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  1. Well I hooked up the KG's this weekend and they seek OK. So no, I guess I won't be selling the guts. I note that the speakers seem to be made from two layers of wood: an outer (damaged) veneer and inner (intact) section. They still don't hold pressure for 15 seconds, but the passive radiator and woofer move in unison and seem to sound fine. STL I would still be interested in your easy idea to bypass the probem entirely and to get them sounding as good as new. Thank one and all for your suggestions. CG
  2. I'll give them a whirl this weekend and let you know.
  3. Sorry about the poor quality of these pictures; Interestingly, the inside looks intact, yet the rear bottom is obviously bowed out. Unfortunately, the speakers are now failing Gil's test and have gotten worse each day as the wood splits further apart. Though I do not see any light coming through as someone else suggested. Guess I will be going speaker shopping. One solution I thought of is using a subwoofer: that way I might still be able to use the traxis horn tweeters. Or else, what do you guys think of the new Klipsh cinema or other series currently available ? CG
  4. OK here are some photos of the damage...
  5. I'll see if I can get some digital photos this evening. What is everyone's opinion on Gil's 15 second hold time while pushing the woofer. I have some KG2s as well and don't remember them holding that long. Can anyone else test their's. CG
  6. thebes - Thanks for the repair tips. In case my basment floods again, I am considering placing the KG4.2s on approx. 1 foot high speaker stands. I realize they are designed to be put on the floor, but does anyone have any comments on what the acoustic impact would be of doing so. CG
  7. I am more concerned about the cabinet still being sealed. I am less concerned about cosmetic damage.
  8. I have a pair of Klipsch KG 4.2s which were sitting in about 3-4 inches of water, when my basement flooded. Unfortunately afterward, I could hear water swishing around inside, and after I let them dry out, the bottom of the cabinets warped outward. I am concerned about hooking them up to my amplifier: where is the crossover located ? Are they beyond help, now that Klipsch no longer makes the KG4's, or is there anyway to have them repaired ? Thanks, CG
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