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  1. Ok, I will take one for a test drive... just bought one on EBAY for $345, including shipping. Seemed like the right price and a good chance for me to get a replacement for my older model Denon. Thanks for the info, I will let you know what I think in a week or so.

    Ok, I have had my Marantz for a couple of days now. I have to say that I am very disappointed... no, not necessarily disappointed with Marantz, just this particular receiver. I have identified two problems: one the HDMI in for the TV doesn't relay the signal to the HDMI out and second, I hear a static like pop every so often through my speakers during movies or television. I can't remember if it does it during a blu ray, I might need to take a closer look at that. Otherwise, I am very pleased with the sound from the Marantz. It seems to utilize every speaker and fill the room with sounds that I never heard from the early model Denon. It seems fuller and crisper but I haven't really had that much of a chance to play with it. I will play with it more this weekend but I am planning to return it because of the less than excellent condition in which I received it. But, I do like the sound and will plan to buy another.

  2. I am sure everyone here already knows this but buying before the Superbowl is the BEST time to buy a TV! I paid $1299 for the Samsung 850 Plasma and 4 days later they have it priced at $1899! I am so pleased I traded in the LED when I did!! I would be heart broken if I had waited until after the Superbowl! And, yes, I am so much happier with my Plasma than I was with the LED-LCD it isn't even funny!! Thanks for everyone's input here!


  3. Oh Arky, what happened?!? I mean it is obvious it fell and that you apparently installed the mounting bracket. Did you not find a stud and think that would be good enough? How heavy was the plasma? The mounting bracket looks like it should have held, so I am assuming you didn't use a bracket not made for such a heavy plasma.

    I have my 42" Toshiba I plan to mount on the wall but it is at least 80lbs or more. I would cry if it went that way!

    So, were you in the room when it fell or asleep or what? Come home from the store and then see the carnage?

    Dang, that hurts just looking at it!

  4. Also, do you have your Marantz yet? If so, how are you liking it??

    No, it was just shipped on Wednesday, I don't know if I will get it before the Superbowl but I am even more excited to give it a whirl! I haven't bought a replacement Receiver in over 4 years! I really like the Denon, I am really just replacing it for the HDMI capability. If the Marantz sounds even better than the Denon then that probably means my days on this Earth are drawing to a close! LOL ;-)

    I will hunt down the Marantz thread and give my opinion of it a few days after I receive it.

  5. Woo Hoo! My Samsung 50" 850 Plasma has just arrived!! I am just hours away from returning this LED-LCD TV I bought last month! No more pixelated movements, faded side views, or halos of blur!! For my eyes, give me a Plasma over any LCD anyday! Now, bring on Lost, Survivor, House, Private Practice, etc.! ;-)

    I am so unbelievable giddy right now!! :)))


  6. http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com/blog/38-surprising-snubs-from-the-oscar-nominations

    Ok, I understand we aren't talking "Gone with the Wind" here but having seen both Avatar and Star Trek I was so much more impressed with Star Trek!! I even saw Avatar on the Big "3D" Screen and it still was just an average movie to me. I loved the characters playing my beloved Star Trek characters, I loved the story (if someone can fill me in on what appears to be a giant gap) and the special effects were simply awesome! Should it win Best Picture? Probably not, that usually goes to the artsy fartsy films but it should be nominated over Avatar in my fantasy world!

    Now, with that said, can someone tell me why the bad guy (Eric Bana) didn't simply travel to his world (since he had time travelled back in time) and save them from the exploding star? Why did he feel he had to seek revenge for his planet being destroyed when his planet hadn't even been destroyed yet? I thought they tried to address that in the movie but I didn't quite get it.

  7. Used on eBay they sell for $375-450.

    Accessories4less.com has an eBay store and they have them factory refurbished for $499.99 + shipping:


    Here's a couple more:



    I believe they originally retailed at $1399.

    The only way I'd sell my Marantz is to upgrade to an Emotiva UMC-1, which I'm very seriously considering.

    Ok, I will take one for a test drive... just bought one on EBAY for $345, including shipping. Seemed like the right price and a good chance for me to get a replacement for my older model Denon. Thanks for the info, I will let you know what I think in a week or so.

  8. Some newer Blu-Ray players, TVs and other devices that use HDMI might have handshake/compatibility issues with early HDMI versions. My Marantz is HDMI 1.2 I believe and almost without exception if I go into the receiver's menu and then go back to any HD source then I lose the picture until I turn the receiver off then back on, or change inputs to a SD source for a few seconds and then go back. It is annoying but its something I live with.

    So, wuzzer, you would still recommend the Marantz SR 7001 for the right price? What do you think would be a right price? I am interested in getting a Receiver that has the HDMI connections but don't have an arm and a leg to pay... maybe just an arm... ;-)

  9. my vote always goes to marantz when put in a lineup. pairs nicely with klipsch!

    Would it be important to get a receiver that inputs and outputs in HDMI1.3? What do I lose if it outputs in HDMI 1.1?

  10. It appears that the Samsung 50" Plasma is my preferred television. I looked at the Panny S1 and G10 but they had a green tint to their screens. Now, I will admit I didn't necessarily see that come through on any of the shows I was watching but the Samsung beside them appeard to have a slightly better picture and did not have the green tint. I think I was looking at the Samsung 50B850 but it could have been the 50B860. Will look to have it delivered next week.

  11. I bought my 42" Toshiba Plasma about 4 years ago. It has been the perfect TV, never had a lick of trouble with it and still has a very bright, clear picture with great color. For the life of me, I don't understand why Toshiba exited the plasma television market! If they had one out there now it would be one of my first options!

    I, apparently, am a plasma man. I recently bought an LED LCD and will be returning it this weekend for a plasma. It has a wonderful 1080P picture and all the picture adjustments I could possibly want to tweak a great picture. But, you get HDTV on it or football games (except the NFC game on Fox last night looked relatively good) and I completely lose the detail I have been used to seeing over the past 4 years! Add the limited viewing angles and it is simply not workable for me. So, I am going back to look for a 50" plasma. I know what I am gettign with a plasma and I know I like it!

  12. I, too, would be interested in some replies. Seems I was putting my first serious HT system together about 5 years ago, which is when I purchased the Denon 3802. I would like to see some options for driving a similar set-up as yours.

  13. Not that I look very often but, when I do I seldom find many RSW subwoofers for sale. I have an RSW-12 which does the job nicely for me. I have always wanted an SVS sub and toyed with buying an HSU sub as well. I may add an SVS subwoofer sometime in the future.

  14. I wonder why I wasn't that impressed with it? Sure, I thought the 3D effects were cool, at times, but, overall I thought it was an average movie. I would go see it again just to make sure I didn't miss something but I don't want to spend the $30 bucks to do so.

  15. Well, I think the LED is going back to the store. Our viewing habits can't get past the loss of picture quality 40-60 degress of dead center, the blurring that occurs even during the non-action scenes, and the obvious pixilation that occurs during action scenes and football games. Now I know why they don't have regular HD programming connected to the LEDs at Sears or even at Best Buy.

  16. Whoa cmdridq, if I didn't know better, I would think you were trying to get rid of me forever! ;-) Talk about information overload!

    I have never liked the picture on an LCD. That is why I initially bought a Plasma and never had any issues with it at all! But, I thought the LED LCDs were different than yesterday's LCDs, better. Well, I think I am right, they are different and I do think they are better but they are not good enough for my viewing habits! Luckily, my wife has begun to see what I was seeing all along. Even during an innocuous episode of House, my wife could see a halo of blur around Chase walking down the hall. She about came unglued as she said, "I understood when I could see it during a football game but this is unacceptable!" Ha ha, so my football games can look like chit but not our House!! LOL! Seriously, if every Samsung LED has this same halo of blur as frequently as we are seeing it then I don't understand why everyone of them hasn't been returned! I will admit, it displays one heck of a Blu-ray picture but I expect I will find a plasma that can do similar without the halo, blurring of my action movies and football games, and the foggy picture when you go 40-60 degrees off center. I want to be able to see my picture from anywhere in the room and simply put, the LED LCD doesn't do it for me.

    So, I will be returning the LED and restricting my options to Plasmas. I know everyone here loves the Panasonics, I am going to take a close look at the G10 but there was a very slim Samsung plasma that caught my eye at Best Buy. Regardless, the cheap plasmas got me in the market but I am realizing not all plasmas are created equally. My quest continues, so expect to hear back from me soon.

  17. jrod,

    The original Panny I bought was the display model so it easily had 200 hours on it. Even the 50" one I saw at Sears I would expect it to have over 200 hours on it. I just couldn't get the green out of the picture and Panasonic didn't give me many adjustment options to fix it.

    You have come to the right place for knowledgable assistance! I first arrived several years ago, after I had bought a synergy center channel from Best Buy. After visiting here I promptly returned it and bought an RC-3 off EBAY for about the same amount of money. I have been dabbling here ever since!

    Thanks, D

  18. i love my 50" X1 which i paid $650 for.

    have you ever seen the 120hz being active on an LCD? it looks like people are stuttering in the pictures - very unnatural.

    i still firmly believe LCD/LED is not the best display option for sports and fast action movies, compared to a solid and properfly calibrated plasma.

    if you can get your hands on a g10/15 or v10 panasonic. give that a try. i think you might actually like the panny brand of plasma.

    I have stayed away from LCDs for this very reason! But the LED LCD seemed different in the stores although they never seem to have them connected to "live" television. From now on, I don't buy a TV unless I see it with a live feed, period!! (actually, double exclamation point but you get the picture. ;-)

    I love my old Plasma with the only reason I was replacing it was I thought the 1080Ps would be even better. I am having a hard time finding one better though.

  19. I have four Panasonic plasma televisions and all work very well

    one 50", one 42" and two 37" ( yes the 37" are plasma )

    maybe the issue with the 46" series ?

    I would have suggested that as well, especially since the one I returned was the lowest quality series (U Series) Plasma Panasonic makes. However, I saw the same issue when I was watching the 50" S Series at Sears. I will look futher into the other Panasonic Plasmas. I just don't see me keeping this LED with the blurring I am seeing. That is very disappointing to me, because everything else about it is great, but action movies and sports are 70% of my viewing habits. With that said, I saw the blurring occurring in non-action sequences as well. Just makes me sick.

  20. I see you have a Panaasonic 50", which model? I am having a very difficult time replacing my Toshiba Plasma. I felt like it was a 42" 720P and since Plasma's had dropped so much, it seemed to make sense to make a move now.

    I returned the 46" Panasonic for excessive green color and it didn't seem to stay clear during action movies or, most importantly, during football games. Now, I am on the verge of pulling my hair out (what little is left) because the LED I purchased has an amazing picture most of the time but I can see distinct blurring during movement. I can't see it all of the time but it leaves a trail like there is a magic portal following the action. I don't know what it would be called, a halo effect, or just movement blur but I am certainly close to returning this TV as well! It's a shame too, the non action picture is fantastic and it has alot of picture controls to try and get the perfect picture. But, I can't put up with the blurring!

  21. Strangely enough, when I was at Sears yesterday to buy the Samsung LED, they happen to have an S Series Panasonic 50" Plasma sitting right next to it for $899. If I hadn't already had problems with the U Series I would have bought that in a heartbeat! Luckily I didn't, I knew what to look for so I had the Sears Tech hook up a blu-ray player to the Panny. All they had was Iron Man but it turned out to be a good movie to find what I was seeing on the set at home. When RD Jr. is first captured and building Iron Man in the caves, the light appears to be mostly green in those caves, despite the fact that the light around the source is bluish. When the same movie was put in the Samsung LED, the light coming through was predominantly bluish with some green displayed in only the darkest regions. If someone has a set-up where they could tell me what they see when they review these scenes it would be nice (plus, it's not a bad movie to watch again! ;-)

    So, right now I am trying to tweak the color, brightness, darkness, etc., of the LED. It is harder than I thought it would be! The picture is stunning but I am still finding some issues. Might go try that tweak page again before I start listing my issues. If anyone has any other advice about the LEDs or if you have one and want to offer suggestions then I am all eyes!

    Thanks everyone!


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