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  1. I have original Forte's across the front, and I have loved having a pair of horizontally wall mounted KG4.2's as rears. They are intimadating on the wall but isn't that part of the fun of owning classic Klipsch? BTW, I have a KLF C7 doing center duty, and absolutely love it.
  2. I picked up a new recording this week that I am in love with. A most unusual pairing has never been put to CD... Robert Plant and Alison Krauss "Raising Sand" Fabulous album and well recorded.
  3. I haven't participated in a while, but I just got back from a Trip to Western Russia. After hearing all the beautiful male vocal music in the Orthodox Cathedrals, I ordered a CD from Amazon, and I am totally enthralled. The Male Choir of St. Petersburg--Vadim Afanasiev Conductor The music is completely acapella, as is all music in the Russian Orthodox Church. EMI Classics "Debut Label" 1999. This CD is 69 minutes long, and features 20 gorgeous Russian tracks. The choir is 25 men, 4 of whom are "Bassi Profundi" They regularly sing solos down to the G below Low C. "The Twelve Brigands"--Track 3 is my fav...
  4. You had me worried there until I got to your last sentence. Hey, a guy can try to get free speaks can't he...hehehe... Seriously, I love my forte's...
  5. Don't let these guys fool you. These speakers aren't worth the wood that surrounds them. Bring them to my place and I'll store them just opposite my equally worthless Walnut Forte's.[] Seriously, If they are in as good condition as you claim, you should be able to get at least $500 for them.
  6. Looks like I can only insert one pic per post here's one more. I will add more from my collection later...
  7. And some more. Many of these were in my dad's collection believe it or not...[:$]
  8. Here are some more. I hope these post. I always seem to have trouble attaching images...
  9. I'll chime in with a great soundtrack. "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" The movie sucked, but the sound track featured some very good recordings of many of Johnny Mercer's hits done by some of the industries best musicians. Here's a track list and the artist who performs each song: Skylark - K. D. Lang Too Marvelous For Words - Joe Williams Autumn Leaves - Paula Cole Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) - Rosemary Clooney Dream - Brad Mehldau Days Of Wine And Roses - Cassandra Wilson That Old Black Magic - Kevin Spacey Come Rain Or Come Shine - Alison Eastwood Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive - Clint Eastwood This Time The Dream's On Me - Alison Krauss Laura - Kevin Mahogany Midnight Sun - Diana Krall I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) - Joshua Redman I Wanna Be Around - Tony Bennett The tracks featuring KD Lang, Alison Krauss, and Diana Krall are especially good. Clint Eastwood taking a stab at jazz is an interesting concept too. He basically murders the song, but I give him points for trying. (He also directed the film.)
  10. Hey everybody, Long time, no post. Anyway, I was surfing the web and found this posting of the worst album covers ever. This list is pretty bad, but I bet there are worse ones out there. So, check out this list, and then add your own... http://www.stevecarter.com/albumcovers.htm
  11. Odd place for my first post in months, but I agree, GooGone is some amazing stuff.
  12. I visit ProSoundWeb often, when I am in the mood to talk shop rather than recreation.
  13. I own 2 large tanks. My 100 gallon hosts a pair of Gold Severums and a Pair of Jack Dempsey's. (South American Cichlids) My 125 is a mixed bag of African Reef Cichlids. (6 Ps. Saulosi, 1 pair Metriacliam Estherae, 1 pair of Kennyi's, 6 Haplochromis Sp. "Blue Peacock", and 1 pair Haplochrimis Sp. "Blue Firefin")
  14. Just wondering... I hang out in two other forums. www.cichlidforum.com All things Cichlids (aquarium fish) www.pentaxforums.com The only place that tempts me to spend as much, if not more money than this place. I am a certified LBA (lens buying addict)--specifically vintage SMC Pentax Glass So, where else do you hang?
  15. Well, at least they are making it easier for the poor to choose between meds and dog food...[&]
  16. With your KG 3.2 mains, the KG 2.2v or 2.5v would be the best sonic match. A lilttle harder to find but ultimately worth the wait. The 2.2 is a better center than 90 percent of the current market IMHO,
  17. I want them so bad I can taste it...but it is a no go for now. Those look sweet.
  18. I don't drink any coffee. Can't stand the stuff. I get my caffeine either from a cup of Earl Gray tea or (more often) a 20 oz diet Dew.
  19. I am SW of Grand Rapids--about 15 miles from the big lake.
  20. Here is a pic of my "horizontal" 4.2's serving as surrounds in my HT...enjoy!
  21. Hey, it's great to see an old thread of mine resurrected... Most of my stuff on this forum dies before the post gets read. I am still using my 4.2's Mounted vertically as my surrounds. They perform admirably in this capacity.
  22. I am here in Michigan and I can't wait for garage sale season. Over the last couple of years I have scored 3 different 70's vintage Marantz receivers, a 80's Denon Integrated, and a pair of Polk 5jr monitors. My best find, as far as turn around in price goes, was a vintage Nikkomat (The japanese model--US model was called the Nikkormat) SLR Camera with a full complement of minty and fast Nikkor Manual focus lenses. Paid $25 bucks for the lot. Turned it into $750 on ebay selling it piece by piece. Yeah, I can't wait...its like a second job for me all summer long. Bring it on!
  23. Congrats on finding a pair of very difficult to come by CF 4's. Very cool! Now if you could only find a copy of the equally if not harder to find KV4 Center channel.... I love the look of the CF series with the horn between the woofers....
  24. I am terribly sorry for your loss. May God grant her peace.
  25. I use xanga. Very popular with the teens at the church I attend.
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