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  1. "Hopeful" 🤣 Im with you though ........... The only Reliable Cell service I get here is verizon. All others drop calls and Lose service, Even Verizon gets down to 1 bar at times No such thing as perfection. The service he is discussing offering will cost tons to initiate, and tons to maintain. He is a billionaire by being smart in business, He is no different than anyone else when it comes to a new business venture, if he sees it as a losing battle he will cut bait and run this way he stays a billionaire. You could be the smartest person on the planet , That does not give him or anyone insight to just how many people are willing to shell out the $ month after month making it profitable.
  2. If you mean me I have no router I have a cell phone and share that DATA to get limited internet access that might allow me to stream a couple hours till I hit the 10 GB cap and Verizon throttles it WAY back were talking low Killbits after 10 GB limit
  3. Thanks Rich I did look at it but they have language that is very off putting IE... Once you sign up and pay your down payment there is "No Guarantee" you will ever get service. If you do the price of admission is right at 500.00 to start and right now slated to be 99.00 a month.........................I have the same reservations with Elon I had with Orby. If it does not turn a profit fast enough I am positive he will have no problem pulling the plug leaving countless people holding on to useless tech like I am now holding on to Orby Call me SKEPTICLE
  4. Yep out of Business, We bought and paid for the service almost since inception. Today I wake to no programming start looking around online and sure enough Orby posted a message on the website. Sorry & Thanks...........................I feared this very thing back when we bought in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I am unable to stream due to poor (at best) available internet, I refuse to pay 100.00 a month for SCHIIT service from the normal suspects like Dish and Direct. Spectrum will not provide service due to some arcane line drawn in the sand years ago giving Windstream sole coverage of the area (nevermind the fact that Windstream only offers poor internet and wants you to bundle with dish, Talk about a monthly screwing !!!!!!!!!!!!) The things you do not take into account when you move into new diggs (6 years ago) Anyone know a tried and true alternative that works in a rural setting ??? I have an over the air Antenna and can pick up a few stations which for me would be fine, however the Wife and Boys have a different opinion of the over air offerings. Dish and Direct with there BS added fees and constant rate hikes along with the contracts that secure 12 month rates but allow them to charge what ever they want for the remaining 12 months on the contract are a non starter............................. (for those here that wonder how I am able to access this site I pay for cell data and tether my phone, but that too gets VERY slow after 10GB of data use, And streaming would eat up that data in no time at all)
  5. Bought this DAC as a dealer demo new 1800.00 get this one as new for 900.00 OBRO works 100% looks 99% IOW... its in great cosmetic and functional shape. I am including a NOS Tung Sol 6x4wa Rectifier as well as the original Chinese rectifier. Will come with the Stock Chinese 12ax7 tubes also. Very Nice sounding DAC came damn close to converting me off my R2R DAC, But after going back and forth I simply prefer my NOS R2R in enough areas that it won out (There are areas where this LM was better like Bass, and Bass Definition) Be advised if you switch back to the Chinese Rectifier there are a pair of jumpers that must be switched out inside next to each side of the Rectifier tube The Buy it price is 900.00 OBRO Plus the ride and fees (location is 28351 in North Carolina) I will put the original packing inside a heavy duty outer carton making for triple boxing Includes all original packing and manual with Driver Disc and Power cord, and spare fuses
  6. Since the last post is dated 2017 I sincerely doubt it
  7. Going to hang on to this beast for a spell. I tried some new Tubes that have me smiling while listening
  8. Congrats on the new corns, Nice to hear there are still a few sales folk that believe in customer service. Enjoy
  9. Nice Erik, Alas I doubt a trip from NC to AZ is in the cards. As FR Drivers go the AN have a huge following I tried them myself some time ago before going Open Baffle. At your price this is a no brainer. If you were closer They would be sold (story of my audio life) Good luck with the sale Erik
  10. He does not want to cover shipping so mine is available if you want it PM Me
  11. I have a UMK that is basically new. Used it maybe 3 times has been kept stored in its box since new 75.00 and its yours Joe
  12. Sorry I do not need a Turn Table, I am selling because I have more amps than I have systems & I currently prefer my single ended 6L6 design amp
  13. Is there a link to where ever you got this ?
  14. All my Tube goodies in 1 place except for the Sargent Rayment amp I just put up for sale Middle shelf left to rignt, Border Patrol DAC SE-i (latest version with Jupiter Beeswax coupling caps) Line Magnetic 502CA DAC with NOS Tungsol 6x4 Rectifier and Mullard 12ax7 Drivers. In the Center is my New Maple Tree LCR2 Pre with a pair of Tung Sol Mouse ears 6sn7, next is my Hagerman Trumpet all current branded Tubes nothing of note but sure sounds sweet Bottom Shelf, Left to Right Don Allen KT88 Single Ended Has a pair of tung sol KT120 power tubes and Vintage RCA 6BZ8 Drivers SS Rectified a fine 10wpc single end design amp with MONSTEROUS iron, Next is my Wauwatosa LA LUCIÉRNAGA amp it uses 6l6 output tubes and the power supply (left unit) uses a bunch of tubes heres a link the builder (Timothy") seems like a great guy with a bit of a sense of humor Power supply https://wtfamps.com/la-luciernaga-part-1-the-psu/ Amp https://wtfamps.com/la-luciernaga-part-2-the-amp/ A damn fine sounding amp IMHO I got it from a forum member here a bit ago (Thanks Tom)
  15. Good Looking Pups from a fellow N. Carolinian 🙂 I count 9, Momma must be tired
  16. heres one you wont see often, Sargent Rayment SR-534
  17. I bought this AMP off of Chris Keller here in North Carolina it is a PP el-84 making approx 17 wpc. It is dead quiet on my 100DB Open Baffle Full Range speakers. I pasted Chris'es description below. The amp sounds great. Everyone here knows me by now and knows I am in a constant state of upheaval with my system. I had never heard a S.R. amp and I wanted to, so I bought it. I paid 875.00 for it and picked it up directly from Chris. I have put approx 30 hours on the amp and it is hands down one of the best EL-84 PP amps I have heard. I will sell it here for 750.00plus shipping and fees if any. Tubes included are same as mentioned in the description below. Pics are the actual amp offered "Here is a wonderful example of an extremely rare power amplifier - the Sargent Rayment SR 534. Sargent Rayment audio gear is as scarce as hens teeth. It was a company out of California back in the 40's through early 60's that made limited models of tube power amps, integrateds, preamps and tuners. The company didn't sell very far outside of the west coast. However, the limited information on the web blogs all said S-R amplifiers were fantastic, if you could find them. Thus, you rarely ever see them come up for sale anywhere, and the few I have seen over the years have been beat up pretty badly. This one is in very nice condition. Stock, it sounded very good. However, when I updated this with all new PIO caps, and all new metal film resistors throughout the signal path, it brought it to a whole new level. It sounds absolutely amazing. The music just floats, with 3-D-like imaging, and mids and highs just life-like. I would compare the sound of the 534 to the venerable Pilot 232 but with perhaps a bit more "oomph" in the low end, and a wider, even more detailed soundstage. This 534 runs absolutely dead quiet, so it is ideal for even the most efficient speakers. It also runs very cool - the S-R design being more spacious underneath perhaps helps in that regard. Tubes are vintage 6AN8 drivers, a quad of milspec 6p14p outputs, and a vintage 5AR4 rectifier. All tubes test super strong and are tightly matched. As noted, it is in very nice shape cosmetically. The front and top show almost no signs of wear. It appears the side panels had been painted when I received it, but they match pretty close. I did replace the barrier strips with binding posts and added a power switch. You are getting this for what I paid for it in stock condition"
  18. MapleTree Line 2 crm Brand new 800.00 3 in 2 out with remote. I am keeping mine but heres a link Call Lloyd if he already has one in the build you can get it in as little as 2 weeks.................................And it can use your existing stock of 6sn7. I personally think it is a very nice little pre https://www.mapletreeaudio.com/index.html
  19. "Whole House" implies you wish to power the whole house. If you are contemplating Solar why not just switch the house over to solar. Used existing Gen twice in 20 years....................Wish my power was that stable I had to get out of bed at 12am last night and start our gen. That powers the whole house and costs under 1K. I have to press a button to start it and throw 2 breakers (Make sure there's gas in the Gen of course
  20. Super cool. Now I just have to figure out how much DATA it eats up. Its hell living in the sticks where your only half way decent internet is Tethering your cell phone
  21. There are 156 tapes I would prefer to sell as a lot. Price for standing forum members is 220.00 shipped to you via media mail See pics for whats included. Some tapes were played all were visually inspected and appear in great shape
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