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  1. https://greensboro.craigslist.org/ele/d/high-point-klipsch-cornwall-1/7152601051.html No Affiliation
  2. I just bought Tims samson rack and he has me considering it for my bedroom
  3. Thoughts are with you and your family. Hoping for speedy and full recovery
  4. I saw this rack Saturday Last it is VERY nice. and Tim is a great guy to deal with. Buy with confidence👍
  5. my price is 400 plus the ride I will cover fees SOLD
  6. Took this on trade from a forum member (to help out) It sounds great but I prefer my inspires tube rolling abilities and am sticking with it. Some good reviews on line look it up. I have no doubt the 5 wpc will drive pretty much any Klipsch Heritage out there. Works 100% and looks basically new. Comes with original packing (which is superb) manual, cord, etc... Link to the amp https://glow-audio.com/collections/amplifiers/products/ampone Link to review https://6moons.com/audioreviews/glow/one.html SOLD
  7. I know you like to play Devils Advocate And stir the pot to see what rises. I also know you are correct I dont know you personally. Just as you dont know me personally or my motives. I started the thread because it was humerus. A thread about censorship that was censored. The brand thing is comical though
  8. Its obvious which way you lean and sorry but theres a no politics edict here on the forums. I dont agree with Censorship, But I wont go out and look for every example on the other side of the isle (of which I am sure there are MANY on both sides) in an attempt to start a pointless debate with an obvious means to an end. Your little jabs are quite crystal as you attempt to twist the spirit of the subject to your political lean.
  9. Dead quiet on my 98db efficient speakers, (also dead quiet on Bobbys K-Horns) More power than I need. Can use as integrated or power amp with the built in gain control 20 wpc. Uses 4 X el84m and a pair of 12ax7. Included is a quad of sovtek EL84m (and 1 spare, total of 5 tubes) and a nice pair of vintage zenith 12ax7. Dick Olsher can explain the SQ much better than I can in the included link. At this price you wont get a better amp. I have the original packing which will be placed inside another heavy duty box for double box shipping http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/bob-carver-vta20s-black-magic-power-amplifier/ I will say that compared to my Had Inspire this amp has every bit as good a sound quality the only reason this is offered is the inspire has lower output which better suits my system setup. I know this amp will drive any Klipsch with ease I am asking 1100.00 OBO........................Not really needing much trade wise, but you never know so offer up what you will, I would be interested in a lower power EL84 amp as trade................................Sorry for the poor pics photography is not a strong point of mine
  10. Count me in I would love a nice Maynard build................Maybe we should petition his wife 😁
  11. I go into surgery with 1 thought. "If something goes wrong I wont know it anyway" I do agree though I would like an experienced Dr.
  12. I dont give 2 SHITS what you would like to see. I dont exist to make you happy. And for those that have issues with interpretation this is not a complaint its an observation with an inquisition as to motive.
  13. Yes but how many kits has the employee at any company actually built ? You nor I have no way of knowing. I have seen many so called professionals jack stuff up. If a KIT has been used for months with no ill effect I would consider that much better quality control than any large companies QC
  14. Nope born in PA grew up southern. The wife and I like to watch Americas test Kitchen (much better when Chris was on before they forced him out) That Recipe is a version of one they aired. Like you when we saw it we commented how good it looked. I made it that evening, its been a favorite since. I dont follow recipe strictly I adjust to taste & whats available. They did not use bacon they used prochuto
  15. Buttered Bread is awesome, and HEAVILY buttered HOME MADE BREAD is to die for (Literally) I still indulge occasionally High BP, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes be damned.
  16. Big brother is watching and APATHY is allowing it to happen...........................But hey we are all just conspiracy theorists right ?
  17. Scary to think about but so TRUE
  18. Everything I cook is tastiest at that moment 😁 But the boys and wife really like my (what we call) Bacon Spaghetti Cut a pack semi frozen SMOKED Bacon thinly into bacon bit sized pieces Cook till crispy Remove bacon Bits, Deglaze pan with 1/2 cup white wine. Add 2 Table spoons minced Garlic, 1 Teaspoon red pepper flakes, 1/2 teaspoon of Black pepper. Boil out the wine, add 1 can of Cento San Marzano peeled tomatoes. (crush or lightly puree the tomatoes) allow to simmer. Put 1 pound of pasts (spaghetti noodles) Into boiling water (heavily salted, 8 cups) get the noodles just short of aldente (17 minutes on my stove) add 2 cups of the water to the sauce, add the strained pasta to the sauce, simmer till only a small amount of liquid remains stir often. when the pasta is done add the bacon bits back in. use Parm cheese to taste and enjoy
  19. I did not get to see the clip you added Maynard but I just thought how IRONIC in a thread about CENSORSHIP you were CENSORED I dont really care what the topic linked was I agree 100% if you are not POLITICALLY CORRECT in the eyes of those making the rules, you must be the devil spawned incarnate. Anyone that cant see it simply chooses to ignore the facts because the Political Correctness fits there agenda. We are steadily going to hell in a hand basket. Thats not politics alone, I see it every day and it makes me sick to my stomach
  20. Yes that is all understood. But my interest is more along the lines of a KIT that gets built, has been working fine for months, you go to sell it and its always one of the questions you get "who built it ?".........................I dont personally understand the importance of who. I am more interested in HOW IE Quality of said build has it performed as intended etc...
  21. Why do people ask "Who built it ?" Its never been of interest to me unless I set out to buy X from a particular builder / Company. Buying from a company lets say Yamaha as an example, the company produces the product but they do NOT build it. They have a labor force that does the work according to the company specs. So who built your yamaha ? Answer "no one knows" The best we can hope for is Yamaha produced it and QC at Yamaha tested it, it passed standard. Now its yours With the above in mind. if you take a PROVEN design and ? builds it. As long as you or anyone has vetted the item and it works as intended what difference could it possibly make ? Is it an added value ?, are we hoping some famous builder did the work ? and we just struck gold.
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