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    On 8/25/2005 2:02:03 AM jheis wrote:

    As a "car guy," I particularly enjoyed the cars of the "not too distant future."

    Uma drives a late '60's - early '70's Citroen DS convetible and there are a couple more '60's Citroens scattered about. Ethan drives a '63-4 Studebaker Avanti. There's a '56 Lincoln Continental MKII parked outside Ethan/Jude's apartment. There's a circa '62-5 Jaguar MKII in the tunnel police checkpoint scene (which I think is in the Stockton Street tunnel - between Sacramento and Sutter Streets in San Francisco). And, of course, my favorite - all the cop cars are 1970 Rover 3500's.

    They only imported 1,400 Rover 3500's, and at one misguided point in my youth, I owned five of them - still have two....


    I was a little baffled by the cars of the "not too distant future." They did not seem to technologically advance at the same pace as say, space exploration, and gene technology. Although I didn't let that detract from the movie because it helped maintain the non-CGI aspect, an aspect that can remove the viewer from belief if over persued (much like I view some parts of the latest Star Wars movies.)

    I watched Minority Report (a movie I like equally if not more) shortly after Gatacca and noticed that most everything around the characters, from the cars to the genetically enhance vines had advanced at a somewhat equal level. Of course, that took more CGI work but it still had a strong enough story behind it to work well, IMO.

  2. Sorta defeats the purpose of leaving feedback doesn't it?!? Yes, their feedback positive % will still be affected but if they do alot of business then that might still not be enough to tell how good or bad the seller may be.


  3. I would blow him off. If you sent him a good product and and wasn't purposely deceptive then it would be up to the buyer to make sure he knows what he is buying. If he didn't get what he was expecting then that is too bad, he should pay more attention next time.



  4. Why is it that this movie hasn't had a single thread dedicated to it (until now!)? I tried coming here to see what others thought of the movie before I bought it. There was nothing here so I went to another forum that had quite a few great reviews on the film. So, I bought it and think it is a very well made movie with excellent acting and story! It is Sci-Fi without all of the CGI effects we are getting so accustomed to seeing.

    My advice, if you don't want to fork over $12-13 for the Superbit version from Best Buy, then hop over and rent it for a buck at your local Blockbuster.


  5. My question is do I buy it now, wait for a "Special Collector's Edition" or just rent it knowing a new DVD format is coming? Granted, the last one probably won't apply to me since I won't be able to afford a blueray player anytime soon anyway.

    Since it has Bruce Willis in it I know I will like it!


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    On 8/18/2005 3:10:48 AM chuthor wrote:

    Hi just wondering if you guys can give me a fair going price for KLF20s. They are said to be in excellent shape with minor imperfections. I was asked to make an offer but I have no idea whatsoever what they are currently going for and dont want to insult the seller or rip myself off.

    Thanks for any help!


    I saw a pair of KLF20's expire without a bidder at $500 plus $100 shipping. I think they were in fine shape so I would offer somewhere south of $600, maybe $550, $500 if you are feeling really spicy that day! 2.gif



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    On 8/17/2005 2:02:11 PM sunburnwilly wrote:

    Hey D , You Were Right ! Man I scoured that website and couldn't find anything on the Superbits . I did neglect to enter a specific title . Thanx Man !


    No problem! I just realized you were saying the 3 pack was only 9.99. I went to the website to pick one of those up and they have already taken it down! Must have been a mistake...Drats!


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    On 8/16/2005 11:55:54 PM sunburnwilly wrote:

    Seriously , I went to the website yesterday . I checked the items they had on sale . I entered Superbit on their search engine , and the only thing that came up was the 3 DVD set of Desperado , 5th Element , and Crouching Tiger For $9.99 . Great deal but none the less could find nothing on their web site to indicate a sale on Superbit DVD's , and belive me , I looked . Oh well the only one I don't have and want is Das Boot . I guess I'll just have to get used to the fact that I live in SC and have to pay full price for Superbit DVD's . Then again , property tax has gone thru the roof too . LOL


    Don't restrict your search to 'superbit' because it won't pull them all up. Search directly for 'das boots' or whichever other ones you would want.



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    On 8/16/2005 1:07:20 PM sunburnwilly wrote:


    On 8/14/2005 8:32:09 PM D-Rex wrote:

    Willy, go to bestbuy.com. Most are on sale there but you do have to pay an extra 1.50 each for shipping.


    Hi D , I went to BB.com and theres no sale going on there either ; other than the box set of 5th El. , Desperado , and Slouching Tiger . $9.95 ! What agreat deal for 3 Superbits ! Shame I already have all of them . Oh well , I'll call the store here every week until they put them on sale . What Gives? On sale in NC , not on sale in SC ?


    No way!! I went to bestbuy.com and loaded up the basket with 9.99 superbits! Everything from Spider-Man 1 and 2 to Gattaca and Bram Stoker's Dracula. I then just hoped over to BB today and bought most of them I wanted (I forgot Spider-Man 2, bummer.)

    I bought the following although I didn't really need/want them:

    Fifth Element (already have it)

    A Knight's Tale (already have it)

    Heavy Metal (would consider keeping)

    And then I bought these to keep:

    Gattaca (anyone seen this, I haven't heard much about it?)

    Bram Stoker's Dracula

    The Patriot

    Legends of the Fall


    I thought hard on MIB I and II but ultimately said no. It was just weird seeing these DVS that I have wanted for so long on sale for 9.99! I might have to go back for more if the sale lasts for too long!



  10. Nothing wrong with expecting better service when you are paying a premium for the product! They seem to operate much like chasing women... once they got what they want they move on to the next customer... too bad!


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    On 8/5/2005 3:13:22 PM joobz wrote:

    thanks for the advice. The synergy line is quite nicely priced for the sound, and I don't mind the extra cost of the c-3.

    Oh, and by the way, I apologize for the stupid typo in the thead title.


    You're going to have to point this blind man to your typo because I simply don't see it!

    Welcome to the forum!


  12. My experience with UPS is that you have to hound them before they pay up. Now, I am assuming that, when you got it, it appeard to be adequately packaged. If it was shipped with improper packing then I would hold the one shipping the package responsible and not UPS unless there is obvious damage done by mis-handling.

    I had a speaker shipped to me wrapped in bubble wrap and then peanuts was thrown into the box to take up some of the extra space. Needless to say, the speaker was damaged when I received it but I didn't contact UPS, I contacted the seller and they helped make it right. You just don't know how disappointing it can be to receive your speaker packed in peanuts! What stupidity...


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    On 8/4/2005 2:40:22 PM colterphoto1 wrote:


    On 8/4/2005 1:10:08 PM D-Rex wrote:

    I'm thinking....


    Buy or not buy, there is no 'think'.

    Same state, good shape, fair price, they're Klipsch, what's to think about?...

    Do they fit in your current or planned system might be the only issue. I've purchased speakers I had no need for at all, just that they were bargain and close by.



    I gotta think because even at a fair price, $700 is still a stretch! Plus, I really don't need them, I have a complete reference system that makes me very happy. I have just heard good things about the Legend series so my interest is piqued... so I think...

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    On 7/25/2005 9:45:17 PM tkdamerica wrote:

    I have been watching this DVD several days in a row. FYI: I got this DVD used at Hastings for $8.99.(They had approximately 20 of them) I am not a huge Eagles fan but enjoyed "Hell Freezes over." I like this one even better and for the price it was a steal!


    8.99 id certainly a good price. I am contemplating going to my local Hastings and picking up a used copy for 9.99.

  15. My wife isn't so keen on The Fifth Element while I watch it about twice a month! She just hates Chris Tucker's character and not too keen on the opera towards the end. I simply love the opera portion and am thoroughly entertained by Tucker's character.

    But, then again, my wife doesn't have to propensity to watch movies over and over again like I do so maybe watching it once is enough for her.


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    On 7/26/2005 3:55:21 PM thxsubwoofers wrote:

    When I went to the movie theater yesterday, I have seen the poster Ice Age 2 coming soon. Im excited to see that movie when it comes out. The first Ice Age had mean sounds and graphics. I hope its still THX Certified.


    You better believe it! It is one of my favorite animated movies for story, visual effects and sound effects! I am excited to hear an Ice Age 2 is coming!


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    On 7/26/2005 9:31:32 PM hwatkins wrote:

    Ok folks - I may be wrong here, but my 3802 has channel level settings by effect, source and type. I imagine you could make a difference by adjusting the channel levels and you wouldn't have the fluctuations you mentioned. Also there is a 10db boost for DD if I remember correctly.

    I get nothing similar to yours except between sources.


    I have the 3802 and I have noticed that slight drop in volume when toggling between DD and DTS. I always assumed it was a difference in the sound coming from the DVD and not the receiver itself. Guess I finally have an assumption that is right...


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    On 7/25/2005 12:28:27 PM toddvj wrote:

    Okay, I reread it, and fail to see any trickery. He told you to listen closely to a certain part of a scene he was demoing, and used the best possible material he had available. I should hope somebody will take the time to do that for me next time I am shopping for gear.


    I think he is saying it is "trickery" if the disc being used to do the demo is not able to be reproduced on his home system with his standard DVDs. In other words, the sales person would be trying to trick him into buying bigger/better equipment that he might not need simply because the salesperson isn't using the same quality reference material. I think that was the point of the story but I could certainly be mistaken.


  19. I bought a Cherry RC-7 with the rest of my speakers being black just because the price was right. It just so happens that the RC-7 just barely fits into my entertainment center so all you can really see in the front black spacing anyway. but, I also figure if/when I upgrade to RF-7s I will be wanting the Cherry so I am just one step ahead of where I want to be.

    As far as the price goes, if you think you can live without it then ask them to knock another 10% off, it being a floor demo and all. If they don't then be prepared to simply walk away and tell them you will wait for the next generation of Klipsch coming out next year. Whether that is true or not who cares, at least make them work for your business. Then, if you later decide to bite at their price, go back and buy it later.

    Good luck,


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