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    7.1 HT
    Klipschorns, 1978, B&K Sound Type A/4500 Crossover and Crites CT-125 Tweeter.
    La Scala center, 1973, K43 woofer, recapped AA.
    Heresy II side surrounds.
    KPT-100 rear surrounds, mod to bypass X-Curve attenuation.
    Tuba HT DIY subwoofer powered by one channel of HK AVR-325 receiver (gives me a volume control!) and EQed using a miniDSP.
    HK AVR-254 and Nikko Alpha 220 power amp for mains.
    Sony S590 BluRay/SACD player
    Rotel RCD-02 CD player
    XBMC streaming over digital coax, Android phone remote.
    BenQ W6000 projector on 120" 16:9 Elunevision Reference Studio AudioWeave (motorized tab-tensioned) screen.
    Samsung F8500 60-inch 3D plasma (one of the last great plasmas you can buy in 2014)
    Heresy wall mount:

    DIY Subwoofer for KHorns:

    When I got my KHorns:

    Streaming music:

    Picking my screen:

    What kills tweeters:

    Mod'ing the KPT-100 to remove X-Curve high-frequency attenuation:

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  1. I would reconsider the electronics up front. Those displays and lights will be distracting in dark scenes. Someone handy with wood work could cut a La Scala cabinet to get the bass unit and top section side by side under TV. Having said that, my 60 inch TV is above a La Scala (see Gallery link in my signature) and it works well in reclined HT type seating; it's not too high. I understand a single La Scala (or even a pair) is not easy to find.
  2. It has been a while! Nice to see old familiar names still around! 😉
  3. The Belle is a good idea. I tend to forget my center La Scala is inset into the wall.
  4. What will you be using as center? I fit a La Scala under a 60" TV and behind an acoustically transparent screen. I had tried a Heresy but that wasn't working for me. They do however work well as surrounds.
  5. A $400 receiver in the US is C$700 in Canada and C$800 after taxes. I'd like to keep it below C$1000, total. I mentioned the Yamaha; it's C$850 before taxes.
  6. I am looking for a cheap 7.1 receiver with pre-outs for the front R&L mains. There's a YouTube review of the Onkyo that says the Zone 2 pre-outs can be used for external amplification of the Zone 1 front mains, but I don't see this anywhere in the manual.
  7. Same here. Looking for affordable 7.1 receiver with pre-outs for front L&R, banana plugs on speaker terminals, and preferably two HDMI outputs (for TV and projector). So far the Yamaha RX-V6a looks to be the cheapest.
  8. I'd stick with a horn-loaded sub. It would blend in much better.
  9. I'm an imaging freak. The guy I bought my KHorns from wanted me to hear his 802D. They didn't image at all but he was very happy with the 'upgrade' over the KHorns. Got the KHorns home and they didn't image at all! Turns out one of the crossovers had the mid-driver wired in reverse polarity. Once that was sorted out they disappeared from the room. I'm sure that 802D properly setup can be awesome. Those I heard were not.
  10. I've got one of those too (60-inch F8500). Sweet picture. Inky blacks.
  11. The problem is that there is no such 'max'. The volume is gain requested, and what you think is requesting 125W peaks might be 1000W peaks, which will be clipped and sound bad, and may damage your speakers. Back in the day we had VU-meters to have a better guess at the power we were feeding our speakers. But I guess since people saw numbers of 1W or less often enough, that wasn't good information to give in order to sell new 100W+ receivers, so they got rid of them.
  12. I defeated the x-curve in my KPT-100 crossovers.
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