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    Tube amp advice

    I bought used on audiogon and traded tube amps till I got a sense of what I liked.
  2. I've replaced a few caps but that is all. He didn't use the most expensive parts. Still love the gear..
  3. Interesting George was prone to update as he went along without writing down schematics. I have one of his last AG PHONO. I love it.
  4. I have a George Wright phono as well but not that one. I believe it is the high low gain switch. Check out this ad. https://www.audioasylumtrader.com/ca/listing/Preamplifier-Tube/Wright-Sound/WPL-20/Full-function-tube-preamp/32944
  5. That is awesome!!! Take alot of juice to get that baby glowing.
  6. HANDMADE IN HOPE, AR USA How many speaker manufacturers can say that in this day and age?
  7. This is gonna be a big one can't wait!!!!!! I get to go to Hope, AR really often and no matter how many times I go I always learn something new from either Jim Hunter or Roy Delgado.
  8. I'd love to see a picture of the sofia mesh. I read reports where it was a perforated plate and not a true mesh.. Not sure if it matters.
  9. Trey has a good story about asking PWK about putting rope caulk or material on horns... For instance a bell strike it and it rings. Screw down the lip of the bell to a baffle and strike it and it will not ring. The amount of force required to make it ring are so substantial you will not do it with a compression driver. The old thin metal horns from the 20's and 30's did actually benefit from material on the horn. I believe even the Western Electric 16A and the other horns used cloth.
  10. I've been using Tidal for a while. I would say it exceeds expectations. The master file format is superb. Currently using a mini mac optical out to my EAD dac.
  11. They k75 are metal tubes with glass seals. Not sure what can go wrong lol..... The k71 polystyrenes had date codes from the early 80's. ESR is on my list of things to buy. I do have an oscope setup as a curve tracer. If they are really resistive the 0 tends to lean...
  12. There are a few ebay sellers in Moldavia and Ukraine. Caps are cheap but shipping is high. I order different values once a month. I have a good stash now.
  13. I think I said that wrong. A friend ordered some jupiter caps and they were 20% tolerence. That was for a boatload of money... I've become a fan of using the russian oil caps and big polystyrenes in projects. They are affordable and well made. 1uf polystyrene 2% tolerance.
  14. 4uf will block the same no matter what manufacturer. Now there are caps with tolerences from 20% to 1%. The weird thing is the higher end the cap or the more boutique the higher the tolerence. Does it matter how close to the prescribed freq you are?
  15. Not sure where you are getting such bad info. They have covid in our prisons already.
  16. Hey Marty do you have an o-scope? This could help look around and actually see what everything is doing.
  17. Not what meant... They go way way way down the rabbit hole 200pages and that is what I believe is the short version. I switched equipment around recently and all of a sudden had crazy hum. It took me hours of troubleshooting but now quiet as can be from every source.
  18. I can't say I'd worry about everything they write about but their discussion on ground is great.
  19. Thank you for the link. Superb.
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