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  1. I am typing this reply on a 15" macbook pro. Your daughter will get everything she needs to do what you want. The word, spreadsheet, etc can be had using NeoOffice. It's a free downloadable software that I use when I am using my Mac at the house and I am getting reports, etc. from work. I would also look at getting Apple Care. It's an extended warranty and it is a carp shoot if you need it. I used it a couple times for my mom's emac, but never needed it for my imac. When I gave my Mom my imac and bought the macbook I bought the apple care for the macbook, since this is my first (and probably last) laptop. You guys are great for thinking of getting her a new computer for the holidays. Danny
  2. just music i want to get a pair of mac 501's but i can't decide if i need 500w for my khorns. seems like over kill, so i'm just buying music. i'm happy with my system, but there's something about getting new toys. enjoy your retirement. danny
  3. hey and welcome i would go to this site: http://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/etv.mpl?forum=cables and search on cables. audioquest to me is great for SS, but it didn't float my boat when i went tubes. i didn't like solid cable for tubes. this is just me and my system. may work really well for your system and ears. for the money bluejean cable is nice and silversonic Q10 is also nice. i like silversonic T14 which use to be my main wire, but i changed out to Q10 for LF and rewired my khorns with the T14. my speaker runs are 35' to each speaker so i get to research and buy it without hearing the cable until i install it. i have given alot of cable away that i didn't like, but the people i gave it to love it. good luck because there is no right answer. i hope whatever you buy works out for you. danny
  4. 16'x24' at the present time they are on the short wall until i redo my music room. when i first got them i had them 10' apart using false corners and they still sounded great. in your room, with the speakers 20' apart, i'd start with my chair 4' from the back wall and play around with chair positioning. don't know what you will have on the back wall, but you may need some type of accoustic/dufusion material. good luck danny
  5. the best match i have found so far for my system has been the northstar 192 cd/dac combo. this combo replaced my heart 6000 cd player. http://www.northstar.it/english/digital.html http://www.perrottaconsulting.com/ anthony perrotta is great to work with. good luck danny
  6. i have never heard the black plates, but these are my favorite 6550's. i have been using them for the last couple years and i play all kind of music. i have a quad of reissue red lions that have been sitting in a box for the last year that i still haven't rolled into my system yet because i like the tung sol reissue's 6550's so much. http://www.dougstubes.com/tungsol-6550.html good luck danny
  7. .715vdc for kt88's or 6550's. the below is from craig when i was asking about using el34's, which i never did. EL34's can be used you just have to cool the bias down and watch em for plate glow. Start at about .40 volts on the bias and inch it up if you start seeing plate glow with the room dark then back it down a smudge. It really depends on what brand EL34's you use some are better at taking the heat then others. By the tube specs an EL34 should be able to have .50 to .55 volts on the bias in a VRD but I have found with some current production tubes they can't handle what say a Mullard XF1 or 2 would. I have biased my XF2 up the 60mA in my VRD's with a 5U4 rectifier. A 5U4 rectifier is another good Idea to get the plate voltage down with these tubes. There is really no chance your going to hurt the amp using these tubes but the tubes need some care taking when using them. The VRD push all the lesser power tubes pretty hard. I personally always use a 5U4 rectifier when using these other tube types. These above things are true of all tubes except KT88, 6500, KT90 and KT100's these you can bias from .65 to .80 without worries.
  8. think its a great idea. also is any apple user's using fuzzmeasure pro 2.0? danny
  9. 2 things this year 1. northstar 192 transport and dac 2. alk trachorn and beyma cp25 tweeters to my khorns last saturday afternoon. this was a major upgrade and one that i wish i would have done sooner. happy new year! danny
  10. Michael, I'm not sure what the difference between Hardiplank and Hardiboard is. I used Hardiboard (cement material) siding when I built my shed. Lil Danny and I used a circular saw with a blade that was made to cut the Hardiboard, which we bought at Lowes for maybe $10.00. When we had to cut notches the best thing I found was to use a jigsaw with a blade to cut ceramic tile. Any other blade would carp out in seconds. Good luck and your project looks GREAT! Danny
  11. welcome to the forum. my khorns are each 33' from my amps. i was using Blue Jean Cables Canare 4S11(10 gauge wire at $1.10/foot) cable and i had no problems. i bought 70' in bulk and use no termnination. good luck danny
  12. nothing but the best for amy and your family. please keep us posted. danny
  13. good for you and good luck on the ride danny
  14. also a warren zevon fan. have a wz playlist on the ipod and was driving around yesterday listening to him. used to be poor pitiful me, those young girls won't let me be. Now that i'm in my 50's i've changed the lyrics to those young girls won't talk to me. i always took the static line to mean he was listening to an AM station, like the X from mexico, because FM was just starting to kick in when he was getting started. great under rated artist who left us too soon. danny
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