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  1. ---------------- On 9/14/2004 1:27:51 AM dantfmly wrote: I think they are ugly. ---------------- yea, I agree.. they are ugly as heck. Whats up with the greenish wood and all that plastic surrounding the woofers and horn? perhaps its just the pic. O well, time will tell. At that price point, they have to exude quality and have to sound incredible. btw, I love the looks of the B&W Nautilus line
  2. Stand 8 feet from two 42" HDTV and EDTV sets, and tell me which one is which. I think it all comes down to how close you will be watching the screen. btw, on the web you can get an awesome 42" Panasonic EDTV for 2.2K, which is rated as the best buy for plasma tvs now.
  3. " I wouldnt touch them" Why is that? Have you ever bought Klipsch Reference speakers of the web and compared them to speakers bought at a store? I bought both my mains RF-3 thru the web, and got the rest of my speakers at 50% of at tweeter (due to the "new" RF-3II line with internal z-wiring coming out) and there is absolutely no difference. It would be a steal for whoever gets those for a good price they wont get the warranty, but the speakers are made robust.
  4. Thats why I buy all my klipsch product online! i dont need the warranty!!!! j/k
  5. Thats why I buy all my klipsch product online! i dont need the warranty!!!! j/k
  6. they dont look to elegant, sorta like a little bit too plasticky for my taste. Like if they are targeting the people who like those new Ugly Boom-Boxes.
  7. "I tried to buy from a local dealer (according to the Dealer Locator), but it was clear they were not interested in selling just a center (I already have the RF7s). They don't stock any klipsch, but they said they could order it from another dealer (that would be nice, 2 mark ups...) They were too high end (JMLabs, etc) for klipsh." WTH? they where going to charge you more $$!!? thats ridiculus. Btw, I got my center and surrounds from Tweeter, and my mains from the web. I can't tell the difference, and they seem fine to me, and sound great! hmm.. I dont think they are fakes or B-stock..
  8. just did the same! hopefully It'll sound better than my 50$ (3 years ago) player! phillips-Maganvox!
  9. "we re willing to mary each other. so i have to bend over." bend over? hmmm no comment. lol j/k
  10. How come we dont make this a permanent thread? I love looking thru peoples THs!
  11. Hi, you stated that the RC-3 has trouble keeping up with the RF-3 towers, what do you suggest someone buy if they have the RF-3s?
  12. picky! I'm jealous! Now thats a room. You see, your room resembles a useable room, a room I see myself as using all the time with friends.. you have the bar.. the chilling out listen to music couch.. etc. I see other HT rooms, which probably sound awesome, but are not as flexible.. theyre not as inviting, some rooms just are too strictly movie watching, and not hangin out kinda rooms. I guess my point is: good job!
  13. Audition the RB75s, theyll sound wonderful with classical music. My speakers sound amazing.. so clear.. I can only imagine the RB75s.. youl be all set with those two speakers.. if you listen to organ.. or lower end musci I would definely look to get a sub, perhaps you can switch out one of you night tables?
  14. Get a nice pair of RF-7s! thats all you'll need. Well, the weekend is coming up, so I hope your already planning your tour de speakers! well good luck! and let us know if you like them! imho, dont go to best buy to audition these speakers.. (they only carry the sinergy line) go to an audio store. Audition the Reference line, at the kilpsch home page theres a dealer search engine. Good Luck! let us know how it goes!
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