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  1. Thanks carpenter, I need the actual driver(s). Simply Speakers is a great company though and have purchased diaphragms/recones from them.
  2. Thanks Moray - that is helpful. Do they all have the same bolt pattern then? Essentially same driver with different names it sounds like?
  3. Many thanks @314carpenter! I'm waiting to hear from another member who offered me a driver to confirm if it is a K61k and, when I hear, will circle back here.
  4. Looking for one of these drivers for my Chorus II. Thank you!
  5. Not too much else! It's a simple digital only system but the speakers I'm super happy with (about a month old now) thanks to you all on the forum. Made a variant pulled from all the ideas here using JWC's "tallscala" type of thing. Volti crossover, LMAHL Tweets and eliptrac horns with BMS drivers.
  6. Thanks @randyh000. It looks like Bob builds them according to the chorus 2 schematic above (I think...the black wires are hard to trace!). I checked the chorus 1 picture on the Crites site and it looks like that the tweeter polarity is reversed (compared to the chorus 2) on it also in accordance with the schematic on the chorus 1 posted above - so both schematics must be correct. Wonder why the tweeter polarity difference between the two as they are almost the same with slight value differences? Much appreciation and thanks to you both for the help!
  7. I rebuilt the crossovers and changed to the Crites titanium diaphragms on this pair of Chorus II and want to make sure I'm hooking up the tweeters correctly to the newly built crossovers. The positive terminal is marked clearly on the new diaphragm, but I was just wanting to confirm that the schematic was correct in the photo above. Unless I am reading it wrong, it looks like the Chorus 1 schematic shows the positive of the tweeter going through the 2uf cap, 1 leg of the inductor and the other 2uf cap to the positive input. The Chorus II shows the negative of the tweeter going through the 2uf cap, 1 let of the inductor and the other 2 uf cap to the positive input. I wondered why it would be different on the chorus II?
  8. Thanks - I would think that the negative of the tweeter would go to ground like the chorus I does?
  9. Hello! Apologies as I'm sure this has been answered somewhere before but I am having difficulty finding the answer to this question digging through the forums. This is the schematic that seems to pop up everywhere when a search for the Chorus II schematic is performed. I am scratching my head on this - is the polarity correct on the tweeter or is this a mistake on the schematic?
  10. SOLD SOLD Listing this for a long time Klipsch owner who is technically challenged. Please email him for more info. dkapeller @ hotmail. com (or contact me through the forum and I'll be the go between.) Juicy Music Tercel II phono stage with LOMC, cream option. This unit was the last kit to come out of Mark's shop. The base is Birch, with a pine sub chassis. I'm a meticulous builder with 20 years of practice. This unit is in absolute perfect condition. I replaced the visible hardware with solid brass, and repainted the transformer bell with hammertone paint, baked on. Please see photos for details, and if you need more photos, let me know. I have high rez photos of the build process, if you want to see them. I'm sadly selling this due to a string of purchases that lead to using a super low output cartridge, which is below the requirements for this phono preamp. Mark's manual claims that the Jensen step up coils need a minimum input of 0.5 mV. My cartridge is 0.15 mV, and I just don't have quite enough gain. I'm not exactly certain what this unit sold for when it was available, but I think I paid around $900 for the kit, without base. Retail for the fully finished units was around $1,100? I'm asking $700 plus actual shipping. Email for more info: dkapeller @hotmail . com
  11. Total Awesomeness: I use ALK Crossover design for 2 woofs in parallel. Extreme slope with cutoff at 450hz and es5800 tweet xover.
  12. SOLD SOLD For sale: 4 (four) matched Crites cast frame 15 inch woofers. Absolutely mint condition. Used in a Jamboree bass cabinet for less than 100 hours, driven by a 1.5 watt amp (single ended 45). Will ship in factory cartons. Sold as pairs or a quad only. I doubt anyone could distinguish them from new. Tabs never soldered. $200 per pair, split shipping. Thanks much!
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