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  1. dwillie

    Want To Buy: Emotiva UPA-2

    Thanks Tim, you're a good man to be on the look-out for Emotiva gear. I know you've been using their products for quite a while. I started with a little Mini-X to use as an auxiliary amp in a different room from my main system. I was impressed as it worked out well. Next was a UPA-2 and it has done well also. Still looking for a second UP-2. Thanks for looking. Have a great 4th of July everyone! d.
  2. dwillie

    Want To Buy: Emotiva UPA-2

    I am looking for an Emotiva UPA-2 amp to go along with an existing UPA-2. If you have one, or know of one for sale, please let me know. Thanks to all in advance. d.
  3. dwillie

    MCM 1900 set up

    Thanks for the photo's! So many interesting things in the background of your pictures. d.
  4. dwillie

    MCM 1900 set up

    Would enjoy seeing a few pictures as you get things set up. dwillie.
  5. So, I have a pre amp that has two pre outs. As I am using it now, one pre out goes directly to an amp and then on to the speakers. No surprises there. But..., I would like to use the pre amp in the way I just described, and at the same time, use the second pre out to send a separate but identical signal to another pre amp. This signal would then be amplified and sent to speakers in a different room. I have never done this so I'm asking if there will be any problems I am not aware of. Thanks for your opinions. d.
  6. dwillie

    LSI woofers - K43 or?

    ^^^^^^^^^ I agree with Deang. Over the years I've had several La Scala's, pro and non-pro. I have never seen a square mag K-43. I recognize the little button dust caps, I have had speakers like this before. I would say early K-33. JMO d.
  7. dwillie

    Mandolin - PICS ADDED

    Contact Gruhn's Guitars in Nashville. 615 256 2033. d.
  8. dwillie

    How to pack Heresy & How NOT to . . .

    ^^^^^^^^^ Yes As another example, they fit easily in a Honda Pilot. d.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOL That's hilarious!! Is that a LUXMAN R-117 I see under the television? Is that part of the "secret sauce" that makes the La Scala's sing? I've always wanted one of those! Beautiful looking speakers. Keep them! You win, someone else who was slow, loses. dee.
  10. dwillie

    La Scala Yuba, CA $700.00

  11. dwillie

    Wanted: SS Amp For 2 Channel

    I am still trying to set up a separate listening system in a medium sized auxiliary room on my top floor. I have found almost all I need, except the power amp. Before I dip my toes in the murky waters of the auction sites, I thought I'd ask here if anyone has a nice power amp they would like to sell. I'd consider most anything, but I think I'm in the area of 100 to 200 watts. Please let me know what you think, or PM me if you prefer. Thanks, dwillie.
  12. dwillie

    Heresy HIP w/Glass

  13. dwillie

    I’m searching for a pair of HERESY SLANT MONITORS

  14. dwillie

    Klipsch & Danley For SALE

    PM sent. Thanks, dwillie.