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  1. I have owned more than a few 604, Urei, and similar duplex style speakers and different enclosures. The speakers pictured at the top of this thread link are the finest end result out of any I have had to date. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/194255-pictures-of-your-tube-amplifiers/page/24/#comment-2686414
  2. I have the original box and contents.
  3. Central California roughly 30 minutes south of Fresno.
  4. This is a 45wpc in Ultralinear, and 30wpc in triode which is switchable on the fly. This has a new quad of KT88's tubes with less then 100 hours on them. The VRD stands for valve rollers dream and this amp can take many different tubes like EL34, 6L6GC, 5881, 350B, KT66, KT88, 6550, KT90 but Craig built it for the KT88's and I agree on the amazing sound. This weighs a ton and shipping will not be cheap for me. Now wired with 8 and 16ohm taps with the 4 ohm tap available. I will also include a full set of 350b tubes with appropriate rectifiers also on top of the full set of KT88 tubes as well. I accept PP friends and Zelle. 2,200.00 shipped with full set of tubes Thank you Charlie Attachments
  5. Message sent. Thank you Charlie
  6. Custom 620 style cabinets that ended up at almost 11cf, crossovers from the late Rick Craig, with PAS drivers , and Townshend supertweeters.
  7. http://tubelab.com/designs/tubelab-sse/
  8. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/passive-aggression
  9. Jon Anderson 9844 verticals with Yuichi horns and custom crossovers.
  10. @NOS ValvesCraig... I sent you a private message. Thank you in advance. Charlie
  11. Looking for one of these amps if anyone has one. Thank you Charlie
  12. If its plugged in here in the USA.... well..... I would hope so. 🔌
  13. Windows 10/Roon-DAC-PRE-AMP-Speakers-iPad remote I don't think I have had to restart Roon or my PC in 4 months.... PC runs 24/7 .... No issues.
  14. The Altec woofers and drivers can be pure magic and I believe I am lucky enough to have the ultimate end result set of speakers to prove it. Originals: Jon Anderson 9844 verticals with Yuichi horns
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