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  1. 40-42" screen is perfect, but you might want to go bigger if you have the cash. I think the 40"-42" screen has the best price point. Right now I have a 42" rear projection and I sit 8' away and when that baby dies, I am thinking about getting a 50" plasma or a Lcd Around that size.
  2. Take a look at www.jr.com for Harmon Kardon Stuff at a discount and they are a authorized dealer.
  3. How about getting a Toshiba HD DVD Player. Saw a ad in circuit city for a model that was $299.00 on sale, but I think the Ad ends today. I don't think it was the 1080P model though. I do have the 971 player and I haven't had any problems with it. Picture look good. The only thing that I don't like about it is when the you turn off the power off, the disc tray doesn't retract automatically, if it is open. I guess that I am use to my other players doing that and I'm lazy. LOL
  4. It is the 55HDS69, 720P, which I believe is last year model. not 100% sure. It's a great deal. Just stopped by costco today and they had last years panasonic 50" fo $1749.00
  5. Hey everybody. Just wanted to let you guys know, tigerdirect.com has a Hitachi 55" plasma for $1899.00. thought it was a great deal. Just wanted to let you guys know, if anybody is looking for a plasma. I would buy it if I didn't have a tv or searching for one.
  6. I would get the RF 35 over the RF 25. I can't compare the 35's to the 62's because I have not heard the 62. Can you listen to both of them and then pick? I might be wrong, but I thought the new 82 replaced the 35's. If there is any chance, maybe give Klipsch a call for some advice.
  7. I have a Bello AVS 425. It holds the rc 7 on the middle shelf, but I looked at the website, it says the stands holds up to a 43" TV. Right now I have a 42" RPTV on it.
  8. How about 2- 42" plasma. Tigerdirect has the 42" panasonic TH-42PX600U for $1199.00. I think that is a great deal. Get the 42" for now and wait a couple of years and get a 50" 1080P plasma when the prices come down. Move the 42" to your bedroom. Just a thought. Goodluck on your search.
  9. Try calling around your area for local rotel dealers. They discontinued the 1090. I had a chance to pick one up for $1200.00 on clearance, but decided to go another direction.
  10. Yes, i have the Oppo 971H and have the setup the same way.
  11. Take a look at marantz
  12. Give them a call, it is quicker.
  13. Speaker line should be around for a couple of years until they come out with a new line. You can go with another pair of rs 52 for 7.1 to match your system or give Klipsch a call and ask for there recommendations on a pair of bookshelves to match your system. For the sub, you can always buy used or another brand. Some people use hsu, svs, etc. You can used the pioneers for now as 7.1 and then when you get more cash, buy matching surrounds. Take a look at thx.com or dolby.com for speaker placement.
  14. Well, I'm sorry that you can't wait a couple of more weeks, but this stuff happens to all of us sometime or another. If you can't wait, cancel the order and buy other speakers that are in stock. It's your money.
  15. 720P is good enough, but if you can afford the 1080P, go for it.
  16. GO BEARS! Sorry Indy, have to support home team. Enjoy the game Indy. Hope it's a good game.
  17. Marantz ZR6001 on sale on woot. $599.00. Only have a couple of hours or until it sells out.
  18. There is a marantz zr6001 on woot for today only. $599.00
  19. One day only on woot. Marantz zr6001 for $599
  20. Use the same drivers, you can order them from klipsch. I think they are $60 pre driver.
  21. RM1111

    Go Bears

    What is the vote, Bears or Colts? My vote Bears Baby!
  22. If you have a chance, try to demo a Sunfire. I have not heard the McIntosh combo, so I can't compare the 2. Is there any dealers around you that have Klipsch speakers and High-end audio that you can listen too? Try to get a feel for the different brands.
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