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  1. We get hit on receivers too. My current and previous one were both from the US.  I picked up my used KHorns in the US, and my used KPT-100 in the US.  Paid C$600 for a pair of Heresy II, so you can bet that was in Canada!



    Juno-like, but from a guy's POV. Hipster flair, but nails three home runs for home theater demo material. Definitely a guy's movie through and through. About as honest as it gets.


    1. Beautifully shot. No gratuitous CGI and hardly any makeup. Revealing of every detail...almost too much in certain shots. You've been warned.   :ph34r:

    2. Great musical soundtrack, right from the opening scene. Vinyl lovers will be in heaven.

    3. Real Dolby surround....now THIS is 5.1  The outdoor shots sound simply fantastic at reference level! There's even a fireworks scene that DTS-10 folks can show off with. Did I forget to mention "real"!?


    ....deleted scenes that are also worth a peek.    ;)




    That movie doesn't have dts ma. Its dolby true hd :) Blu-ray review



    DTS-10 subwoofer? Not dts-ma soundtrack?


    I too am actually curious if there is any visual or audio benefit to the Oppo vs other Bluray players. I did a quick google on my phone But didn't see any blind or double blind test results.

    If I had to guess, you would not see or hear any difference between the two. I would think it would come down to build quality, whether you play games, and if you need SACD capability.

    a is a guy on abs who did a side by side test on YouTube with the 93 or 103 and his play station. I'll see if I can find the link.

    Edit: even better is the 95.



    Let's call that quick side-by-side observations. :)

  4. If, like for me, the Bluray player is only used to take the audio and video bits of the disk and hand them over to the AVR, projector or TV over HDMI, then an Oppo will perform the same as a cheap player.


    I will cite: http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-blu-ray-player/


    Who am I to make that claim? I’ve been handling almost all the Blu-ray reviews for Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity since 2010 and have had nearly three dozen players come through my hands. I’ve subjected them to countless objective and subjective tests. I’ve even thrown them on a $15,000 HDMI Analyzer to verify their performance. Often, as is the case with the LG, the picture from a cheap player is 100 percent identical to an $8,000 player’s.

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  5. Americans gave up a lot of freedom with the Patriot Act.  In Canada, we had two crazy guys kill two soldiers a couple of weeks or so ago in separate incidents (which were very unfortunate) and the government is calling it terrorism and wants to pass new laws that will erode our rights.

  6. Thinking of thinning the stock in the basement and moving to K-Horns, what is your opinion on which pair should be let go?


    Your sig says: Khorns front 86 RF-83 back RC-64 center


    So you already have the KHorns?  Can you manage one of the La Scala as center?  That's what I did when I had La Scala as mains and a Heresy center and got KHorns.  After a year or so of keeping the Heresy center and using the La Scala as surround speakers, I tried one of them as center and it was SOOO much better than the Heresy.  So now I use one of the La Scala as centers and got a nicer pair of Heresy II to use as surrounds (first in a 6.1 arrangement with the 3 Heresy), and then picked up a pair of KPT-100 to use as rear surrounds in 7.1.


    As good as the RC-64 is, it's no match for a La Scala as a center for KHorns (pun intended!).

  7. Fair enough.  I guess I really meant: The best TVs in a few years will likely all be OLED, whereas in the past (and still now at affordable prices) they were pretty much all plasma.

  8. No I haven't yet, I am just exploring my options, is it hard to find avr with pre outs, I was thinking maybe something with about 125wpc and getting small 2channel amplifier to boost the fronts


    In that case, get the AVR with the lowest WPC that still has the features you want.  No sense paying for amplification if you are not going to use it.  They somethings charge as much to increase in power with the same feature set as an external pro amp would cost you.

  9. As I have said before, I am happy that I got in on the last of the plasma with my 1080p 60-inch Samsung F8500; just an incredible picture.  OLEDs are better, but it'll take a few years before they are as affordable.


    It's always nice to go help out your parents; good for you Youthman.

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  10. I do agree that it's quite possible that netflix chooses to stream a version with reduced dynamic range, but that does not affect bandwidth.  It's possible that they enable some dynamic range compression (similar to "midnight-mode" on an AVR) because their average customer can't handle the full dynamic range version.  Ask them.


    As for the 2.0 versus multi-channel mix on Bluray... I guess that they take advantage of the extra 10 dB top end of the LFE channel, whereas they reduce the dynamic range on the 2.0 track.

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