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  1. im looking at the onkyo sr602, onkyo sr702, or the Harman Kardon AVR635.
  2. im new to all of this. so, pardon me. so, i just got the quintet II system. it came with a center and 4 surrounds. what do i need to get next?
  3. i listen to hip hop music. im getting the complete ref 35 system with an rw-12 sub. i can get a serious discount on harmon/kardon. if harmon/kardon isn't good, what sub should i go for? the harmon/kardon available to me are: avr 335 dpr 1001 avr 330 avr 235 avr 230 avr 135 avr 130
  4. im gettin the rf-35, rs-35, rc-35 and an rw-12 sub. is the onkyo 602 or 702 a good receiver for it? thanks. wat do you think of harmon/kardon receivers?
  5. Yamaha HTR5760S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTR5750S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTR5790S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTR5740S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTRS5730S Dolby Digital Receiver Whats the best choice for me?
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. So, the thing is that i have a friend who works at a local electronic store and she can get me stuff at cost price and they dont carry klipsch. so, someone posted that i make sure that i match the center channel to the front speakers. does this mean that i buy both center channel and front speakers from the same company? so, you guys dont like bose. how about the Infinity IL30MPL floor speakers and the polk csi5 center channel? so, my budget for a system is about $1700 US and it is a one time deal. thanks again.
  7. hi. im new to the forum. im building a new home theater system from scratch. i want to build a system mainly to listen to music and then movies. 80/20 split. i like hip hop music. so, i have a few questions: 1. what parts of the system are the most important (rank order of importance)? ie. centre channel, subwoofer, floor speakers, surrounds 2. what part of the system can i get away with spending less money on? 3. what do you think of the bose 601-iv floor speakers compared with the rf-35 or rf-25? 4. what do you think of the jbl e250p 12" subwoofer compared with the rw-12? much thanks in advance!
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