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  1. Here are a few. Just finished 1.5wpc 1625 triode wired. Knight KB83 or was lol... 4 x EL37, 2 xgz34 forgot other tubes lol but they are bugle boys. This ran so hot we completely gutted it and redesigned it. It is now a PP triode el37 about 10wpc. Brook 12A Clones I built including PWK or Moderfari mods. A gift from IBSlammin. LuxmanPP triode 50ca10. Just completed cap replacement and putting it back to factory as it has been modified. Going to bring it up this week. Next to be rebuilt two EL84 amplifiers chock full of awesome mullard gz34 and el84 tubes. Love the look. I love the fisher it has been modified so I am not sure what I will do with it... Looks abit ratty.
  2. seti

    Toots. So sad.

    Toots literally coined the term reggae. He started in 1962 and only COVID could stop him. I like his work with Willie. F Covid the list of muscians that have been taken from us keeps getting longer. Wear a damm mask people.... Your literally killing us.
  3. Thanks for sharing. What software did you use to draw schematics? Very nice. Anyone can make a great looking chassis from FPE but it takes real skill and ingenuity to do it your way... Amazing.. I am planning a 112A Preamp with Coleman Regs. I have all the parts just want the chassis to be perfect. I got power supply modules from intact audio.
  4. How long did it take you to get to this point. These look pro built. Amazing. Who did you use for chassis plates?? I'm looking at Landfall and Front Panel Express. I like the new HV printing.
  5. I love Sound Practices. I bought the CD of it from Joe Roberts. Its fun to see them in the beginning sort of poo poo Klipsch. Then not to many issues later it was build as just what they needed for their low powered amplifiers. Good stuff. Here is some modern Vincent Gallo 8-) https://youtu.be/LqOJq0HeZMc
  6. Just tested the power on this one and it is a little over 1.5wpc. Amazing how little you need with 107db 1w1m horns.
  7. Don Garbers amplifiers are on my collect list. What an amazing sense of design....
  8. Just finished this one. My friend drew up the schematic based on what we had on hand. The rectifiers are RCA 816 mercury vapors, power tubes triode wired 1625, and driven by 6J5GT. The 6J5 are half a 6SN7 and I've been collecting them for years... I'll do distortion and power ratings soon. The meters need a little tweaking but sounds ok so far. joined_video_c8d5860632994b51984cb95326861299.MP4
  9. After you build something all you see are the mistakes but thanks for the kind words. My friends at EMIA helped me with schematic and parts. There really isn't much there. Nothing wrong with building on the cheap which is why I started building as I could never afford what I wanted to hear. Good luck and keep building.
  10. I built a two stage amp interstage coupling that can take 45 or 2a3. I favor the 45 but 2a3 is no slouch. Awesome triodes. I want to build on the same topology but for 50/300b.
  11. It is true but perhaps PWK was working with Hartford locals on this event. Perhaps Jim has some info. @jimhunter
  12. Gray amplifiers were among best available in 1956. It likely had more to do with quality than power.
  13. That won't get you the crossover these come with either.
  14. Ok guys unfortunately my these won't fit in my friends garage properly. These are a bargain and sound incredible. These should have sold already.
  15. I have friends who spend big money on power conditioner and megabucks on amplifiers. If you spend big money on amplifiers and the power supply in that amplifier can't filter or clean the soiund then why are you spending big money on an amplifier with a crappy power supply???? On my DIY amps my friend helping me build spends more time on getting power supply right than anything else.
  16. I don't believe power cables do anything to alter sound. Crock-A-Hooey.. I use them because they look nice and are free.
  17. I work in the medical field. I have scavenged a number of different medical grade cables. They vary in thickness and various plugs. They are built to a higher quality than most. They are free to me so why not.
  18. Great space to work. My next space I hope is this well setup. I have stuff in the attic and on shelves all around me lol...
  19. AWESOME!!! That light is perfection... I am building a shed workshop then doing version 3 of my workspace.
  20. A friend in Little Rock is interested. I might have to help him pick them up.
  21. Hey Rigma you got a schematic for this thing ? I like the concept.. Could keep me from seeing electric blue jesus.
  22. Fear of the electric blue jesus is what kept me from DIY. I kept reading the safety articles until I had it down and also met an experienced local tech.. This is brilliant...
  23. That is superb but I would not have expected less. Is that one of the MC30's I sold ya? Loved those but at the time plumbing was even more important lol... Just so you know it is your fault I'm building now. In Hope we heard your 300B amps and you said I could build and just needed to start small... I am planning a 300b / 50 triode amplifier. What is the device with the green face? Thanks!!
  24. That is a luxury work area... WOW!!!!! Who made the GM70 amps????? Nice and clean!!!
  25. This happened to a friends preamp a few elctrolytics blew. I try to set the gain around the same as cdp and music server so when i switch around there isn't a huge gain change. Or if there is an issue I set to lowest hum... Having the right cartridge for tonearm is key...
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