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  1. I am interested in this pair of Cornwalls as the Corns are close to home and wonder if anyone knows the production year and whether or not this model had well designed crossovers or not. I understand that some Corns had crappy horns and some had nice horns. What is the story on these? Since I am used to listening to a nice pair of '63 Khorns, will I be too spoiled for Cornwalls or do these speakers really sound great? Thanks. Scotty http://cgi.ebay.com/Klipsch-Cornwall-speakers_W0QQitemZ5824335530QQcategoryZ61378QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. I removed a grill that had been happily on there for 50 years and discovered there is a single 12" speaker so no crossovers. Thanks, Scotty
  3. I have a pair of EV Aristocrat speakers. These were built to a Klipsch design in the '50's. My question is, are there crossovers in these speakers and can they be rebuilt? Has anyone done this to this model? They don't appear to be easy to dissassemble. Anyone had them apart? Thanks. Scotty
  4. The original wiring visually looks fine. No discoloration. The wire is a bit stiff as the insulation is 40 years + but then, I am a bit stiff as well. Thanks and I'll leave the Khorns alone now. I am looking for a nice set of 60's Cornwalls to replace my circa mid fifties KV Aristocrats if anyone has a spare set. The Aristocrats are cool little Klipsch patent designed speakers and are going elsewhere.
  5. My '63 Khorns have their original internal wiring. It appears to be a varient of zip cord. While Bob's crossover rebuild has certainly dramatically improved the accuracy of frequency delivery, I wonder if there is better wire anyone has experience with that would improve the signal from the crossover to the tweet/mid/woofer? Or does standard 12 gauge copper work as well as anything? I use this sort of generic wire for the speaker to amp run. Thanks, Scotty
  6. I recently sent the crossovers and tweeters from my circa 1963 Klipshorns to Bob Crites for rebuilding. I have owned these speakers since 1976 and have listened to them virtually every day since purchasing them. I use recent McIntosh amplification and CD player nowdays and used to use circa 1961 Harmon Karden Citation I and II. Anyway, I suppose the crossover caps slowly deteriorated and my ears aged with them. I thought the speakers always sounded fine but did seem to lack clear highs. I can say now that with the rebuilt crossovers and tweeters (I replaced the diaphrams in the mids as well) these speakers have never sounded so clear and sparkling. There is a fresh preciseness to the sound that is truly a joy to listen to. I understand that these crossovers were somewhat unusual but the design specification sure works great. Thanks to Bob for a job well done. Scotty
  7. ---------------- On 8/17/2004 3:22:40 PM BEC wrote: Scotty, Do your '63 Khorns have the K-500-5000 crossovers or the Type A? Not sure when that change happened. Bob Crites ---------------- How would I tell? Is there a label somewhere? I can tell you it's a rather large coil and appears to be very well constructed. I'll use a mirror and find the serial numbers as well. Perhaps this will yield some clarity. The horns are made of wood.
  8. I appreciate the wide range of opinions on this subject. There are as many opinions as ears. Right now, I am inclined to leave the K-Horns alone until such time as I am able to take them out of service ( As I listen to them every day, this would be something I would be loath to do.) and perhaps re-wire them and clean the dust out of the horn bay. I'll keep thinking about the topic though as I am intrigued by whether or not the caps have diminished performance. I wonder if there is an easy way to test them with a meter. On another topic, I have been lemon oiling them for many years. Is there somehting better to use to bring out the natural beauty of the walnut? Scotty
  9. They look like they match the grill cloth on my K-Horns and have the same wood and finish so these might serve my quest for a pair of them. I still want one more as a center for a different setup. These two would cost about $300.00 to ship to me so that will probably knock me out of the situation if someone local goes for them. I did not think they had much sun in Boston... Scotty
  10. Does anyone have a way to date these Cornwalls? model # C-WO-15 serial # 285 Thanks a lot Scotty
  11. I would be interested as well, sounds like a nice match.
  12. The K-horns sound more than great. I use fairly recent McIntosh gear so the signal is clean and power is more than adequate. I was listening to Stephan Grappelli lats night (cd) and the violin was fabulous. I was just thinking that there might be something that might improve them due to age deterioration of some of the components. However, like I mentioned, the speakers don't crackle or show any sign of a problem. How would I know if the diaphrams are bad? What are the obvious audible signs?
  13. I have circa 1963 K-horns and would like to find a sixies Cornwall to use as a center should anyone have an extra. Thanks Scotty
  14. I am new to the Forum and I am sure this question is well trod. My circa 1963 K-Horns are all original down to the grill cloth and I have been thinking about improving them. They still sound great but I am wondering what I have been missing. I bought them in 1976 so they have been aging with my ears for a while. If I were to replace the caps and have one of the experts on the Forum replace the diaphrams and perhaps replace the cables with better wire, what would such an up-grade cost and how difficult is this sort of work to do? I would not want to diminish the speakers in any way but would not mind improving them if this is possible. I use all McIntosh equipment and use the two big horns as the main speakers with three Heresy's as a center and rear channels in a HT setup. It all sounds great but, whats new for K-Horns these days and is there a old thread I can read through so the denizens on this Forum don't get bored? Thanks so much for your thoughts. Scotty
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