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  1. I'm not into the whole glass thing so I built mine myself...

    My wife has the same thoughts onthe glass but I think she is coming from the perspective that it will need dusted more often...

    DIY isn't an option for me right now. But I could build my own in the future so this purchase could just be a temporary solution.

    Anyone else have a plasma and RC-7?


  2. Do you still own that television set Professor Ham? Did the box have any warnings advising 'this end up', or something of that nature?

    Sounds like they are legitimate and dependable but their shipper may be questionable. I will contact them personally, including their shipper if I decide to go that route.



  3. Yes, 10 years old is definitely too young to see somethings, such as realities of war and human tragedies.

    Myself, I use movies, like Savng Private Ryan, to remind me of the price that others have paid for my own freedom. I use documentaries/movies on tragedies like 9/11 or the halocaust to remind me of the price others have paid due to the cowardice and intolerance of others. Yes, these are terrible things brought about mostly by ignorance but we can all use them as motivation to make sure we continue to strive to make the world a better place for everyone!


  4. D,

    What you need to remember is that stores (mall setup) are usually on an HDTV signal feed. So they show the Best Picture. If you don't currently have HDTV the picture (I have discovered),the picture is somewhat dark, or that the colors are way to bright in your house. LCD is such a strong signal that it emphasis every flaw or item on the screen.........

    In other words .........your picture may vary (when you get it home).........good Luck.

    Yes, we found that out when we first started looking about a month and a half ago. Both of our jaws dropped when we saw the MITs 1080P rear projector. Come to find out they were feeding it 1080P content from a special MITS promotional box. Now, that doesn't mean it was actually worse than other TVs, I am sure it is great. It just means that with regular content or even current hi def content, your "mileage will vary." I have a good idea what I am wanting the Dell to look like so if it is close then it might be the one I choose. I have always liked Dell products.


  5. Mr Spielburg uses too much gruesome in his movies..... this, munich, saving private ryan, even war of the worlds.

    I don't see how you could portray war or the holocaust without it being too gruesome. The reality is that we will never truly know how gruesome it was/is through a movie. The reality of being there and experiencing it could never be adequately relayed via a movie and I seriously wouldn't want it to be.


  6. Has anyone seen the Dell 42 inch plasma? I have heard good reviews about it and since I work for Dell and get a discount it might be a option. There is a Kiosk in the mall here so I need to go over and see if they have one and check it out. Right now the Dell is around $2500 so in a year plus my discount maybe $1750 which is less than what I paid for my 34 Sony.

    Enjoy your new Sony mine has been a outstanding tv.

    I am trying to hold off buying my HDTV until I see the Dell. Right now my wife is adament about the Toshiba 42HP95. Myself, I am wanting the Toshiba 42HPX95 or possibly the Dell 42". I will let you know what I think about it when I finally get to the OKC or Tulsa mall to take a look at one in person.


  7. Rex,

    Purchase locally-if nothing else it helps your economy! If the unit needs service, I feel , you

    have someone in your own area who can help you.

    Vans is a valid - Good business, but I think if you compare prices- that your better off

    staying local.

    I like Circuit City. Mine have bent over backwards to help me. I had to go back to a CRT TV

    Finally- are you using Direct or something offering HD content. Plasma and LCD are so

    efficient that you see every flaw on your screen. The Pictures shown in the stores are from

    Direct TV, and Not representive of the picture you will get when you get the Unit Home!

    I understand what you are saying but I think I should help keep my local sellers honest by purchasing from whomever can provide me the best deal and maintain a healthy dose of customer service. I could buy from Best Buy or Circuit City etc., but they are charging over $400 more than the net (that's including shipping!) and you are certainly not guaranteed better service than any net seller.

    I have heard great things about Costco, and they happen to have the TV I am looking to purchase. Excellent return policy, "white glove" delivery. They are also on the west coast so these TVs haven't been flown out to the east coast only to be shipped back west. But, either Vanns or Costco is at the top of my list right now. I will give CC and BB a chance but I do expect them to meet the price. If not, you're outta here!

    I am either going to have Digital Cable with as many HD channels that are available or do the DirectTV route, still haven't decided. But, I will probably start out with Cox Cable.

  8. My wife has fluctuated between rear-projection TVs such as the Sony SXRD to the 1080p MITs. Now, she has determined that she wants a Plasma, the two best we have seen in our price range has been the 42" Panasonic and Toshiba Plasma's at Best Buy. So, now I have two questions:

    Has anyone purchased from Vanns.com before, or any other on-line dealers that they feel comfortable doing business?

    Do they make a Plasma that doesn't have speakers? Don't necessarily need them since I always use my surround speakers.



  9. This is a brand new stand that I probably won't be able to utilize. It is brand new and it is heavy (83lbs) but I am willing to ship it. Retail is $499 but you might be able to find it for $450 on-line. I am wanting $250 and I will chip in half of the shipping charges to the lower 48. Just send me an e-mail at drex46@yahoo.com or an IM here at the Klipsch forums.



  10. things change so fast, three weeks ago , in a thread here, we were discussing the 1080p input thing, last night i went back to the sonystyle web page and the new vpl100 1080p projector now accepts 1080p over dvi/hdmi. three weeks ago it wouldnt? a typo, or a product upgrade? jay

    Would that be this year's version of their 1080p projector versus last year's version that said it was 1080p but really couldn't accept 1080p content? I suppose last year's version can't be retro-fitted to accept 1080p either... I do believe there were two true 1080p rear projectors sold last year but I can't remember which one's they were. Plus, I am beginning to think that I won't notice enough difference between 720p and 1080p on a 50" screen. Now, if I were to get a 60" larger screen then I think there could be some noticable differences.


  11. Well, if you don't listen to your music in 5 channel then you don't have to worry about how those surrounds perform musically. However, I can't tell you that it is worth the loss by selling your RBs and buying the RS's. Maybe someone who has tried both set-ups can chime in and tell you what they decided was best for them and why.

    Good luck!


  12. I have been around here for almost 2 years so I will take a stab at answering your question. Now, I knew nothing about speakers until I started frequenting this forum so 1) I probably still don't know much, and 2) What I do know is probably wrong.

    With that said, it depends on how you are using your surrounds and their distance from your listening area. If your rear surrounds are closer to your listening area (say, your couch) then the RS line would probably disperse the sound better. However, if your surrounds are several feet behind you then the RB line will also disperse enough to give you a very good surround sound effect. The added bonus from having RB's ( hear, never experienced myself) is that they produce a better sound with music than the RS line. Now, somebody can certainly correct this portion if I am wrong.

    Personally, the way my room is currently set-up, I could use a pair of RS speakers instead of My RB 5s. However, I am redecorating my living room (interpret as moving crap around) so that I will have a greater distance between the location of the RB surrounds and my listening area. I expect to do this by the end of the month and then I might be able to test some of the crap I just spewed above. [;)]

  13. That's a good point! Not only the PR people should be second guessed but so should the salemen at these electronics stores! I asked if the 1080p Sony's can accept 1080p content through the HDMI port. Of course, the answer was, "Yes, we are sending it 1080p content right now, through the HDMI port." Well, if that was the truth then that is the first time anyone else has heard of it being able to do that! Even someone who services the Sony's said it doesn't accept 1080p content via the HDMI port.

    I don't feel lucky, yet... but I am getting there...

    Anyone have any opinion about the DVD players... I am leaning towards the beauty but will wait a few more days before I pull any triggers!


  14. This just gets more and more frustrating! It's always compromise, compromise, compromise! Why can't a person every just get exactly what they want at a decent price?!?

    Case in point: I go out TV shopping for a month, drag my ill wife around (well she really wanted to as well) and we finally get excited about purchasing the 50"SXRD. Come on, it's a pretty television and neither of us thought the side speakers were asthetically displeasing as I have read from so many on other boards. Well now you get a 1080p screen with no real 1080p connector in back... Oooops! Guess that's one reason why the price has crashed even though it just came out late last year. Did the "early buyers" know that the HDMI connections didn't do 1080p? Probably not but that's what we wanted but we have to compromise to get it. It does have a great picture though so if it drops even just a little more than it would probably be worth it, to me, and worry about 1080p content 3 to 5 to10 years down the road.

    Case in point 2: I want a new DVD player, maybe two players, one a recorder, one a nice up-conversion model. Well, I have read on this board and found two niceup-conversion ones in, what I feel, is a very nice price range, the OPPO and the NeuNeo. Both appear to be equally nice with their upconverting features but the NeuNeo is the more beautifully designed player, IMHO, but with the OPPO you get all of the connecting cables you need right out of the box! Why can't somebody give me everything I want at a good price!?! Make a black and a silver player, sell me every cable I might need so I don't have to go hunt down one. Or, at least give me that option!

    At least my Klipsch speakers are holding up well! Been going on two years now and am still very happy with their looks and performance!

  15. My non-TIVO DVR from Charter does this also. Up to two week programming and can be set up to record a certain show whenever it airs. Also has HDTV decoding built-in.

    {EDIT} I just looked and its a Motorola MOXI Broadband Media Center.

    Do they charge you a monthly fee? Can you set it up to update via a wireles router using a wireless adapter? The one I use on my TIVo is a Netgear Wireless Adapter that plugs into a USB port.



  16. Dumping styrofoam peanuts on top of it in a big box is not enough. Entrusting the UPS/FedEx/Generic store clerk to pack and box it up it for you is just asking for trouble.

    This is quite ironic, but I purchased an RC 7 from someone in Illinois. When I received it I was shocked and scared when I reached in and it was wrapped in some big bubble wrap and filled with half a box of peanuts. Yes, of course it was damaged and the seller did reimburse me half the cost of purchasing a replacement woofer. The seller had taken it to one of these generic shipping stores and they packaged it like amatuers! I just feel so fortunate I was able to save this beautiful speaker!

    But, I can respect the way Fed Ex does business because they honored the insurance claim without hassle when they delivered damaged speakers to me. When UPS crushed my RW-12 when delivering it to the buyer, they denied my claim, saying it wasn't packaged well enough. Poppy-cock! But they ultimately paid-up as well.


  17. I never hear much mention of whether the forum members here use a TIVO or a DVR. I like my TIVO because I can view up to two weeks in advance and can have my favorite TV shows record automatically. Can a DVR do this? What else can do this? I was thinking of purchasing a combination DVD recorder/TIVO.

    Since I am starting from scratch (other DVD player bit the dust), what DVD play/recorder would you guys recommend? Is there a such thing as a DVD recorder that also upconverts?

    Let me know some of your thoughts!


  18. "...and Heman and Sheila? "

    I think that is supposed to be She-ra, not Sheila... [:S]

    Yes, those were the good ole days when a kid could just veg out and watch some great cartoons! Not that there aren't some great cartoons now, like Spongebob Squarepants, but, I mean, come on... By the POWER of GREYSKULL... I HAVE THE POWER!


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