would have never kept his card, probably wouldn't have even taken it out of his hand. Now, when I go in with a pocket full of cash and a real desire to buy that TV, he will be on the top of my list.

    Bottom line, be professional and do your job, no matter what it is! Sell burgers? Do the best you can! Sell audio gear? Do the best you can! If you're commission, don't stare down the end of your nose at a dead sale because you never know when they will come back to buy with money to burn! I don't think this means a salesperson should take rudeness from a customer but I do think a salesperson should never be rude to a potential customer, even if they know they won't be a customer on that day!


  7. Gliderguy wrote the following post at 10-26-2005 6:55 PM:

    The latest news on the exploded RC7 is - UPS has denied the claim.

    Insufficient packaging.

    The packaging was Klipsch's own. You all know the engineering in that box - Two foam end caps, grill in separate box and the double walled corrugated cardboard outer box. This is simply not enough protection.

    NO, don't let them get away with this!! I challenged UPS when they told me the packaging for my RW-12 was not sufficient. I took pictures of the box and all the foam packaging and sent it back for further evaluation. I simply wasn't going to take no for an answer! They took another 2 weeks but they paid up and I have avoided using UPS ever since!

    Bottom line, they owe you either a RC 7 or they owe you the cash equilivent! Don't let them of fthe hook!


  8. I am needing to sale my RC3-II. I am wanting $200 plus shipping. My zip is 74075. If anyone wants any pictures just send me a private message or post your e-mail address here and I will send you a few. Otherwise, I may try to post some pictures here later tomorrow.



  9. UPS damaged my RC 7 but it wasn't necessarily their fault. The shipper had wrapped the entire speaker in some big bubble wrap and then placed it in it's box half full of peanuts, f-n PEANUTS! That thing could have been mince-meat but turns out only one of the woofers was damaged/cracked. I was able to silicone the woofer into position and now it works perfectly. I am still looking for a spare woofer, checking eBay from time to time, but it's not a pressing issue.

    Sorry to hear your situation...


  10. Well, I think I got enough answers even without a democratic poll [;)] so that I don't need to create another one.

    I am still leaning towards the wait before I buy crowd but I will still buy where it seems to make sense. Even if I do buy, it will be years before the new technology (ies) is (are) adopted so even the old DVDs will still have a market. I just have alot of special collection DVDs that I was even contemplating selling on eBay but I will probably just keep them for now.

    I would still like to have more input if others want to chime in...


  11. I just watched it a few days ago and was so impressed with this movie! I thought it was great!! Yes, it is unique and certainly not for everyone (my wife hated it, couln't make it past a few of the more gruesome parts.)

    Anyway, if you don't mind a little gore, I would say this is a keeper and a half!


  12. Why does it seem that more US made films are released internationally with DTS versions than the US released counterparts? It seems I see so many on EBAY that are DTS but released overseas. I have even seen some superbits that come from overseas but are not superbits in the US.

    Just a few weeks ago I bought a foreign release of Dances With Wolves with a leather case and DTS version. It is simply awesome but I wonder why it wasn't released like this in the US?!?

    Any opinions?


  13. "The Ref 7 center is made differently than the others, you will notice and hear the difference for sure.. You will have to turn up the sides...and backs.. and down the center bit... "

    When I bought my RC7 to go with my RF3IIs and RB5 surrounds I thought I would have to turn the center down but the opposite has been true. I still have to turn my center channel up so I can hear the dialog during movies better. Am I an exception or are there others out there that have to do the same?


  14. I own Hidalgo and think it is a pretty good movie. I will probably watch it again sometime and loan it to my dad and uncle to watch. Not alot of special effects but just a good story with good acting.

    As far as the sponsors, etc. staying ahead of the racers... I think the racers took the long way through and around impediments while the sponsers went directly from starting point A to ending point B so they were there waiting for the racers at a particular meeting point.


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