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    My Rotel uses Hypex modules so does my ATI amp. I have not felt the need to replace them yet.
  2. Dam. I wondered what became of them. I would buy these if they where addable in precut flat pack. Think GSG subwoofer just bad *** speakers instead.
  3. Dave. Now we need a replacement for the K500
  4. Joe Can you tell me about the Decware amp how does it compare to some of the other amps you have used? Thanks Brian
  5. You can try Gary Fisher Speakers he is having some made.
  6. brians7


    I am staying so if you need anything Carl give me a call?
  7. I put down to be off those days so we will see. I want to here the 75th anniversary home Jubilee's and KPT-1502, KPT-1802 and the Devastator shoot out.
  8. I would like Mcintosh MC240 MC2200 MC2270 C29 and Sansui Au717 CA-2000 Thank You
  9. Got any pictures of the Nelson Pass F4 Class A Amplifiers (Clones)
  10. Those were mine before my Belle speakers. Yes those crossovers are a big upgrade.
  11. That is so cool. I would keep them if i was you. If you lived closer i would try to talk you out of them.
  12. Dam If pioneerhip does not want it I am interested.
  13. I did not think they would be walnut. So I believe $ 1200.00 is fair
  14. brians7


    What kinda amp are you looking for?
  15. If you can it strap it to a pallet and ship it i am interested.
  16. Al helped me with the design. The tweeter network is the same as the AB and AB-3 I added the transformer to have adjustment on the tweeter however I use it on the lowest setting and I built again I would omit the transformer.
  17. How about this. Do change the 10 Ohm resistor across the transformer on the tweeter filter 15 Ohm or if using DE120 tweeters remove the transformer and resistor all together.
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