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  1. fini

    Bob Crites RIP

    Seadog, thanks for posting the photos. That was such a fun trip. Made some lifelong friends. I miss you all so much. I want to do it again!! Gregg
  2. fini

    Bob Crites RIP

    You bet! No idea where that shot is right now. I posted it on the forum...Good to see you, sputnik!
  3. fini

    Bob Crites RIP

    I'm doing quite well, thanks! Quit drinking 2 years ago, mostly hang out on facebook (and zoom AA meetings)
  4. fini

    Bob Crites RIP

    Bob's surely in Heaven, sitting next to Daddy Dee, sniffin' crossovers...Sad news. Love you, Bob. Peace to the Crites family.
  5. Howdy all! The other day I picked up some nice-quality headphones at a thrift store, but for the life of me, cannot find a brand, model number, or country of origin! Antone recognize 'em?
  6. Ah, so you're a "front man!"
  7. Type C, BTW. Gilley and Bradford, so they've gotta be good...
  8. Hi folks! A couple weeks ago I was perusing the local Craigslist and came upon a pair of Klipschorns--minus high frequency components and crossovers--for $400. They DO have the woofers. I mean, I don't think I could buy the material to make these for $400! Since I have everything needed to make these 1968 Walnut Khorns fully functional, I went for it. Oops, how did I end up with 3 pairs?? The tags are a little weird. (Non-consecutive) serial numbers are fine, but the model types are a bit confusing (especially for whoever wrote them down!). They appear to be lacquered walnut, from the factory. Before I saw the speakers (and only saw the tags), I thought they might be vertical grain fir, raw. They're quite lovely to me!
  9. Thanks for the info, guys! Tim (my friend) plans to rebuild expecting fires! And no, Rohnert Park was spared the flames last October. Fire started the night of my 62nd bday, and NO, it wasn't sparked by the candles on my cake!
  10. Happy Veterans Day to all! I have a very good friend whom I turned on to a used pair of Heresys, about 6-8 years ago. He fell in love! He had made it through last year's Tubbs fire (Sonoma, Napa and Solano Counties, CA), with no damage to his place. Since then, he sold that property, and moved to a gorgeous piece of property, just outside Chico, CA. Well, as you may know, this week's horrible Camp Fire blew through and took out EVERYTHING of his. He seems to be taking things in stride (what can one do??). I told him I'd help him get his music back up and running, then I started thinking about this spare pair of Khorns I have in the garage. They need a little work (new speaker cloth, recapped crossover, refinish the lacquered oak). And, of course, a new perfectly-designed (for Klipschorns) room! Which brings me to my question. Given his ability to design this room from scratch, what should he be doing? He's an excellent general contractor, and we've done many fun projects together. I haven't searched here yet, so perhaps someone can direct me to a thread or a link to an article (Dope From Hope?). Thank you!!
  11. Hey, dude! Just to clarify (I know, I clarify???), it's pronounced FEE-KNEE. Big deal, eh?
  12. Good for you! Heh, the good old console myth lives on!
  13. Same place as usual! Just haven't spent too much time on the forum. Good to see you still knocking around!
  14. Weird. The photo doesn't show up for me...
  15. Have you posted a photo of these? I'd love to look at 'em!
  16. Oh geeze, sorry. It wasn't a kleenex, it was Grandpa's handkerchief.
  17. What happened to the ol' "spit on a Kleenex and wipe" technique? After loading your mouth with Everclear, of course.
  18. Happy birthday, ya old monkey! From an older monkey, fini
  19. Beautiful! One of the most beautiful Klipsch designs, IMHO. I'd set it up in a mono configuration.
  20. Still wandering aimlessly. I happened to run into a keyboard...
  21. Thawing a couple NY strip steaks for din-din. Might open a CA cab...
  22. Mmmm...a mug of Red Tail Ale, and a chaser shot of 12-year Glenlivet! To start a beautiful Friday night in The Friendly City®!!!
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