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  1. Did some ask if you can use LaScalas for an HT. Yes Rogers set up sounded great. I just have 2 so far but I think they do the trick.
  2. Before you say anything about this picture it was taken with a point and shoot camera in mid morning handheld.
  3. Are you sure she didn't break the range and had all this planned out a head of time? Looking great and it will be beautiful when its finished.
  4. I actually was thinking that and possibly going with inwall or in ceiling and just painting the grills the same color as the ceiling. Just not sure what speaker to use.
  5. We made the boxes and bought the lights at HD.
  6. Here is the latest on the upstairs Theater. Trying to get everything finalized and set up sort of as a dry run before we paint the room. I have the LaScalas as mains and for right now a KG5.2 as a center, (until I can get or make a split LaScala) R-12SW sub, and RB-61II surrounds. Here is the question, looking at the room set up would rear surrounds be any benefit and if so what suggestions would you make as where to put them and what to use. The room is 14W X 17L with the pan ceiling.
  7. I have a RT12T sub that is blowing the fuse. If I unplug everything from the plate amp it still blows the fuse. Talked to tech support and they no longer support this Sub. They did give me a company to contact for repair, Sybesma Electronics in Holland,MI. I did send them a msg about sending them the amp for repair. My question is does anyone know someplace in the DFW area that could repair it. If nothing else just to save shipping costs. I guess it might be the power supply which wouldn't be too hard to replace after finding one. Steve
  8. You were right the first time. I am looking for a HT sub and would use the 250's for surounds. I have talked to Mike H. and Dr. Who about building one. I was thinking I might be able to skip the build part. Steve
  9. How would those bass bins work in a theater set up with Lascalas as L C R, and the 250's as surounds? I'm thinking this would be great in the house were getting ready to build....... Steve
  10. I don't think I have heard of a theater using tube gear or for that matter don't know if any concert venue using tube gear either. I'm hoping someone on here has heard them and if not I'll report back when I do. Steve
  11. Thanks Chris, that would be great. Im in North Fort Worth, 35W just North of 820. If I get one of the XLS series amps I could bring it with me. The plan is to add another La Scala and 4 KTP-250's. Not sure what I'll do for subs yet. Steve
  12. I'm a true blood Texan for life, I grew up here. I just was living in Virginia temporarily. I've been commuting back and forth from Texas to Virginia since 2004. It sure is nice having a home in the same state as you work. Yes I've heard La Scalas on Tubes and like it very much. To tell the truth I'm building this up for theater application. I just know there are guys that have a wealth of knowledge and never look in the theater section so that's why I posted it here. We are going to build a new house with in the year and I want to start putting all the components together now. I'm wanting to get some info on amps and saw these and am wondering how they sound. Coytee offered to let me borrow a Crown K2 to do a side by side comparison. I think I will take him up on the offer. I will buy one of the XLS1500 or 2000, but make sure I can return it if I don't like it. If I like it I will need to buy a few more. Steve
  13. Finally sold the house in Virginia and moved to Fort Worth, TX. The La Scalas have been moved from barn duty to a room in the house. Crown has a new XLS series of amps and I'm trying to find out if anyone has heard them. I'm looking at the XLS1500 or XLS2000. In searches pretty much all I can find is stuff on the discontinued XLS models. These amps are class D and have a power conditioner built into them. They are also weigh in at less than 15 pounds. Here is a link to Crowns website: http://www.crownaudio.com/amp_htm/xls_drivecore.htm It seems like forever since I've had time to hang out on here. I hope everyone is doing great. Steve
  14. That's great news Steve, are you bringing Caroline? I know she and Verna hit it off well that year we were all in Hope No Caroline isn't going to be able to make it. My son was supose to meet me but his work got busy so he had to bail out. Caroline and Verna did hit it off good the last time in Hope, we have since been to Picky's house and they have came out to ours. Looking forward to seeing everyone, if 4:30 will just come so I can get out of here. Steve
  15. What J4 and daddy Dee said is what you should do. Sounds good, I had a Jimmy johns sub.
  16. I hear that the Picky and Verna will be coming after all. It will be good to see them. Steve
  17. BUT WAIT, I think there will be a hot news flash coming very soon. A really hot news flash. Steve
  18. That is what I am trying to decide. My son is going to ride up with Elden and Cristy and I am not sure when they are coming up. If I come up Thursday I wouldn't leave Fort Worth till after I get off work. Steve
  19. The KlipschFanatics Music Festival, A Klipschtastic Music Festival, Music Festival by Klipsch "enough said", Get Klipsched in Hope June 11-13, Are you going to make enough posters so we can get one too? Steve
  20. Dave, I missed the snow last week, but I am here for it today. I still need to give you a call one of these weekends. Steve
  21. Well I made it through the first week. I really like the job and its going to be an adventure. I will be in training for the better part of my first year. I head to Oklahoma City on the 21st for a month and then back here till Jan. 12 when I go for another month in OKC. Its really going to be a change for me to convert my mind over to regulatory compliance when I have had the airline mentality for the past 20 + years. Just have to keep remembering I am with the FAA and I am here to help you..... lol Steve
  22. Well today is the first day. It really a different feeling starting a new job after working one place for 21 1/2 years. Like the first day of school all over again. Steve
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