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  1. The question that may be relevant is, are you seeking to play 4K discs? The 103/105 series Oppo's don't play those. You would need the 203 or 205.
  2. For those hunting for Oppo Blue ray players, AVS Forum is the place you got to go. Often quite a few there up for sale. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/oppo-bdp-103.3228926/
  3. Cool. Whoa, there's Deer in the OC. Didn't know that anything bigger than a raccoon still exists in these parts.
  4. Awaiting the Tsunami. Nothing so far.
  5. This past Monday's sunset colors.
  6. That is an enormous looking tree. Nice winter shot. 👍
  7. Read the review earlier. Not very glowing is it.
  8. Shiva

    Car Thread

    We need an Autobahn in the US. I also wouldn't mind a Bugatti Chiron. A 260 mph cruise. Love it.
  9. As I'm sure all of you already know, there was an underwater volcanic eruption yesterday off the coast of Tonga. Which spawned some Tsunami action and has prompted a Tsunami warning along the entire west coast, as I read when checking the weather this morning. I don't see that every day. I believe I read that it is due around 7:30 am PST. Though its not supposed to be very big.
  10. That's a cool story, great song and the girl is Hot!👍
  11. Yeah, I played it several times last night on my system. Made a mental note: remember this song to post on the Klipsch forum come morning.
  12. Another offering from The Marias. Carino.
  13. That is a beautiful table. Enjoy.👍
  14. a thing I found interesting is that, he has been playing speakers in the same room for over 40 years. The room, still a little boomy in the bass though.
  15. The RF 7's do stand taller, but they are slimmer.😀 Which versions of each do you have and will the RF 7's give the OP what he seeks?
  16. Perhaps, the size profile of an RF 7 model will fit the bill and might be worth a listen.
  17. Cruising youtube last night and landed on this. How to make an impression in a minute and a half.
  18. Something a tad simpler, John Lee Hooker - My Dream-
  19. Wow, Chillin where you guys live. Here in California this morning, having a cold spell, 43 outside, indoor temp of 50 degrees F. I guess, its time to turn on the heat.
  20. As long as the image remains bright and keeps you happy, no need to rush into another purchase, whether bulb or new projector. Just a heads up about your PJ hours alert. It may shut down and not turn on once it reaches 2000 hours. Many do that. If that happens, just follow the procedure to reset the bulb hours back to zero and then keep using it until you decide the image is too dim, or because the bulb implodes. 😀 As that may happen at some point.
  21. Vini Rossi is one amp designer i've read about, whose earlier amps had an internal battery that charged off the wall and then powered the speakers using the battery only.
  22. Very interesting. This guy has quite a nice assortment of old gear in his vids.
  23. Wow, those are some serious cold temps in your neck of the woods. At least the forecast is sunny, though those are often the coldest days.
  24. A pair of Corwnalls in New Jersey. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649803632-klipsch-cornwall-cbr-heritage-series/ A more recent vintage in Hartford, Cornwall 3's. https://hartford.craigslist.org/d/for-sale/search/sss?query=klipsch cornwall&sort=rel
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