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  1. Did someone say Cobo Hall?  Been there as a kid. It wasn't audio related, it was much more important.  Big Time Wrestling.  😀 Saw Haystacks Calhoun, Bobo Brazil and The Sheik.  Many more besides, but those were the only names that popped up in my mind this a.m.  

     PS audio equipment over at ASR doesn't test very well.  


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  2. I assume you might already know this, but the Kung-Fu series was Bruce Lee's idea, with him playing the lead of course. He pitched it to a Hollywood producer or two and  while they liked the idea,  they didn't think it would fly in the states  with him in it as lead.   So they went with David, who at the time knew nothing of fighting.  Needless to say, he was not happy about that, but that did lead to Bruce's movie career.  I dug the Kung-Fu series growing up too. 

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  3. Oft times a good delivery can depend on the last guy to handle the package. As seen on youtube vids, that delivery guy at times plays the game, kick the package.

    On another note, all I see on this thread, is some good humor.  Thanks for the laughs.👍   

  4. 1 hour ago, MicroMara said:

    Loving that kind of rocki´n blues, not available on vinyl or cd up to now ..



    f y i



    On the couch, listening to Dom Martin's, A Savage Life on Tidal now.  His music is just my speed.   My woman sitting to my left,  "Luv, turn up the volume a bit"   Even working the remote is getting to be too much work. 😀  She digs him.  She does likes a Dom whispering in her ear though..    

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  5. Is that guy digging for quarters?  He appears to be wearing long pants, shoes and are those socks, yes?  Not often seen in these parts.  😀


    10 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    Enjoy your coffee . You can also keep moving with the couch









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  6. Haha, bending over is way overrated and does take too much energy. I'm glad you've remedied  that annoyance.  👍 Though for me, getting up from the couch is an unacceptable bother,  so you'll find me lazily streaming my life away on Tidal perhaps. 😀 Still enjoying my first cup of Joe here.  

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