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  1. So relabeled Jamo. Had to happen sometime.
  2. Interesting. I have Bob's A-4500 in any case, so I can assume it's balanced... (happy Canadian turkey day!)
  3. Yes, that is what I have in my Super Heresy's currently. I also had a pair of those CT-125's in LaScalas I refurbished, where I dropped the midrange/K55 level on the Autoformer by 3 db to match, since the CT-125 is not efficient enough for a Khorn/Belle/LaScala. It's a really good sounding tweeter and it measures ruler flat to 20K for all other Klipsch Heritage, however. Huh? Bob sells it as in drop-in replacement for the K77 and you are saying it isn't?
  4. I don't use it a lot but it is a great little lens, very sharp, acts like a 70mm on a DX camera. I and everyone knows what you mean by that, but... no it doesn't. If this comment implies what I think it does, we are about to embark on a photographic argument worse than capacitors... LOL! I didn't know it was a hot button issue.
  5. I don't use it a lot but it is a great little lens, very sharp, acts like a 70mm on a DX camera. I and everyone knows what you mean by that, but... no it doesn't.
  6. psg

    I respectfully request

    Some people seem to be under the notion that gun violence happens in all western countries...
  7. Nice thing about the Harmony remotes is pluging them into a computer via USB to program them from a list of equipment models.
  8. It could be fixed with bondo and re-veneered, but that would entail removing the very large side veneer as well as the easy to peel 1-inch edge. I really, really feel for you. :-(
  9. Just got the joke! Good one!
  10. Please, I'm really not "that" needy. That said, I've had time to work an interesting problem to something of a conclusion and will discuss it on the forum page of my site. I'll provide the link for those that are interested. I registered but can't find anything relevant. The 'Engineering Projects and Discussion' section is empty.
  11. Greetings sir! The green plot is something I've been noodling here. The K77M can actually remarkably good at higher sound pressure levels "if" you use the green curve. To use the green curve however requires other changes to occur and that's where things get very interesting. it's possible however to take the Klipschorn to a much better place without having to take a second mortgage out on your house. More on that later. Did I miss it?
  12. KPT-100 crossover mod to defeat the X-Curve (Schematic KPT-100D on previous page).
  13. Did you drill into the speaker to install the french cleat?
  14. I always thought that the front of a La Scala was nicer to look at than a large plain speaker grille, what with the bass bin and all.
  15. What bugged me about Mad max was the lack of any story... it's basically a bumber-car chase for most of the movie.
  16. If this partly in answer to my earlier question of why 16 AWG would sound better than 14 or 14 AWG, I disagree. For cooper, skin depth at 10 KHz is about 0.65 mm which is the radius of 16 AWG. Are you trying to match them? At audio frequencies, pretty much all of the wire is used even at 12 AWG with a radius of 1 mm. The 12 AWG still has the advantage of a much larger cross-scetional area covered by skin depth (and there's still current deeper than skin depth).
  17. Still... your sig reads "Laptop running J-River" so one might also assume that you have all these CDs ripped to FLAC already. Presumably you will be deleting them when you have sold the rights to those copies.
  18. 8 feet is fine, but make sure that you can spread them out a lot and aim them toward you. They work best at a 45 degree toe-in, like Klipschorns.
  19. I'm sure it could be measured or felt but not seen. Guaranteed to ouperform a Khorn with one whole side missing, either way. You could make it only 3 feet without sacrificing too much, since even Khorns need subs below 60 hz. anyhow. I used an Ikea tabletop for a few years, one that is about 1.5 inches thick. Worked well.
  20. Up against a wall, you could make 1/2 of one out of a fraction of a sheet of 3/4 Oak Plywood and attach to rear. One corner and one wall for this other one is all you would need. Made my Khorns work in several different homes that way. Wouldn't it vibrate?
  21. Since the LS II comes in two parts, why not simply remove the top bin and place the new horn on top of the bass bin?
  22. Frequency response :15-200 Hz Unfortunately doesn't mean a thing with a +/- dB range assigned to it.
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