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  1. thanks for your message. I will receive them soon. I can't wait![]
  2. hi I've got currently two main RF-15 and rc-25 with a rw-12. I want to move my rf-15 to the back and get rf-3 for front. i'm thinking also about buying surround instead....but don't know what to decide.. my living room is kind of hard to setup: a very open living room (loft style) w/ no Left Side Wall and No Back Wall. . my plan is to use my floor-standing speakers just behind the couch on either side. but this way the tweeter is just above the couch and the woofers are blocked by the furniture..... help a poor girl !! []
  3. Hello guys.... it's been a while since I posted here... I've got a modest system but so far I've been very pleased.....but I found a good deal on a pair of RF3 but I'm wondering if my amp would be ok....I would move my RF-15 as rears. I don't have the money to change the amp so I would like to use it with these speakers...would my amp underpowering them? jen ____________________________________ I'm just a girl in the world .................of Klipsh!! harman Kardon AVR 230- RF-15- RW 12
  4. I've got the RW-12, because I didn't have 1 000 $ either to spend it on a sub, and I like it a lot, it's truly a nice sub. It does sing if you want or really rumble the room... If I was you ,I would get an Harman Kardon receiver, they are almost the only ones to have true specs about wattage. Clean and wonderful power. They are also the nicest looking...eheh
  5. I will buy the meter and see. I set my crossover at 80..I will lower it a bit.
  6. what do you mean by cranking up ? Is it at the max volume? Is it dangerous to turn the sub more than the half of the volume control? I didn't know there was a breaking time....When I hooked up mine, I tried it right away with movies...could I have damaged it?
  7. well I've been using it for one week. It's placed in a corner, about 1 feet of the two adjacent walls. It's connected via the LFE output with a monster cable. My crossover is set at 80 hz for the mains and center. I don't set the volume too high, below the half way mark.
  8. Hi as you know, I'm new to Klipsch, HT, ect...and to subwoofers..! after reading posts and asking a lot of questions, I went to buy my RW-12 sub..without audionning it..eheh I was sure of my choice and money was a factor so, I brought it home..maybe I should have listenened to it, to compare at the store and at home. but...how would I know if I have a wrong sub.? I can have it replaced, no problem but it seems the bass is not clear and distinct? What could be the problem?
  9. sorry that I posted some questions about subwoofers here...I know that I'm supposed to use the powered subwoofer forum instead...
  10. (thanks a lot....I can't believe how you are patient with me, ...I'm.always getting a fast response...I'm always surprised! )) well I guess it's what you described...When I'm in the listening position it's correct, it's just I was curious and stuck my ear right on the sub..ehehe When I listen movies, I set it more loud..and music I do it by ear too. I will get an SPL meter soon though.
  11. What do they mean by that? It's the first time I got a sub, I didn't even listen to the RW-12, I was sure to like it. But when I put my ear near the sub, the sound is muffled. I thought that low frequencies do that.. I should have listened to one before buying so I would know if there is a problem....
  12. Can someone can explain to me what's the output level..? I'm asking question how to set my speakers, but don't even know what I'm talking about... the default of all speakers on my receiver is 0db...what happens when you add some db on each,..is it like when you turn the bass and treble on the receiver, you trick it some way?
  13. I'm in canada, I paid 650 US (I deal the price...it was 800 US here)
  14. thanks, I will sure try it before buying anything, you were not too late...
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