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  1. I have always noticed that some channels have better HD picture for their football broadcasts than some other stations. I just couldn't get comfortable with the picture quality, color, or the lack of brightness. Plasmas are supposed to lose brightness over time so I couldn't imagine haw dark it would be after 3-4 years if I had it maxed out with its brightness right now! My 4 year old Toshiba is still looking great at about 60/100 on the brightness and contrast scale. That TV may last another 20 years! So, I will be retuning the TV tomorrow and heading to Sears to get either an LG or a Samsung LED TV. I was originally looing to get the LG or Suamsung 50" Plasma but I am sold on the picture of the LEDs. They just appear to have greater contrast to me. Although they didn't have the game on any of the LEDs, I was told they look great on the LED. If they are lying to me then they will get a TV returned to them before my card has a chance to clear! So, does anyone have any experience with eithe rthe Samsung or LG LED TVs?
  2. Thanks for the site. I checked it out but wouldn't you know, they don't have tweak recmmendations for my model. I really have the 46" but all I saw listed was the 50". So I check it out and there were no tweak recommendations for it either. It was a nice try though!
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I just don't understand it. I got to thinking, maybe it's the cheap HDMI cables... now I see some of you nodding your heads... ;-) Well, I switched to the same HDMI cable I was using with the Toshiba and the picture *might* be marginably better but still not up to par. I noticed nobody indicated they had the exact some model I have so I might assume the 'S' model (mine had a 'U" in it) is a better TV. I am noticing a predominant green hue around the background in movies and TV programs that I hadn't noticed before. Since I can see it in my Toshiba as well but to a lesser extent, I am wondering if it is the HD feed I am getting from ATT Uverse. Man, who woul dhave thought trying to upgrade a simple plasma that is at most 4 years old with another plasma that is supposed to be better would be so difficult!?! I am not sure what I should do right now, I probably have about two weeks to decide before my return period expires so any additional advice would be appreciated. maybe someone could agree to take a picture of what some scenes in some movies should look like and they could send them to me. Whether that be some current movies on HBO/Cinemax/Showtime (non-TV-MA movies! ;-) or a DVD movie like Harry Potter, etc. That way, I can compare them to pics of what I am seeing. Would that work?!? Thanks!
  4. I bought a Panasonic TC-P46U1 46-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV and, to put it bluntly, I am extremely disappointed, I should have known that I wasn't going to replace my $2500 42" Toshiba (bought 3+ years ago) with a $698 television from Wal-Mart. Despite the fact that it is listed as a 1080p and a Panasonic, I cannot get it to have as good a picture as my Toshiba (well, now it is my daughter's...LOL!) So, I have to have a replacement if I return this one. So, what I should be looking for if I do end up buying another Plasma? The Panasonic has too dark a picture, and I can't seem to get the colors where they are right for all of my HD channels and Blu-Ray. It is constantly losing focus when I am watching a football game. It seems to lose clarity during fast motion, like an LCD. It supposedly has a 600hz refresh rate so I just don't know why this TV isn't rocking my world!? Anyone have any similar issues with this particular model?
  5. I thought the movie was awesome! Just the right amount of comedy and special effect along with a dam good story line! Alot better than saving whales... LOL!
  6. D-Rex

    Circuit City Deals?

    I went back three times and each time I didn't buy a thing! I came close to buying some DVDs at 40% off but, overall, I think a bunch of suckers got taken! Did anyone get a deal on anything?!?
  7. D-Rex

    Circuit City Deals?

    I made it to CC on Sunday... wasn't necesarily impressed with any of their sales yet. 30% off their blu rays put them just slightly cheaper than Walmart but I can still get them cheaper on EBAY. Funny thing was, the place was packed and it seemed to me that the store was beginning to look pretty empty. I think those liquidators are cleaning up because I certainly wasn't seeing any great bargains!
  8. I always considered it being more for looks than actually having a function. It certainly wasn't only for shipping, it was a piece of the speaker that covered the very center of the horn. The ones on my other reference speakers do have a shape that suggests they could perform a dispersion function. Maybe one of the Mods could chime in with the answer?
  9. I wonder why they stopped putting that little plastic center-piece in the middle of the horn? My RF 3II's and RB 5's have plastic pieces covering the center of the horn but my RC-7 doesn't. I noticed it absent in your picture of the RC-64 as well.
  10. I definitely wouldn't pull money from stocks to buy a tv. You will end up paying way more for that tv than you think in the loss of compound interest. Well, that's assuming your stocks are actually gaining value. I just dropped about 4 grand into Well Fargo and Lincoln Financial. I think they will appreciate alot more than a TV will, but I sure wanted that TV!
  11. Thanks for the sage advice guys! I know I will continue to WANT a bigger TV and they will APPEAR cheap but, unless one just falls into my lap at "can't turn down prices," I will probably be much better served by leaving those funds in my stock account and buying TWO 50" Plasmas at this time next year if I want to!
  12. I bought my 720p 42" Plasma about 3 years ago for over $2,500.... now I am looking at a Panasonic 50" 1080p Plasma for $1,400! I want to pull the trigger badly, despite the fact that I have 100 other things better I should purchase for the house, car, kids, wife, etc. But, what do you guys think, can these get any cheaper?
  13. D-Rex

    Circuit City Deals?

    Yeah, I certainly don't expect them to drop prices by 50% immediately. It took Linens and Things over a month to drop their prices to "liquidation" prices. But, if someone goes to Circuit City and notices a substantial decrease then I certainly want to know about it! When they make the drop, things might start going fast.
  14. D-Rex

    Circuit City Deals?

    If anyone finds any Circuit City deals then post them here. Personally, I am looking for the best price on a laptop for my wife. Nothing elaborate, just your average laptop. Of course, I am up for any blu rays half off, Wii games, HDTV's or just about anything electronic! ;-)
  15. D-Rex


    My favorite, visually, has been Cars. I rented WALL-E on blu ray and will probably watch it tonight. I have seen the SDVD and thought it was cute but I didn't think it was as good as Cars, Nemo, etc. Maybe I just took offense to the fat blobs, seeing as I am becoming one. ;-)
  16. D-Rex

    Dark Knight

    I just bought it today from Columbia House! Looking forward to seeing it in BluRay! Saw it in SDVD just a few weeks ago and thought it was a great movie! Yes, Heath is the reason, simply a wonderful performance! I was wondering what the big deal was until about half-way through, then his appearances in the movie became more frequent.
  17. D-Rex

    The death of HD-DVD?

    Add Walmart to the list: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080215/tc_nm/walmart_dvd_dc The fight is finally over!! D
  18. D-Rex

    The death of HD-DVD?

    Best Buy will officially recommend Blu Ray over HD-DVD: http://www.crn.com/digital-home/206501657?cid=ChannelWebBreakingNews Good point on the cost of Blu-Ray players, although I thought some had dropped to $400 or even $300. I must have been dreaming...
  19. Blockbuster, Best Buy, Net Flix all say no more HD DVD will be on their "shelves". Is this old news? Does everyone now agree that Blu-Ray is the declared winner? Now, is this when the cost of Blu-Ray players goes back up? D
  20. D-Rex


    I really liked this movie.. bought it several years ago out of the Wal-Mart bargain bin.
  21. I would advise listing them seperately, especially if you wo with an auction format like EBAY. You just get a better chance for a battle on the individual pieces than you do for the entire enchilada. Good luck and take care! D
  22. If I run into another one I will keep you in mind! Take care! D
  23. I was in Best Buy about a week ago and I saw the movie 'The Wild' playing on a 52" LCD 1080p television on a Blu-Ray disc. It grabbed my attention in a hurry! I then went on to ask how well that Blu-Ray disc would play on my 720p plasma... he said, in his opinion it would look even better to to the better blacks of a plasma. Well, back to the point, I then asked him where the HD DVD set-up was playing. He took me to a 32" or maybe it was a 37" LCD television, I am not even sure if it was a 1080p, and that is where they had the HD DVD system playing some boring-looking demo disc. Needless to say, I left the store wondering if Blu-Ray was far superior to the HD DVD. I certainly don't think I can take what I saw at Best Buy as conclusive evidence but seeing Blu-Ray sure made me want to step up to the plate and buy one! But, Blu-Ray cost the consumer about 2X what the HD DVD player costs... maybe that is Best Buy's incentive to push Blu-Ray?!? D
  24. I guess you can put me into the 'watched the movie but thought it fell short' category. Yes, I still liked it, I will watch it again just to make sure I didn't miss anything. But, I really loved the first one and thought it was outstanding. Maybe the first one was just too good for me which set me up for disappointment with the second one. I am extremely pleased they have the "old captain" coming back, Geoffery Rush is fantastic in this role! I am excited about the 3rd installment, might be the first Blu Ray DVD I purchase (if I decide to go Blu Ray)! D
  25. Yep, this SACD sold like hotcakes, I am not sure where all of the demand came from! Okay, now that the sarcasm is out of the way, the SACD is no longer available. Thanks and take care! D
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