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  1. Hate is a strong word but so I will say I strongly dislike the Wiggles. They had one catchy tune that I liked and the rest seemed to be junk (of course I am not their target audience.) I did add to the problem a little by selling a few Wiggles DVDs on eBay but I promise to never do that again! [:$]


  2. A recent one I have liked to watch multiple times is:

    National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. I like the intricate story and it is very entertaining to me. I know the portions where the clues are being figured out in a matter of seconds is a bit "yeah, right, that was a stretch" but just think of how long this movie could have been if Peter Jackson had made it! [:D]

    Some of the others I drop in from time to time:

    The Fifth Element - sort of my crazy comedic action flick

    The Incredibles - my feel old I want to get off the couch flick (of course, I stay on the couch and watch a good movie!)

    Minority Report - Haven't watched it recently but I really love this action/suspense flick

    Hitch - Well, I don't own this but I have watched it several times on Starz (or something like Starz) so this is my romantic comedy flick (just recently watched French Kiss and thought it was great! Made my azz twitch but, other than that, it was a very good movie! [:)])

    There are many others I will throw in from time to time: Toy Story, Tombstone (loved Val in his part), LOTR Triology (okay, I haven't actually watched this again because I was waiting to get my entire system with my new Hi Def TV, but I will!), etc.

  3. you might want to take a look at the new Sony SXRD LCOS 50, if you don't mind a real light weight rptv. I know a nice bunch in Syracuse NY that can set you up w/ that for around $3k, no sales tax & delivered.

    here's the review of the brother 60 by Tomlinson (attached).


    That is good advice boa! We finally said no to the Zenith Plasma (although a 50" plasma for $2600 was hard to say no to! Ultimately, it was the picture quality (not quite as good as the other 50"plasmas), the silver color, and the plethora of choices that kept us from getting it. We couldn't argue too much about the price, but it just seemed to make sense to wait just a little longer and further evaluate the field of options.

    During that wait we discovered the 50" Sony SXRD. It is the best rear projection TV we saw the entire weekend! It is very similar to the MITs 1080p but my wife liked the design of the Sony better. There might be other factors that would favor the Sony but there could be factors that favor the MITs as well. But, since my wife liked the Sony we focused on it and found the most reasonable price at a Sears store. Ultimate Electronics was over-priced by $400, Best Buy by $233, and Circuit City by only $50. Don't know if this is standard but that was our price findings. Will be gathering the funds over the next couple of days and make the trip to buy the Sony. It seems to be a great TV and hope it will provide years and years of enjoyment!


  4. So, you are saying if I buy Plasma I will possibly only get 5 years out of it? They claim I can get over 20K hours, even as much as 60K hours. Of course, they only guarantee the first year!! Hmmmm....

    I was reading a few stories about some individuals having to replace the bulbs in their rear projectors 2-3 times within the first 5 years. If that is the case (and I know cases will vary), it wouldn't necessarily be worth it to buy the rear projector over the Plasma if I can get the Plasma for $2,600...


  5. Bluejeanscables seems to be recommended alot and I completely forgot about partsexpress. So, is there anything that would make one pair of HDMI cables better than any other? Gold plated, etc.? I probably only need the standard 1-3 meters but what if I needed 10 meters, is there one better than the rest at a good price?


  6. Reochamp,

    I was at my local electronics store and thought I remembered him quoting me $699 for the 3805. I could be mistaken, I suppose it could have been $799. And, even if it was $699, it would cost $55 in tax and another $20 to ship so I wouldn't be able to save you much.

    Take care,


  7. Reminds me of a Country song where he answers an ad to buy an old Chevrolet and the old lady doesn't realize it's a mint '66 Corvette. He gives her the grand or so and takes the car. I can't say that I would or wouldn't make that deal without telling her what she had but, one way to figure it is that if he doesn't, somebody else will.


  8. I think I am seeing a pattern.. patterns suck.

    Now, please back to topic... 2005 had some real stinkers but I will reiterate, King Kong wasn't one of them! Now, please, enough with the Kong bashing! [:D]

  9. Marginally better video, its really the audio side (dts) that superbit DVD's excel at. Best Buy has been pushing all their Superbits DVD out at $10, so get them while you can. Its really kinda stupid that you have Spiderman 2 superbit that has great audio, but no extras like the normal wide screen DVD which consists of two disks.

    So, if a regular DVD has the DTS audio then there is really no reason for them to release a Superbit version of that DVD? The video is still 480p on the Superbits? I bought alot of those Superbits when Best Buy began selling them for $10 earlier this season. I assumed that was over but I will check it out to see if there are any others I would like to own.



  10. King Kong certainly doesn't suck! I do think it fell a little short but it had some great moments and some slow moments.

    As far as one that I don't think sucked entirely but is already mentioned in this thread, War of the Worlds. I was really looking forward to watching it but when I finally did, I just wasn't overly impressed. that may not be the definition of "suck" but it was so short of where I wanted it to be that at the end I thought, "That sucks." ;-)


  11. I don't know anything about this player but it does sound too good... I took a quick search and found it for $350 at Crutchfield's and $299 at JRs... So, whats the stories morning glories? Anybody got any 411 they can volunteer?


  12. Thanks for the helpful discussions! Yes, I am aware that no true 1080p connections are apparently available on these 1080p televisions. They, of course, do the 1080p upconversion internally but one salesperson did tell me the Mits would accept 1080p content via an HDMI connection. Did he know what he was talking about? I don't know but I do plan on getting it in writing if I decide to buy one. [As an update, I stopped by the audio/visual store today and they said a fire cable is used to transfer the 1080p content to the Mits 1080p projection TV.]

    Yes, I am virtually committed to buying a High Def TV, but should I spend $2K for a slightly lesser projection TV or the $3300 for the Mits that is 1080p, but who knows if it will accept direct 1080p content (whenever that will be available, if ever?) What about the Plasmas? Well, the wife is still in a quandry but we will eventually have to make a decision. But, the question now is, how significant is Mits 1080p output compared to a TV in the near future (maybe later this year) that will be able to natively play and display 1080 content? No Plasmas are equiped for accepting 1080p content are they?


  13. Anyone know anything, good or bad, about the Mitsubishi WD-52627 52" DLP Projection TV? My wife and I went to Ultimate Electronics and she ultimately liked this one over even the 50" Plasma screens. Option #2, that was about $600 more, was a Samsung 50" Plasma.

    The Mitsubishi does 1080p and was playing some specialized content for demonstration. Needless to say, it looked almost flawless.



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