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  1. Got a College Degree while still 19, owned a pair of heresy's,cornwalls,chorus and LA-scalas before i turned 20. Was the sixth fastest swimmer in Canada at age 12 and 14 (for age group). Won over 70 Medals at various Swimming competitions. At 19 I started my own company. To come: Next year I bike accross Canada (8000km). PhD at 28 Own a pair of Klipschorns?
  2. Very Original! ...no where have i seen something like that before []
  3. I have always heard that the KLF-30's were Klipsch's ultimate rock speaker. Having owned a pair, I can verify.
  4. How much money did you pay for the DD-18? I have my eyes on a HGS18, that I would love to get ahold of!
  5. Stacking subs that go down in "quality", however unnoticable it may be, is stupid (to some extent). Dont waste your money and buy a dd-15 or dd-12, Rather, save it up and buy another dd18 to either stack or put on the opposite side of the room as your present dd18. Why compromise for looks or potential salivation of the viewer? A pyramid style subwoofer is only a result of an obssessive disorder in the brain, known as ear-a-tosis. It doesnt make any sense, sonically or economically. Any audiophile, with even the smallest bit of class will tell you the same. When you have the coin, buy another dd18. By the way - I love the dd-18 SBW, Congratulations.
  6. Rainman, I believe. Easy one for everyone: After all ... tomorrow is another day
  7. Look at some of the Rotel amps, The 1075 and 1095 can be had for 700 and 1250 respectively (used) and are awesome for what they do!
  8. He just got it replaced with a B&K...upgrading from his old HK. I can see where you are at though, I used a harmon kardon receiver and was thoroughly disappointed in its performance with my klipsch speakers (hk635). It just didnt sound as good as it does with other bands usch as Rotel, Yamaha and Onkyo. I sold the hk in less than a month I was so disappointed. There is/was definately something missing on HK units that doesnt seem to go perfectly well with Klipsch. For all you who beg to differ, it must be just personal preferences!
  9. Chop's that wasnt very nice. A lot of us look forward to the humorous and witty remarks that JB posts. No need to get all gestapo on him.
  10. Keep the 63's buy the rc-64 then buy rf83's down the line and put the 63's in the back. Klipsch...for some reason, did not come up with a sorround speaker that incorporates the new tweeter...which is a HUGE shame. I think having 83 64 83 + 63's sorround, would beat the pants off anything else klipsch is offering in the new REFIV lineup.
  11. WHAT!? People actually buy stuff that is topic related on these forums?!
  12. It always makes me feel so at-home...if Ever I go somewhere and I see Klipsch.
  13. My gosh, that is perfect...I MUST order me one of those!
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