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  1. Resurrecting a zombie thread. Last time I posted on the forum was way back FEB 2008. 🤪 I bought my speakers RF35,RC35,RB35, SVS-PB12ISD some time around 2004. My Klipsch speakers are still going strong until now (yes!) but my sub "died" or should I say was unused around my last post Jan of 2008. SVS wanted to replace my sub's amp and was discounting it for $175 way back then even though it was out of warranty. Great to get a discount but decided not to take the offer. Never really had any inkling to replace it because, well, I didn't really miss it. One other reason is my surround was great. And lastly, the sub rocks the house (built in the late 50s but has undergone several renovations) and my wife complains of the trembles "lol". Having said that, I recently decided to get the R-120SW because (1)It was my bday (2)it was on sale. 😊 My SVS is still down there. I received my new sub today but have not opened it yet. Hopefully, it would bring me years of enjoyment as well.....and that ends my SVS story.
  2. I do think Carrie Underwood is really good. She had, imo, the whole package to make it all the way when she was competing on the American Idol. I do like her songs and I think she's really hot. The last time I saw her perform, I did notice that she was a little skinny though. It seems that she lost a lot of weight or probably because she dated Tony Romo (and got dumped??). Ohhh well. Clay Aiken is very talented as well but not really a huge fan. I do admire him A LOT for his work with people with disabilities.
  3. Maybe old news but its new to me....so..it came a surprise when I learned that COD4 (at least for PS3 and 360) is rendered at 600p then upscaled. WOW! And I was bashing halo 3 when I learned it was at 640p. Then again, IW did a pretty good job with COD4. http://www.ripten.com/2007/11/22/infinity-ward-asked-about-cod4-sub-hd-resolution/
  4. Not having an IR port was a bummer. I also hate the fact that you have to get up and turn the switch to off to totally power down this unit (just like the PS2). On the side note, I did get the bluetooth remote but why can't it be just like the xbox where I can use my harmony remote? I don't know about the noise claims. It sounds pretty quite to me. Why can't the xbox be as quiet as the PS3? Man....the 360 sounds like a grinder compared to it.[]
  5. Thanks for this TIP. When I got to the service menu 10, it says something like LAMP or LAMPLIFE then 2829. Does that mean I have used my lamp for 2,829 hours? WOW, a far cry from my hocus pocus estimate of less than 1200 hours. []To access the service menu (see below): !!! PLEASE BE ADVISED TAMPERING WITH YOUR SERVICE MENU MAY VERY WELL COMPLETELY DISABLE YOUR DISPLAY !!! Turn Melody off in the user menu this allows entering the Service Menu from "power on" state without using an additional lamp cycle. With the set ON, press Power-Mute-1-8-2-Power in quick succession.
  6. Yes I already contacted them and they are pointing to the amp as the possible culprit. I have to observe the problem again before I contact them for a resolution. Just want to check if any other forum members has an idea on what to check for. Thanks
  7. I have a PB12-ISD for more than 3 years now. Been having intermitent problems with it where once I turn my system on, I get distorted rumble on the sub (only when there is a signal present - no humming). I would turn it off then on again and the problem would disappear. However, this past week, the problem was persisting. Then yesterday it was back to normal again. I checked my cable for loose connection but everything looks ok. The surround speakers have no problems when the sub acts up. Any ideas on what I need to check when it appears again? Thanks
  8. I've had my Samsung DLP since November 2004. I have not replaced the bulb yet butI figured I have had less than 1200 hours on it. I did replace the screen though.
  9. Well this superman animated movie is NOT for the little kids so beware. There's actually head bashing, stompings, people shown being killed, etc. Honestly, I was not expecting that kind of display of violence on a superman animation or movie but still, it was fun to watch.
  10. LOL.....Don't just take his word for it! Even has put her stamp of approval on the PS3! []
  11. Exactly the reason why WB dropped one of the competing format (HD DVD). "The window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger," explained Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer. "We believe that exclusively distributing in Blu-ray will further the potential for mass market success and ultimately benefit retailers, producers, and most importantly, consumers."
  12. I have FIOS and its OK. However, I would still prefer to have a disk type medium (Blu-Ray ofcourse) in my collection. Downloads just doesn't do it for me like what they have on Xbox Marketplace right now or Netflix (which I both have too). I want something that I can easily bring from one place to another. Show (only - never lend : lol ) to friends. Stack on my DVD movie rack or something with all it's "original packaging glory". But that's just me! []
  13. I'm assuming you got it for the PS3. Is it the same as the 360 where you have EASY, NORMAL, HARD and VETERAN mode? I'm freakin trying to finish the game and I only have the Epilogue (Hijacking Rescue Mission/Mile High Club) in VETERAN to finish (and the 30 intels which is the easy part). I've been trying for days! lol
  14. haha....Bill denies ever having said that. On one interview, he said this..."I've said some stupid things and some wrong things, but not that. No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough for all time." "Meanwhile, I keep bumping into that silly quotation attributed to me that says 640K of memory is enough. There's never a citation; the quotation just floats like a rumor, repeated again and again."
  15. Major studios supporting HD format: GAME OVER don't you think so? 20th Century Fox Walt Disney Lionsgate Warner Bros Sony - MGM/UA - Columbia TriStar New Line & Fine Line Paramount NBC Universal
  16. Well it could go the other way around too since electronics manufacturer would just be dishing out different models of BD players and competing with one another, it would eventually bring down the prices of the players (just like the DVD players when it first came out). Now once China mass produces this hardware, prices will hit rock buttom and consumers will eventually win. Now I just need to get rid of my HD DVD addon and disks by finding "consumers who don't know better" asap. Do I hear ebay????? []
  17. I wonder how much the pay-off was? Ohh well....it is what it is!
  18. You did quote me originally when you responded so I was "correctly" assuming that your response was in reference to my post.
  19. Never said it was. I was pertaining to Pattie being an inspiration for the songs and yes, I also know the history behind that song.
  20. Have you seen Pattie lately? Look at Clapton's current wfe and Pattie now and tell me he cares. Back in the day, wow, now , .....???? Yes of course there's no comparison. But you would still know by the looks of Pattie today that she was stunning when she was younger. I don't know if Eric wrote a song for his current wife but he did 2 for Pattie (Wonderful Tonight and Layla).
  21. George who? Badge what? Ohhh...you removed your original post. Anyway, on an interview that was shown on TV recently, Pattie was asked who was the "love of her life" (between George and Eric)....her answer.....GEORGE!
  22. lol.....never heard of them but I'll sure visit their website every now and then to see if they have new woofers on display. []
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