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  1. Wanted: SS Amp For 2 Channel

    I am still trying to set up a separate listening system in a medium sized auxiliary room on my top floor. I have found almost all I need, except the power amp. Before I dip my toes in the murky waters of the auction sites, I thought I'd ask here if anyone has a nice power amp they would like to sell. I'd consider most anything, but I think I'm in the area of 100 to 200 watts. Please let me know what you think, or PM me if you prefer. Thanks, dwillie.
  2. Heresy HIP w/Glass

  3. I’m searching for a pair of HERESY SLANT MONITORS

  4. Klipsch & Danley For SALE

    PM sent. Thanks, dwillie.
  5. Real Guitar Legends

    Tommy E !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkqzu1rD-ac
  6. Klipsch AL-3 CrossOvers For Sale

    Thanks everyone, these are sold! d.
  7. Sold: Emotiva UPA-2 Amp

    Yes, the MiniX is a great little amp. Very happy with it. Now I'd like to add the UPA-2 if I had room in my office. d.
  8. Klipsch AL-3 CrossOvers For Sale

    Sorry, I meant to include that. Thanks for the question. I am located in Chicago's western suburbs, just west of Saint Charles. d.
  9. I have decided to try and enter the world of electronic crossovers. This is totally new to me so I'm excited about the prospects. So I pulled out a set of AL-3 crossovers from one of my pairs of La Scala's, and they are for sale. I haven't done any modifications or upgrades to these crossovers, they are completely stock as far as I know. I'm asking $90.00 plus $30.00 to ship in the lower 48. You could also pick them up in person, and save the shipping. PM me with questions. Thanks, d.
  10. Sold: Emotiva UPA-2 Amp

    I am completely surprised this amp is still available. If I only had the room, I would grab this for myself. Just last week I bought the other Emotiva amp Lyle had for sale. A100 MiniX. It has worked out great for me, running some Klipsch R-14M's as my desk top speakers. If you don't know Lyle, he's a great guy to work with. Buy with confidence. dwillie
  11. Sold: Emotiva Mini-X A-100 Amp

    If it's still available, I'll take it. PM coming. dwillie.
  12. Sold: Oppo BDP-103

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Well said, I agree. Rivernuggets is a first class forum member, reliable and easy to work with. dwillie.
  13. Want To Buy Luxman R-117 or R-115

    Yes, I would be interested. PM me any details you can share. d.
  14. Want To Buy Luxman R-117 or R-115

    Thanks for the link Bill, and I live in western suburbs of Chicago (DeKalb). So I really would like to find a nice R-117 because I've heard so much about them, but actually never really heard one myself. As I recall, didn't you have one a few years back? I believe you had some really nice words to say. How would you sum up the sound? My current systems are all basically vintage, and I like that. HK 730,Luxman R-1070 and an Adcom pre, working with an old Crown DC300A II. So again, if you have a R117, or hear about one someone might be letting go, let me know.
  15. SOLD! Apple iPhone 6 64gb Verizon For Sale

    ^^I agree.^^ Hopefully Lyle can make it down for one of those famous Chicago Get-Togethers. dee.