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  1. I am still in serious pursuit of 2 pairs of speakers. As the title says I'm searching for Chorus II, Forte' II or Quartets. I do not mind the drive to pick up the right set (or two) of speakers. Feel free to send me a PM or comment here, thanks. dwillie.
  2. Thanks very much for all the interest! These have been sold ! dwillie
  3. I have two of these amps myself and I am very pleased with them. They are dead quiet, tight bass and clean top end. Someone should grab these, especially for the asking price. d.
  4. Price drop! Down to $265.00 These are really nice examples of the highly regarded K-55-V solder terminal. I am in pursuit of a different project and must let these go. They will be packed extremely well and I will ship fast. Thanks, d.
  5. I have a pair of the Klipsch K-55-V solder terminal drivers for sale. They are in excellent condition. They look nice and sound great. Original wires still attached. I had been saving them for a special project but my spare time has become too short and I'm changing directions. I hate to give them up as they are now getting difficult to find. I'm asking $275.00 plus shipping. Thanks, dwillie.
  6. I am looking for a pair of Chorus II and a pair of Quartets. Not particular about the finish, they all look good to me. If anyone has these speakers for sale, please let me know. PM to me is preferred, or reply here. Thanks. dwillie.
  7. Thanks Jason, package just came in. Appreciate the attention to detail and the prompt delivery. Packaging was awesome! dwillie.
  8. Welcome! Nice story, thanks for sharing. d.
  9. I agree. An A/B comparison would be interesting.
  10. Hey Drewg. What a great offer. We're close too, I'm in De Kalb/Sycamore. How do you feel about the 430 vs 730? Do you hear much difference between the two? Are most people running these stock or does a rebuild seem justified? Hope we can work something out Drewg. Thanks for jumping in. dwillie.
  11. Hello Woofers and Tweeters. Thanks for commenting. Right now I am using La Scala's and/or Quartets in my listening room. I like to go back and forth between the two sets just for a little change. These are controlled by Rotel integrated and outboard DAC, and Emotiva power. I basically stream or use CD's old school style. I am in the Chicagoland area.
  12. Thanks for the comment jimjimbo. I have heard nice things said about the entire HK line of that era, including 430 and 930. I definitely want pre-outs, and it just seems to me from what I'm hearing, the 730 is the sweet spot. True in your mind? I know you've owned a few of these. dwillie Thanks for your comments jason. Pre-outs are important to me, and over the years I've gotten used to having them. Nice to add different amps in and out of the line up for a little variety now and then. I have never even seen a Citation set-up, but have heard it is at the top of this era's pyramid. I'm open to the idea, where would you begin to look for the Citation Series ?
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