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  1. Looking to upgrade and have narrowed it down to these guy's. Just looking for some thought from owners or anyone who has spent some time with these models..... Thanks
  2. It seems recently ive watched 2 or 3 movies with this problem...I don't crank my system when I watch...it's just annoying having to be a remote jockey while trying to enjoy a flick.....
  3. Its hard explain..It felt very cheap, the sound was tinny to me and thats after spending hours playing with it...I will say this though the lay out on the back is setup nice...the unit is very lite not sure why its so much lighter but it is...and dont believe what the web specs say cause its lighter than they say...it just never sounded full...
  4. Well i'm against the 765 as I have mine sitting in the box waiting to be shipped back....Very dissapointed......but i'm not against Yamaha as I still like the 757..... What about the 863
  5. Originally i wanted an 1800 I just didn't want to spend that much money...I will probably pony up the extra cake and just go with the 1800...unless something else catches my ear..I'm in no rush so we'll see
  6. Ya the 765 will be going back to the store....I will just run the 757 till I find something I like
  7. To answer it simply ya....I was and am happy with my 757 I was just looking to get up to snuff with the hd audio..
  8. I didn't do that good... So last nite I spent 2 hours setting it up..I watched Iron Man and a good portion of Transformers 2 then this morning I listened to a couple cd's.Then I spent 2 hours hooking my old 757 back up.I played with the 765 tried all the different settings/sound fields, to me none of them sound as good as the 757's standard setting..Thats just my opinion.....So now 765 is back in it's box sitting on my kitchen table....
  9. I haven't set it up yet probably this weekend.....got an ok deal..I could have got a better one but I didnt trust the source.....
  10. Try the website tweek my tv.....
  11. My new Yamaha just arrived and I cant wait to compare it to my old rx-v757 but I am really not looking forward to hooking it up....All those wires...kid and cat trying to find out whats going on...stuffed in a cabinet holding the flashlight in my teeth... might be too early to call it, but i'm thinking this is a 6 beer job....
  12. Go to a store that carries the Panasonic v series. the pic is amazing and the display itself looks so cool with the solid piece of glass and no bezel.Ive yet to find one thing I dont like about it.check it out
  13. Panasonic v10 since August and i love it..upgraded from sony lcd
  14. Try going to tweak my tv entering your model # and trying there calibration settings to see if it makes it any better...I have a v10 it was pretty nice out of the box but after break in i went to tweak my tv and it was nite and day for me.
  15. Watched it last nite, thought it was good. It was the perfect length. Good story line. Unbelievable sound. I give it 2 thumbs up
  16. I used there settings on my new tv. I am very happy with the results..
  17. I was thinking of doing drop ceiling tiles painted black...hung like art on the wall.
  18. I just got the V10, still under 100 hours on it...so ive yet to tweak it but so far so good....
  19. Well my tv arrived at 630am in one piece....then i had to sit at work for the whole day thinking about it...
  20. I had the strait up version...i watched it a while ago so i cant tell you exactly where the went but that whole other planet scene was just brutal....dragged..
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