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  1. Found it on Canuck Audio Mart... :-)
  2. I'm currently running a 3005 and a 3002... :-)
  3. Looking for an Aragon 3005 amplifier. Expanding my home theater from 7.1 to 11.2.... :-). Update: Found a mint 3005..!! Now running two 3005s and a 3002 in a 10.2 system.....I LIKE it..!!!!
  4. Hi Scrappy, Just read about the Darbee 103, so I think I will also pass on this one. Thanks,
  5. I would be interested in the oppo, depending on the price..
  6. Are these still available...?
  7. Sorry for the double post... I'm a rookie!!!
  8. If I remember correctly, sometime last year that the same seller also sold a pair of MC30s that were in new manufactured chassis for considerably higher than stock units were going for at the time.
  9. If anyone does put together numbers for a 1.4" throat, please post. I did order some 2" adaptors. The more I think about, the more I realize that if I'm going to build them anyway, I might as build them to the throat size I need. Thanks in advance.
  10. Great write-up Audible!! Now I got to make time to try the 'choked' power supply mod for another comparison...[]
  11. Joe, Dillon makes nice stuff but, Your not going to convince me that you bought a dillon to save money on reloads unless you shoot tens of thousands of rounds a year. Reloading for accuracy, now that I will buy into. Reloading to relax and take the stress out, that I will buy into. Reloading to save mone?? I'd buy into that if you told me you had a LEE press. I'd also think you were a gluton for punishment, but don't tell me you own dillon to save money!! Roger Ok... ya got me! I do actually enjoy controlling the loads and it's something I do to relax. I started reloading about 38 years ago using my Dad's hand Lee loader. I thought I was doing good loading a round every couple of minutes, or so.. [] I inherited the Dillon 550 from my Dad, with dies for everything I shoot.. 30-30, .44 mag, .44 special, 357, 38, and .45 acp. Now if I could just convince my wife to load the bulk stuff for me... [Y]
  12. Colt US Army 1911 and Colt 1991. Serial number on the 1911 indicates it was manufactured around 1913. Bought it from my division officer in 1972. He had bought it at a government auction for $25. Still shoots great, but now I mainly use the 1991. To keep the cost down, I reload my own ammo with a Dillon reloader. The gun I'm most accurate with is my .44 magnum Ruger Vaquaro. Its a cannon and I can only handle around 3 cylinders worth before my hands get too sore.. []
  13. Hi Tim, Let me know when you are ready to send the babies back!! Those were by far the nicest ones I've seen and I have not been able to find any as nice!! We hope to have a second honeymoon in the Netherlands so we can visit. []
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