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  1. https://reverb.com/item/35266600-used-klipsch-kp-302-speaker-cabinet-large-full-range Used Klipsch KP-302 Speaker Cabinet Large Full Range Good $80.26
  2. Frederick/craigslist....Not mine
  3. I am looking for a pair of Heresy I. Any finish is fine, and a few scratches and dents OK too. Interested in mint to rough. Please feel free to contact me here or by Private Message. I'm in the Chicago area but don't mind a road trip. Thanks, dwillie.
  4. Well that's a mystery. I have sent it again. d.
  5. dkpack99 dkpack99 I've sent you a personal message. dwillie
  6. Really nice. Would like to know more details. Did Mr. Crites suggest a certain woofer? d
  7. Not too long ago I had a pair of Walnut Oil Heresy with the solder terminal K 55's. They were remarkable! This model Heresy may not be the most dramatic speaker Klipsch has made, but for their size and considering their vintage, very, very impressive. In my two separate rather small listening areas, with Quartets and La Scala's, I just didn't have the room to keep all of them. I regret letting them go. For those that do not know, Jeff is a good guy to work with. Good luck with your sale. dwillie.
  8. I am still in serious pursuit of 2 pairs of speakers. As the title says I'm searching for Chorus II, Forte' II or Quartets. I do not mind the drive to pick up the right set (or two) of speakers. Feel free to send me a PM or comment here, thanks. dwillie.
  9. Thanks very much for all the interest! These have been sold ! dwillie
  10. I have two of these amps myself and I am very pleased with them. They are dead quiet, tight bass and clean top end. Someone should grab these, especially for the asking price. d.
  11. Price drop! Down to $265.00 These are really nice examples of the highly regarded K-55-V solder terminal. I am in pursuit of a different project and must let these go. They will be packed extremely well and I will ship fast. Thanks, d.
  12. I have a pair of the Klipsch K-55-V solder terminal drivers for sale. They are in excellent condition. They look nice and sound great. Original wires still attached. I had been saving them for a special project but my spare time has become too short and I'm changing directions. I hate to give them up as they are now getting difficult to find. I'm asking $275.00 plus shipping. Thanks, dwillie.
  13. I am looking for a pair of Chorus II and a pair of Quartets. Not particular about the finish, they all look good to me. If anyone has these speakers for sale, please let me know. PM to me is preferred, or reply here. Thanks. dwillie.
  14. Thanks Jason, package just came in. Appreciate the attention to detail and the prompt delivery. Packaging was awesome! dwillie.
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