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  1. All three tweeters have been sold. Thanks! Lee
  2. They are a replacement for the k77 and therefore they fit in H1's. I believe that tweeter was widely used across the heritage line for years (decades?) but I dont want to represent something that I'm not an expert on.
  3. I actually have the k77 stock tweeters. I recently bought these speakers and the seller included both sets of tweeters.
  4. Hey just noticed my entire posting history is gone Does that expire or something? Was very active from like 2005 to 2010, but then had kids.
  5. Hi all. Long time no post here, but still rockin my heritage klipsch every day! I have three CT125 tweeters for sale. One brand new and two barely used. Decided to go back to K77 tweeter to better match the other speakers in my HT setup. For one: 70 incl US shipping For pair: 135 incl US shipping For all three: 180 incl US shipping Thanks for looking!
  6. To me the Academy would be the better choice - worth the extra 50 or 100 bucks. I've owned them both (and still own the academy).
  7. Picked up a pair of 1984 cornwalls w/ cane grills only an hour away! Cabinets are in perfect condition. Grills could use recovering to be perfect (and straightening out - corners are bowing) but are in fine shape - no tears or anything like that. Price: $350 Thanks for all of the replies. I'm a happy camper. Once I re-read the many posts explaining how to post pictures I'll give it a shot.
  8. Very nice. Exceeds my budget and pretty far from NH, but still very nice. Love the cane grills.
  9. years back i had no issues with travelling for a good score but with two small kids and a pregnant wife i am much less mobile these days. thanks for the info and i will continue to check for a good deal in my region. And just maybe someone on the forum will see this someday who has what im looking for
  10. thanks everyone. my plan is to be patient, but we' ll see how that goes []
  11. I'm patiently awaiting a good deal on a nice used pair of cornwalls because my newly-aquired Academy needs some company..what should i expect to spend if I am not in a rush? Thanks!
  12. Long time member but it's been a while since I last posted. I recently purchased an Academy and a C7. Academy sounds a tiny bit better to my ears and the black finish works better in our living room than the light oak. Listed on CL for $225, will take $200 from a forum member. In nice condition. Looks like the emblem has been painted over black, which looks fine. There's also a small quarter sized spot which i first thought was a water stain, but I'm fairly sure is just the wood grain itself. Would prefer not to ship this beast, but would consider it. Sorry, tried to post a pic but it came out blurry. Here's the CL ad: http://nh.craigslist.org/ele/3497748367.html Thanks!!
  13. Cool, thanks for the input. I think a speaker tune-up is in store.
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