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  1. The Rotel 1056 has no headphone plug. It is a pretty nice machine, but, If I were going to spend that much money on a receiver, why should I have to spend extra for an adapter for the receiver just so I could use headphones with it. I almost bought the 1056 myself until I checked out the SR7500 which has as good a sound as the Rotel 1056 plus it has a headphone plug and the sound through the headphones is awesome.
  2. ---------------- On 1/24/2005 3:00:41 PM schouse13 wrote: I still like it very much. I continue to play around with the settings in that I could not get the MRAC to set it automatically. The sound though with the Klipsch speakers is incredible. I auditioned several receiver and speaker brands, but I think this is a great match. The only other review I found for the SR7500 was at: http://www.hometheaterblog.com/hometheater/2004/11/marantz_sr7500.html Also, Audioholics.com is supposed to review some of the new Marantz receivers at some point. ---------------- Read the review at hometheaterblog and really enjoyed everything that was written. Thanks for the info.
  3. ---------------- On 1/20/2005 4:25:49 PM schouse13 wrote: I too have the Marantz SR7500. I have it matched with the RB25 system. So far it's been great. Music and movies both sound really good. Mine gets warm as most receivers do, but I would not say it gets hot. ---------------- Hey schouse 13, how are you enjoying your SR7500, I am really enjoying mine but have not found many reviews on it other than the one I wrote a couple of months ago. I'm always interested in hearing whether or not someone else has the same views on the sr7500 as I do.
  4. Try the Marantz sr7500, I've had mine now for about three months and am very pleased with the results (an awesome machine), especially with my music. It works well with my Klipsch Reference Speakers.
  5. Man, that is a nice set. I'll bet you have been watching more TV than the law allows ever since you received it. Are you pretty impressed with the picture quality that HD brings to the table? I am working on my finances right now, my plans are to purchase my TV before the end of the year, since seeing your new jewel, you have made it very difficult for me to wait.
  6. Well Steve, we only have one more day before the BIG EVENT, I am almost as excited as you are. Make sure that you have your digtal camera ready as soon as your new tv is set up. Congradulations
  7. I own a pair of ss1 surround speakers that I use for my rears and am very pleased with their performance.
  8. Here's a vote for the marantz sr7500, at least put it to the test at whatever dealer is carrying it in your area. I promise that it will cause you to want to reconsider your options.
  9. I am considering the Tripp Lite - HT1010sat3, which has 10 outlets, 3345 Joule rating, 3-line coaxial (gold) surge protector and $250,000 lifetime warranty. The cost for this item is $56.00.
  10. Hello Dr.Bill Right now I have been blessed to not have had any power surge problems that affected my equipment, however, there is quite a bit of construction going on around my neighborhood that sometimes will cause the power to abruptley go out. I also know some people who have had their equipment destroyed due to lightning strikes. I just wanted to add some kind of affective protection to my equipment.
  11. I am in the market for a good surge protector, guaranteed to offer my equipment the best protection possible. Can anyone offer some suggestions? Thanks
  12. I have owned the kenwood sw300 powered subwoofer for over 6 years, to me it still sounds pretty good. Is anybody familiar with this subwoofer and would it make sense to upgrade to an up to date powered subwoofer?
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