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  1. I am unable to help in the transport of these speakers, but I am able to help store them for a while for you. DizRotus, I am in Sycamore, 35 miles west of Du Page. Easy drive, I-88 West to Sycamore exit. If La Scala's are what you want, and you have room, get them now and stop wasting time. You'll never regret it. I love mine. dwillie.
  2. Thanks to all who inquired, these are now spoken for. Thx dwillie.
  3. Thanks to all for the inquiries, these are now spoken for. Thx dwillie.
  4. I am cleaning house and came across a K-77 tweeter that was in an old set of La Scala's I purchased long ago. This tweeter never did not work from the very beginning and I knew I had to replace it. I never tried to repair it, and I never even investigated what repair it would need. So, I removed it from the La Scala's and replaced it with another tweeter and put it in my spare parts bin. If anyone wants to take a chance on it, it's yours for free, just contribute some shipping charges. I am pretty sure Bob Crites does some repair work on these Klipsch tweeters. I went with a different style tweeter so I don't need this as a spare anymore. I'd say $20.00 should get it most places in the lower 48, let me know what you think. However, one more time..............The tweeter is free, but you'll pay shipping, after that you're on your own. No guaranty, no warranty, no promises, no returns, no misunderstandings. Understood? To the right person who needs this, it might be a good thing. dwillie.
  5. I have for sale a Rotel RC-970BX pre-amp. This is a nice quality pre-amp, with a simple no non-sense lay out. It is 17 inches wide but has a small profile so it fits just about anywhere. It is well put together and has a solid feel to it. This unit weighs nearly 9 pounds. It runs cool and is very quiet. Harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion are both rated at 0.004% There are tone controls, plus tone by-pass if you prefer. Separate recording and listening controls like old school. Full size headphone jack and two pre outputs to power amps. Two switched power outlets on rear panel. I bought this Rotel as a temporary replacement for my main unit that was in need of repair and updating. I'm happy I am back to my normal system but was pleased with the results I received from this Rotel. There are a few small scratches on the top of the unit. Nothing serious and not the result of abuse or carelessness. The type of scratches you can sometimes get from moving things into and out of a hi-fi cabinet. I am asking $125.00 plus $20.00 for boxing and shipping to the lower 48. Thanks for looking, dwillie.
  6. For Sale: One pair of Straight Wire cables. Approximately 76 inches in length, with RCA type plug ends. These are high quality cables and have worked very well for me. They are in wonderful condition. The cables are a heavy weight, and they coil or lay flat very well. Easy to make them look orderly. I'm opening up a new system and I will need multiple RCA cables. I'd like them all to match so I'm starting over with new. I'm asking $65.00 for the pair, plus $12.00 shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Thanks, dwillie.
  7. Thanks all for the suggestions. I know my pre-outs are controlled by the main volume control because I'm using the pre-outs to send a signal to another amp, which powers another set of speakers in another room (works pretty good). The volume control works for both speaker sets. So the Y-cord idea would work too I suppose. Although (I'm new at this), I would be sending a full range signal to the sub. Does the sub's crossover handle this full range signal? I hadn't thought of using the zone-out jacks. As I understand it, the receiver can send different independent signals to each zone simultaneously. FM to one, CD to another, phono to another and so on. Or it can send the same signal to all the zones. I can see where I could send a common signal to the sub via the zone out. Any reason one would sound better than the other? Zone V.S. Pre- Out? By the way, this receiver surprised me. Rotel RX-1052. 100 watts. It has a very warm and sweet sound. Kind of a lazy mellowness with a nice crisp top end. Reminds me of my old HK730. Thanks all for your comments. d.
  8. Sorry, wrong picture of the actual receiver. Let's try again. 😂 d.
  9. Thinking of adding a sub to a system I use on my desk in my office. The sub needs to be on the small side so I can hide it out of the way. I am a little confused on what would be the best way to make the connection from my receiver to the sub. I'm attaching a photo of the receiver I'm using. There is no "sub out" and I'm already using the "pre outs" for another use. I would probably use one of the nice Klipsch subs. Any suggestions on how best to make the connection? Thanks, d.
  10. I've sent you a private message. How do we contact you? Thanks, dee
  11. Do the serial numbers tell us the age of these speakers? These may be a pair of the old "screw top" La Scala's. d.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'll have to agree with Dean on this one, while trying not to be disagreeable with anyone else. My experience with AL-3 crossovers has been very good. The AL not so much. Just MHO dwillie.
  13. Hi Lyle. I might have one for you. Let me check to see if I still have the original box and ear buds, I'll get back to you via PM. We went to the iPhone 10's and kept these as spares. dwillie.
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