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  1. Hello, After a few days on the internet looking at different car audio subwoofers to use in my next installl, I came accros a new company that offered a 12" subwoofer that looked pretty good, atleast for me and my requirements. After looking at it the basket of the sub looks exactly like a TC sounds DB-500. This company along with ProTech have the exact same subwoofer, but with differnt names and logos on their dustcaps. I have also heard that they, Torrent, used TC Sounds in house manufacturing to produce this sub, the Mistral 12. I can't remember what the TC Sounds had for T/S specs, but maybe some of you have them and can compare them to these new subs. Also, Torrent isn't going to produce anymore of these because of costs, and TC moving things around in their company, so when they are gone they are gone. They are currently looking for production in the US somewhere. Here is the link to both websites http://www.torrentaudio.com/mistral12dvc-p-73.html and http://www.protechloudspeakers.com/xo-12srt.htm. These look subs look like a contender for my car, but has anyone had experience with the old TC Sounds db-500? Anyway just thought I would post this interesting information and see what the experts had to say on this issue. Thanks for your time! JC
  2. I was looking around the internet tonight and stumbled upon a newer automotive speaker company called Sycho Sound. I found there website and wondered if any of their woofers would be worth a try, especially the 8" Deranged woofers. their website is http://sychosound.com/home.html. Feel free to voice opinions about this new company!!! Thanks JC
  3. Well thats no Good!!! The design was kind of up in the air for me, and I would be willing to try anything, given my trunk space. For sub purposes I was looking at either 6 of the MCM 55-2421 8" High excursion woofers, or 4 of the Tang Band 8" High excursion woofers. I can get 6 of the MCM's for the price of the TB's. So around 180.00 for woofer(s), I have an amp already, though not very powerful, it does work. The problem is I don't how these will sound compared to my current set up of two 12"s in a 3.75 ported box right now. The box that they recomend for those subs is 2 ft3 a side so 4 ft3 total, but I messed up the height of my box and had to trim it down to fit. My main goal was trying to get more output, and sound quality, than my two 12's with out spending a huge amount of money, and to use my current amp that I have. Another vission of the sub system was to be differnt. I really do not want to be like every other individual around the area with either Kicker, MTX, or RF, ... I hope that those woofers could be easily outdo two 12" subs. Thanks for the clue about horns in the car. I still want to hear one, but if I can allocate my funds towards a better sounding set up I will have to do it, and save some money later and try it. Thanks again! JC
  4. Has anyone heard or have constructed and listened to these AutoTuba's either in their home or their car? I am considering building two of these for my car. I was interested in how they sounded, being that they are only little 8" woofer inside the box. If anyone had any opinions or ideas concerning this box design please let me know! Thank you for your time. Here is the link http://www.billfitzmaurice.com/autotuba.html Thanks! JC
  5. I was hoping the box would be smaller than my double 12" box right now, I need more trunk room! Yes they are cheap right now, and I have heard good things about them. I would be greatly appreciated if you could model a box for me! I hope to get the most output with just 4 little 8's, and save some trunk room while i am at it. Thanks again! JC
  6. Hello I was considering using either 4 Tang Band W8-740P in a ported box for my car. I was wondering how big this box would need to be if I was going to run 4 of them in a ported box tuned to around 30hz? I was also considering the MCM woofer (similar to the TB) to use instead, and in the case of the MCM I would go with 6 of them, but I have heard that the suspension typically breaks down after a month or so. Is that correct? Has any one used them? Any who my box requirements are 14 inches tall by 36 wide by 24 deep. If I am using the TB's I would wire two of them together for one channel of my amp, it should be around 250-300 watts a side at 2 ohm. Thank you for any information you will have or any comments!!! Thanks again JC
  7. I am not for sure that sono-tube would work in our case, but it does sound like a sound idea that I would like to try later on. In the box that we will make I was thinking of doing alot of port area, but havent decided on round vs. square. I know that round would be easier for quick changes in the tuning frequency, and square, well I havent really thought alot about how im going to make a ginormous square port that is removeable. As you have stated Dr. Who school is cracking the whip!! Well I know I have part of this weekend to draw up a box and try to get all the math part done so that we can build one quickly. I know its going to take alot of bracing, but we have alot of scrap wood laying around, and nothing too big to restrict air flow. I can recall the wonder box my friend made that was for two 12's. It had chopped off broom sticks in side the box runing from all the sides of the cambers. The box also had house shingles lined on the inside of the box. No matter what subs you put in that box it rocked, and it was solid. I really dont know how we are going to finish the inside of the spl box. I was thinking alot of resin to add strength and smooth things out. Is there any certain way a port should be located in a box. I know where we want it to produce maximum spl's in side the vehicle but does it matter on placement in the box itself? Well I am off to bed thanks for all the great input so far, and I will give updates as we build and when we are done! Thanks Alot!! JC
  8. I see what you are saying, and yes this is some what of a slow budget build. Weight and appearance is not an issue, just where can you pick up those batteries at? We will most likely go with welding cable because it is cheaper, and provides the same purpose as the fancy wire does. I really don't know where to get a 200 amp alt. at or who around my area that will build one to those specs, or how expensive they are, so if you know anyone who would like to donate one that would fit on a 1991 Ford Escort please let me know Talked to my team mate and he found Cadence TXA- 1000D amps that will produce 1000 watts at 1 ohm. So that should be 500 watts rms a sub, should be plenty for what its doing. Thanks again man! JC
  9. This will be just an SPL vehicle. Thanks for the advice so far!! We have begun on bracing of the vehicle, starting out wiht alot of expand 'a' foam in hollow areas and areas that have holes started in them. We havent decided on what other types of reinforcing we shall use yet, but we havent purchased amps or batts right now, but we are thinking of Kinetik batts (cant remember the model numbers), and we are still trying to find some amps. I thought we had some picked out but I think we are still working on other decisions. We are going to gut the carpet up to the B pillers in the car because thats whats allowed, and there is going to be alot of spray on sound deadner. I was thinking of just going with 1/0 back from the stock batt, to the other two( or single) batt, and then up the alternator to atleast a 105 amp. We have to take the dash off and do alot more sealing up under there, I just hope it all can be be done before next season. World Finals! JC
  10. Yea I think for burps I have heard of people doing 1500 watts to a sub for that purpose, but yet this needs to last us awhile, I dont want to be replacing subs all the time, and if we move up in watts we will be up a class also. So we need to keep the watts low, but clean. I have heard of the Sundown Audio amps before, but I did find some Hifonics amps, they are the Titan series. Havent be able to find alot on them but I havent looked that hard. On the box design we were thinking two facing up towards the back window in the hatch, and then two facing forward towards the front windsheild. USACi says that the back seats can be removed from the car, so thats why im thinking two facing forward two facing up, and also having the ports facing up, bouncing off the rear hatch. Right now we have a single SPL 15 in there with an old Rockford Fosgate 200 DSM. The sub is facing the rear window and the port is facing up and all the way back towards the tail lights (the port is on the same face that the sub is mounted on) and it is bouncing off the hatch. That is pretty loud right now so thats why I wanted to model the box after the single one right now. Alright now off to work on a house!! Thanks JC
  11. Yes the xmax isnt the greatest but considering these drivers were made in the mid 90's I think its pretty good. The dimensions we are restriced to is 38" wide by 16" high and about 39-50" long. Those are the restrictions to the box. I am looking for output around 150+ from these four. We had 3 hooked up in a 86 Bronco II with a soundstream Rubi 1002 and did a 149.7 and on one of the subs the wire to the second voice coil fell of somehow. So we hoped to get 150+ or atlease 153. Batts and wire are still in the making, and I think we did settle on some amps. The new Hifonics Titan amps, cant remember the model number, but it should effectively give us around 400 if not more watts a sub, which is what they are "programed" to take. Then after the amps arive then it is mod city to the interior of the car, like sound deadening, expand'a'foam and other such materials. If you have any ideas on to deaden the interior of the car please let me know. Thank you JC
  12. Hey perfection takes time! I am just glad that you are able to help. Here are the T/S para. Thanks ! Frequency Response 25-500 Sensitivity 95db Rated Program Power, Watts 400 Fs 23 Qts .360 Qms 9.22 Qes .380 EBP (Fs/Qes) 60.5 Vas (ft3) 9.82 Vas (liters) 278 Vas (m3) .278 Cms (um/N) 229 DCR (ohms) 1.60 Levc (mH)@1Khz 1.80 BL (Tesla m) 11.20 Sd (in2) 143 Sd (m2) .092 Sd (cm2) 924 Xmax;one way linear (mm) 7.6 Xmax; one way peak (mm) 30 Vd (linear cm3) 702 Vd (peak cm3) 2772 Vd (linear m3) .000702 Vd (peak m3) .002772 Mms (grams) 201 Magnet Assembly (oz) 238 Magnet Weight (oz) 100 Vf (volume of frame, in3) 320 Coil length 27.9
  13. Hello, I am looking for some help in the car subwoofer box building area. What I am working with for a vehicle is a 1991 Ford Escort, and in this little hatchback Escort I will be putting 4 15" Soundstream SPL subwoofers. I will be using 2000 watts rms to power all 4 subs. This set up will be competing in USACi comps and also local stereo shop competitions. What I am wondering is what type of box would I need for competing for SPL purposes. I know a ported box is the way to go when trying to do SPL, but I can not figure out port dimensions or how large the box should be. In the Soundstream owners manual for the 15's it says to use a vented enclosure that is anywhere from 2.0-4.0 cuft, tuned to 50hz-30hz for just a single woofer. I know that I could multiply all of these specs by number of drivers and get a nice fancy answer, but I know there are some experts out there that have done computerized box simulations. During the comps the prefered frequence range that we typically run is from 57-70. That usually takes too much time to set the desired frequency. Is there any help out there or pointers I should know before going into next season. Thank you very much for any input, it will come in useful. Thanks again JC
  14. Well my roommate is getting these speakers for free, and it will be his first pair of real speakers I guess. Well I guess if they are good starter speakers he should be pleased, but it will be hard to come close to the KG4's he has listened to for two years in our college dorm room!! Thanks everyone JC
  15. Hello, Has anyone in here heard of American Acoustics Labs speakers before? My roommate called told me he found some older audio equipment in a garage. In there was a pair of AAL speakers that have 15" woofers and some old kenwood equipment like an EQ, tuner, tape deck, and an amp. I really didn't know anything about these speakers and was wondering if anyone had/has any speakers made by AAL and how they sounded. Thanks!!!! JC
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