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  1. 12 hours ago, RandyH said:


    Thanks, but search for that site and the word review and it looks to be the same crap shoot, with some people reporting the bulb lasting a very short time and exploding in the projector, or being dimmer than the one they replaced. These are the stories that are making me think I'd rather skip the hassle and buy a new projector.


    Should have bought an OEM spare bulb assembly when it was only a few years old.

  2. I just plugged in an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to get DD+ transcoding it it was a wonderful sight to see the channel inputs light up on my AVR on Netflix. It even displays Dolby Digital Plus on the receiver, which is weird.
    Sounds amazing!


    This has taken much of the reason to upgrade the receiver out from under me. Ah well.

  3. 11 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

    AW-650 with my Heresy setup.  They were incredibly easy to install and aim.


    That's thinking outside of the box!

    Are you bouncing the sound on the ceiling? Or did you mount them to the ceiling?

  4. "I need to update a very old HK receiver because I no longer get real surround formats while streaming Netflix since it doesn't support DD+. "


    This was how this started. I just found out that a C$50 "Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K" will transcode DD+ to plain old DD. I may not "need" a new receiver after all. I'm not sure how I feel about that!  Haha!

  5. Remember, I'm in Canada! 😉


    That 4K projector is C$1800 here.


    Still, it took me 10 years to put 2000 hours on the projector. It doesn't look dim to me, but I realise I could be surprised by a lamp change. Point is it might last another couple of years for all I know, and then I should just buy a new one.


    The BenQ web site is disappointing. They give you the part number, but no way to buy it.




  6. I bought a 1080p BenQ W6000 projector exactly 10 years ago and use only for movies. It has started to warm me that the bulb has reached 2000 hours. 


    The problem is that OEM replacements are just about impossible to find. Even sites that say they sell OEM parts at full price have reviews that say to stay away from them.


    Given that a lamp housing could be as much as C$400 to C$500 without any real certainty that it's OEM, that 1080p projectors can now be had for under C$1000, I am wondering if waiting for the lamp to really stop working and then swapping out the whole thing is the better option?


    Sad, but that's the consumer society we live in now.



  7. What is everyone using to update their heritage home theaters to Atmos?


    I'd go in-ceiling rather than reflection, figuring the end result is better?


    I see Youthman is using the bigger CDT-5800 C-II (8 inch), but the Klipsch PRO-18-RC 8 is also an 8 inch at the same price, and the CDT 3800 is also 8 inch and just a tad cheaper. There are slimmer models, and 6 inch versions too.


    With my current 7.1 layout and my likely future receiver to be 9 channels, I keep my rear surrounds and add two in-ceiling speakers.



  8. 25 minutes ago, The Dude said:

    If your not hung up on Diraclive, Anthem has their own Room correction called ARC.  Not sure how good it is, but for the price, it may be what you are looking for. 





    Interesting, but I'd need another amplifier as well since it doesn't power the surround backs, as well as being more expensive at C$2100.

  9. Leaning towards the Onkyo TX-NR7100 for Dirac. Getting ready to let go of external amplification, although I really liked having output meters. They reassured me when I was pushing the system that I wasn't pushing it too far.

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