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  1. I agree that is a good idea. Also, you can use the current part of the meter and see how much current is going to you speakers. So, if you take your voltage and multiply it times your current, you just might get a rough idea of the power that your using (watts). The biggest and most interesting thing you will notice is how LITTLE voltage and current your using compared to what everyone "says" you need. If for example you are using approx 1 or 2 watts, you need headroom of approx 20 times that, or about, 80 watts. See? you don't really need 400 watts per channel with a Klipsch set up. Now if you had speakers with an 86 or 87 DB sensitivity, then you would need a ton of power. The reason you want 20X your normal listening power is so when you have a spike in the sound (home theater!) your system can deliver what sounds to your ears as a perfect spike in the system. This will happen even though technically that spike could be a 100X spike. You will not hear it as your ears are not as sensitive as an O-scope. So, get out your meter and have fun. Oh and make SURE, DOUBLE SURE you don't let any strands of wire touch across the terminals as you will instatnly blow out your output transistors. It takes about 1/100th of a second and they are gone! Good Luck!!!
  2. I can help you use it for something! It's only been about 1.5 yrs since I last posted!!!!!
  3. I used to live in Orlando, now it is Tampa. I updated the address right after I posted. Sorry! My Bose mini-cubes and I are rocking at the moment watching a movie. Nothing beats my Bose cubes! My Bose subwoofer is the most musical sub I have ever heard, far better than Panasonic garbage. Plus, I bought my Bose gear off a guy in the parking lot selling them out of a van, they don't say Bose on them even though they are made by Bose. Saved me 75% of the price by having them not put the Bose name on them. Also, I can easliy lift them which saves on my back, the sub only wieghs about 7 lbs!!! I am a super shopper when it comes to audio.......
  4. After taking a long time off from most things audio. Gee, I think it has been about 8 months? I'm back. I didn't want to get burned out so I took some time off and have even had a large boost in my financial situation. I can now pontificate on all things audio again, and pretty much throw out opinions on everything! Needless to say, you get what you pay for! [] The doctor is back in the house........hide your audio........
  5. First off, MAN UP. Tell the wife who is boss. Tell her she goes before your speakers. OK, in the real world,,, just get more Klipsch. You will be happier in the long run. If your not going to buy Klipsch then just don't buy at all. Just save for a purchase later..... Oh, and I'm not biased just because Amy sends me free speakers and subs to check out.[]
  6. Coytee, you know that it is a LOT easier to short out amps by dropping your drink cup on top of the case while your listening to loud music. The result is that you hear a nice fluid, smooth sound that caresses the ear as the sparks fly inside the unit... [;)]
  7. Is it possible for us to get the retail prices of the top end speakers of the other lines? (floorstanding flagships) I'd like to compare the pricing to the Klipsch line to see where they fit. Thanks for any help!
  8. HI guys! I recommend to all of you to go to healthy pet net on the internet and order food from them. I have the cat food, both dry and canned and it works very well. They are not involved in any of the recalls. They ship right away and there is no mess, it is like regular dry and canned dog and cat food. I can't recommend it highly enough! It is very, very easy to use. Good Luck! My cat is a happy cat......
  9. It sounds like a relay is kicking off. You probably have something wrong with the amp. I don't know if it has short protection circuitry or not. Klipsch can tell you that. I'd send it to them for repair and for a few bucks, you will have a nice setup. Good Luck!
  10. Here is a link with a very nice article on speakers. Piston area is a HUGE factor in speakers. http://www.legacy-audio.com/engineer/whattolookfor.pdf
  11. Most likely speaker placement and room issues. Start moving things around. Also, get a known CD that has a bass heavy track on it and play it. If the bass is not rocking, then you have other issues. The F-3 kicks pretty hard!
  12. Dealer setup is EVERYTHING! You need to control the set up. If there is a lack of bass, it is because the reciever or control unit is being told to cut the bass. It takes a long time to listen to quality items at a dealer. You have to personally see where all of the controls are set so you can make sure your really hearing what you should be. All of the Klipsch speakers I have heard have LOADS of bass. The RF-82 should rattle the walls and shake everything not nailed down on a bass heavy track that is turned up with a powerful reciever or amp. Good Luck in your pursuit of good sound....[]
  13. I'd go with a Yamaha. They seem to offer the best bang for the buck right now. Good Luck!
  14. I say get a decent sub. You will see what you have been missing. I would recommend spending around $800 to 1000 for a decent sub. Check the Subwoofer thread and you can get some good advice on what is the best sub for $800 or so.....
  15. Maybe she is blowing out some SUB-12s for $229.00 plus shipping?
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