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  1. Klipsch AL-3 CrossOvers For Sale

    Thanks everyone, these are sold! d.
  2. FS: Emotiva UPA-2 Amp

    Yes, the MiniX is a great little amp. Very happy with it. Now I'd like to add the UPA-2 if I had room in my office. d.
  3. Klipsch AL-3 CrossOvers For Sale

    Sorry, I meant to include that. Thanks for the question. I am located in Chicago's western suburbs, just west of Saint Charles. d.
  4. I have decided to try and enter the world of electronic crossovers. This is totally new to me so I'm excited about the prospects. So I pulled out a set of AL-3 crossovers from one of my pairs of La Scala's, and they are for sale. I haven't done any modifications or upgrades to these crossovers, they are completely stock as far as I know. I'm asking $90.00 plus $30.00 to ship in the lower 48. You could also pick them up in person, and save the shipping. PM me with questions. Thanks, d.
  5. FS: Emotiva UPA-2 Amp

    I am completely surprised this amp is still available. If I only had the room, I would grab this for myself. Just last week I bought the other Emotiva amp Lyle had for sale. A100 MiniX. It has worked out great for me, running some Klipsch R-14M's as my desk top speakers. If you don't know Lyle, he's a great guy to work with. Buy with confidence. dwillie
  6. Sold: Emotiva Mini-X A-100 Amp

    If it's still available, I'll take it. PM coming. dwillie.
  7. Sold: Oppo BDP-103

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Well said, I agree. Rivernuggets is a first class forum member, reliable and easy to work with. dwillie.
  8. Want To Buy Luxman R-117 or R-115

    Yes, I would be interested. PM me any details you can share. d.
  9. Want To Buy Luxman R-117 or R-115

    Thanks for the link Bill, and I live in western suburbs of Chicago (DeKalb). So I really would like to find a nice R-117 because I've heard so much about them, but actually never really heard one myself. As I recall, didn't you have one a few years back? I believe you had some really nice words to say. How would you sum up the sound? My current systems are all basically vintage, and I like that. HK 730,Luxman R-1070 and an Adcom pre, working with an old Crown DC300A II. So again, if you have a R117, or hear about one someone might be letting go, let me know.
  10. SOLD! Apple iPhone 6 64gb Verizon For Sale

    ^^I agree.^^ Hopefully Lyle can make it down for one of those famous Chicago Get-Togethers. dee.
  11. I am looking for a Luxman R-117 or R-115 receiver to replace my old HK 730. I've always had the desire to try one of these receivers, and now I have a real, genuine need (or excuse). If anyone has one they are considering letting go, or can give me some direction to find one, please let me know. Thanks, dee.
  12. SOLD! Apple iPhone 6 64gb Verizon For Sale

    Thanks Rivernuggets!
  13. SOLD! Apple iPhone 6 64gb Verizon For Sale

    PM returned. Thanks. d.
  14. I have for sale a two year old Apple iPhone 6, running iOS 10.3.2. It has 64 gigabytes of storage and comes with all original accessories, including box, charger with cord, and ear pods. It has worked perfectly for me the past two years and has never been repaired. Screen and back do not have cracks or scratches. It is set up to be used on the Verizon network. The phone has a slight, bend below the volume button, not affecting performance. Look closely at the pictures, I had a bad habit of carrying it in my back pocket. I am hoping to get $150 plus shipping. PM me with additional questions and extra photos if needed. Boxed and packed ready to ship. dwillie
  15. Klipsch Pro Badges?

    You are welcome!! A happy son,...makes a happy Dad!! dwillie.