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  1. Sunfire does not address this in the manual, I think I may have to upgarde to get what I am after,but maybe I should just buy another amp and go 7.1...Any ideas out there?? Walt
  2. I will seek this information out in the manual. I tried to find it online, but Sunfire does not appear to support its earlier models (not real impressed with that, this stuff is very pricy and they should treat owners and early adopters with the same respect that they treat prospective clients)
  3. I have a Sunfire TG I and 3 Mac 2100 amps and want to run a 6.1 system. I have Corns up front, Forte 2s in the rear corners and a Heresy up front. I want to use my second Heresy directly behind me. My problem is that the SF I system appears to be set up to do a synthetic 7.1 where it blends the front channels to make 2 extra side speakers, but has no dedicated rear "center" channel. Any help would be great. I have heard that splitting the front channel will work, but that would probaby screw up a circluar effect... HELP!!
  4. Maybe you already figured this one out, but a laser pointer would do the same thing and you can get several reallly small ones (think key chain fob) and use poster tack to stick it to the inside of the horn to really place it where you want it (just don't blind yourself). Roll up a sheet of poster board for a target...
  5. Lets start with what I have: Just bought the Samsung LN52A650 Cornwall 1s in the front, Forte 2s in the back, 2 Heresy 1 centers wired in serial, powered by three McIntosh 2100s a Miller and Kriesel 12' sub (150 watt amp upgrade) I had a Yamaha AVR 1105 which I used strictly as a preamp and the sub section stopped working...sounded great, if not a little bright. But god it rocked. You were ducking bullets on Band of Brothers, I'm really not kidding, people woudl flinch and duck...pretty cool... I replaced it with a Theater Grand 1, which I found very disappointing, good imagry but just lacks pop. Plus it has no "party mode" so when I have people over, I have loud music at one end and surround sound at the other...... I could turn my Yamaha up to 1/3 and get bass that would would cause kidney damage. The big drums of Jethro Tull could literally be heard crystal clear over a block away at 60%, this thing barely generates calls from the neighbors (really killed my social life So, what to go to next. The Mac 136 is out of my price range, not sure I want to risk another Sunfire product and I have heard less than flatering reviews that support my experience. Looking at the Denon AVR-4806, but I hate to waste that amp section, unless its good enough to replace the Macs....Looking in the 1-2K range...any help would be great,, what did you buy and would you do it again.... Thanks!!!! Walt
  6. OK, I just scored a set of Heresy 1's to compliment my Cornwall /Forte Surround system (TG1/Mac 2100 driven). My problem is that aesthetically one Heresy looks terrible sitting on my entertainment center and two look like they just belong. What is the feasability of running both as a center channel in series or using a splitter on my Sunfire TG1 center output and using both L/R off the amp (should be the same mono signal through both) I figure I can control the balance with the gain knob on the amp... I know folks have run into this, also shielding tips on these. They are 15"s from the TV so, but closer to 5 from the Preamp and that much magnet cant really be a good thing.... I have not purchased a third 2100 yet so options are stillopen if that would have a hard time with stability running in series (2 ohms??).... Any help would be great! Walt in Eureka, CA
  7. A little perspective...plus a few bug jokes, an hour with lights down and the volume up, a cold one and now....I am feeling much better. Thank you for the opportunities, I will likely be in touch in the near future. I am a big believer in the Cash vs Time continuum, I build (very) old VWs, the parts are either free by the truck load or $$$$$ each, just depends on how long you are willing to wait and how hard you look, though the word seems to have gotten out and "good" stuff is getting hard to find... Best, W
  8. Maybe I am just a grouch, but I have been looking for Academys for ever and I check Ebay every two days to see if I can find a set, and without fail someone posts the link on the BB. Very generous, but if people really want them they would be looking for them. Its very frustrating because people that buy and sell for a living watch theses sites and snipe the nice equipment so that it never goes cheap. If you want to know why they are going to be bid into the stratosphere, IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE TELLING EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMA THAT THEY ARE OUT THERE AND TO GO BID!!!!! This one is classic because they were not listed as Academys in the heading, and very few people check the descriptions. Posting a warning that they are damaged is really helpful, ie the set from Florida that I asked about and got a close up of some really nasty damage and I posted it here so that no one got ripped off. But people who know what it is will find it, you are just chumming the water and making it hard for joe average to get one or a set. There I got it off my chest, I feel better, but if you really wanted them you should have just bid on them, not taken out a nationwide ad for the seller.....
  9. I have been looking for an RC-7 what is the difference between that and a KLF C-7
  10. A very sad picture indeed, anyone selling one of these, Any color will do... Walt
  11. Just an FYI I requested a picture of that academy with the damaged corner on ebay and the ding is water damage . No I am not going to bid on it...Buyer Beware.... I will post the picture in this thread... Walt
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