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  1. Back in the day - I learned things from others here - I grew from opinions and perspectives offered up on some really interesting subjects. Klipsch did not understand that. Klipsch saw what was bad and threw their loyal 'community' baby out with the bath water. Klipsch squelched free dialogue on the assumption that users were too dumb to decide for themselves the value of that dialogue. I visit here and respond when there's something of interest. Doesn't happen often. The place is controversially dead and frankly boring........... but quite pacified.
  2. I have owned 2 pairs of new Klipschorns that were decades apart in age and the newer ones did not sound as good as the older ones. Perhaps Klipsch is doing like most industries and seeking to squeeze more profits from cheaper built products? These forums have gone from deeply respected customer relationships to commercial banter and shallow PC dialogue. Sad to witness good traditions go rusty.
  3. Eh.......... hair splitting. Terms such as "Klipsch inspired" or a "Klipsch carcass" could well apply in most cases. No doubt Paul Klipsch desired to bring a high quality speaker at a reasonable price point and would have no trouble with his concepts being modified at will and still carrying his signature in the essential spirit of a horn based speaker. As for resale purposes just be honest about what being offered. I have owned 3 sets of Khorns. Two pair were original Klipsch products but of such different vintage as to not be at all alike. My current pair are modified but are 100% Klipsch IMHO.
  4. oscarsear

    NFL 2017

    Um........ looks like the Pats have entered the geriatric leagues. Lets see where they go from here............ but last night the Geritol ran out, they lost momentum and Brady appeared flat footed. They got spanked.
  5. Likely a legal CYA. Cover all the bases as this is a litigious society.
  6. Have a Starkey................ and use it only when among crowds. Tried unilateral and bilateral and neither approach genuine hearing and bilateral usage is nearly disorienting. I use one in my left ear to aid in hearing conversation only. They are costly and disappointing IMHO. I was able to return one unit for a full refund.
  7. Saw your post earlier and did not have time to reply. We share some similarities in that I too moved to 'smallville' from So. Cal. I feel a similar nostalgic 'tug' when I view the olde haunts, etc on media. The key is to remind yourself of the new adventure you're on............... the one you chose or was chosen for you. You are not stagnant. You are relevant where ever you are. You have assets to offer others and they to you. Calif................ well you lived there for sometime and you can go back and visit. But keep your perspective........... the bigger perspective. YOU are in control of YOU............. so relax and enjoy the new rides, the new places and new (and often strange/quaint) peoples. There is only one place I want to revisit in So Cal.............. the beaches in Venice and Santa Monica. The rest is traffic and smog and HORDES of people. Now I have truly blue skies, watch osprey hunt out my back window and I've met some real characters. Life's good everywhere. Really.
  8. By the lake............... in my own backyard.
  9. Considering how many humans are easily duped into adopting well documented addictive habits such as tobacco usage, hard drugs, etc..... I'd agree that too many of us are still thinking using woefully shallow critical skills. HIV/AIDS is again on a steep increase despite all we now understand about the ailment. Can't fix stupid.
  10. S'pose this is good news as long as the critical performance holds true. However this review is somewhat 'tarred' as the author admits that he receives revenue from the sales of this product from the source he recommends (Amazon). Lord knows these types of speakers need help. Last ones I heard left my ears hemorrhaging.
  11. Worked as an usher at the Hollywood Bowl in the late 60's and the parents ran Fisher tubes into custom made JBL speakers. Sort of a given that I'd head down this road. Still have those JBL units. Sister got the Fisher 500 and it is long gone and likely destroyed.
  12. Sorta kinda did this once. But I worked the circumstances out so that I was terminated despite being a well known top producer. That was followed by a wrongful termination suit that netted me 6 figures in the long run Payback can be expensive and I got my pound of their flesh. Never worked at the same level in that industry since, never wanted to and did not need to. Successful business people are often draconian, heartless and savvy, expect no different in any company. If you intend to play in their ballpark you'd better be similar and own some thick skin. I had a plan. It worked. You sound a little vague and uncertain. That's worrisome.
  13. Since these forums are now so tightly inhibited by moderation boundaries that grooming relationships is also restrained. Consider how much more you'd visit with those from here if you could have open discourse on any subject. These forums have evolved into a more shallow realm and their depth of character has suffered. Sad but true. Once you could come here and be deeply involved with others from around this country and the world. Not so any longer.
  14. They were shipped to the dealer whom in turn delivered the boxed units to me whereupon they unboxed and set them up where I told them to place them. I would rather they were shipped direct. The 2005 build was not as good as the 1983 build.
  15. I purchased new Khorns back in 2005 or 2006. I was in the process of moving to the pacific northwest and used a Klipsch referred dealer that served the arena. The speakers took time to build and they were delivered to the dealer, who delivered them to me and set them up (against my wishes BTW). As I recall the time frame was around 90 days or longer. I did not feel compelled to have any discourse with Klipsch directly about the purchase nor the time frames. I was advised in advance of the need to build the units. Anyway.......... I bought them........... they got delivered and I went about putzing with them and I am listening to the end results as I write. They were not my 1st pair. Granted you should be able to track an order better then you have indicated. Unsure if it is your dealer or Klipsch as the Klipsch people have changed hands since my purchase. Hope it all works out as you plan.
  16. Looked like Dr. Spock when he was young.
  17. The Mrs and I have started watching the night skies for orbiting satellites. Over an hours period we typically can spot 6 or more of them racing across the skies vectored in all directions. They do not appear as shooting stars and do not have colored or blinking running lights like aircraft. They look like a star moving from horizon to horizon, sometimes bright and sometimes very dim. They can give off a flash of very brilliant light if a mirror or shiny array should catch the suns rays at the correct angle. They can move fast (lower orbits) or slower (which is still fairly quick). The stars are lovely and we all enjoy the periodic meteoroid............ but you can see satellites frequently and just about anywhere on the planet not overly polluted by urban lights.
  18. Hearing loss could merit some deeper examination. If the loss is across all frequencies or just some may make a difference in what is at the root cause of the problem. You may be missing a treatment window to save some of your hearing, or you may have some permanent loss that is just now being sensed. There are hearing aids tuned more for music and they're not inexpensive. Be prepared to duplicate what you paid for some of your gear. See an audiologist and make certain of the situation. Could be an occult middle ear infection.
  19. oscarsear

    Car stereo?

    Everybody I appreciate the information. Sounds like a bit of a project. Will let you know what is done.
  20. oscarsear

    Car stereo?

    Just purchased a newer Chevy Tahoe SUV and it came with a 'premium' stereo featuring multiple Bose speakers. Egads is it ever disgusting. There must be replacement speakers for newer car audio systems. What are the better products?
  21. The forums are now scrubbed and sterilized to prevent any notions of freedom of thought or speech on any subjects possibly controversial. Dr - you have cured the patient - they died. The place is just no fun any longer. It is not informative or entertaining or thought provoking. And no doubt my post will get deleted.
  22. oscarsear

    Olympics 2016

    Nonstop commercials. Nonstop Bob Costas. The Olympics have become a commercial vehicle and a politicized forum.
  23. Enjoy............... http://www.chonday.com/Videos/srtehanpangy4
  24. So many comments can be made to this non sense that I elect to keep to myself or most probably have the discussion closed. But quickly, I bet your heart will be racing much faster when the violence is directed toward you or your family and LE can't get to you fast enough. Bet you don't care if they call for back-up then, as long as they arrive in time to hopefully ward off your situation as you piss your pants. Here's a tougher question: Ask your son how many officers in his own department worry him? Ask if there are any officers that he feels should be removed from duty immediately? I am not questioning his integrity nor the very difficult purpose of police duties. But there are rotten apples out there making HIM look bad. Would you rather I lie and paint a nice rosy picture. He needs to know the truth however hard it may be to swallow. It is for his own safety.
  25. Notwithstanding the need to show police respect, review the content on this thread. What it appears to have come down to is a group of field operative civil servants with a very dangerous task but one that also lends itself to aggressive abuses. THAT is the gist of the critical public observations and their various protests. By the authority of the badge the police can conduct themselves in just about any fashion. If not for the various videos, etc......... many of these events would not have surfaced. And, admit this much........... LEO's do tend to defend the actions of their colleagues. In my neck of the woods nearly any threat is met with deadly force. LEOs do not wait for back-up and typically assert actions often provoking the violence usually in the mentally compromised offenders. Some LEOs thrive upon physical conflict. Some LEOs thrive upon causing undue anguish. So - is it to be out of respect that I conduct myself in a LEO interaction with the utmost care and safety or am I cowering in fear in the presence of an officer who could literally take my life or cost me dearly in many ways? Police used to be revered and that is no longer the usual situation. Nobody jumps for joy when lit up. Your heart races and you desperately dread the ensuing interaction. Police still hide in bushes to hand out speeding tickets that are 3 miles over the limit. They drive menacing vehicles, wear armor and are armed to the gills. The term 'police state' is starting to appear too close to reality. They will vote en bloc for the candidates their union supports. They are the only empowered group allowed to shoot 1st and answer questions later. And they are not recruited from the best of the best. So yeah - I conduct myself with the utmost care when dealing with police (whether I call them or not). And usually the interaction is not a fond memory and too often it has been a real pathetic disappointment.
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