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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Forum. You've come to the right place. I started out with a new set of KLF-20s to replace an old set of speakers in a hand-me-down 2 channel system. I then purchased an A/V receiver and started looking for a "surround system"(5.1) I learned here that the KLF-C7 was the center I needed, and happened to find one for sale. I linked here to eBay for it. The seller was a Forum member. He later told me about some Legends that were being sold almost on my door step. I now have another set of -20s as my rear/surrounds and a KSW-30 sub. All of this due to the great folks you can meet here. I'm now prisoner to the "upgraditis" you'll here about here, but boy is it fun. Currently shopping for a new big screen, then upgrading the DVD, then maybe the receiver. Search the archives on the different forums for info on what you currently have, and are trying to do. There a quite a few "Legend Heads" here who are ready to assist. Just remember, it's what sounds good to YOU, that matters.
  2. There have been some posts on these products in the archives, I was just looking for update information... Thanks for responding though![Y]
  3. Well.................................. yesterday I was leaning to older, bigger-more bang for the buck DLP or Sony LCoS (XBR or whatever...), today I'm back to LCD, but I watch a lot of hockey (GO CANES!!!) and are they more prone to blurring? So that brings plasma back into the mix, but the rooms still too bright... ARRGGGHHHH! AND I found a 720p 60" Pioneer plasma that has an AMAZING picture. Phooey I still ask "Are Monster Power Centers worth the price?" Any alternatives? Thank you!
  4. Thanks everyone! I went to CC today and looked some more. I also have to find a stand that my KLF-7 will fit in, and there aren't many out there for an 11" high speaker that's 27" wide. May have to construct something... Jmelet, I looked at the Sony KDS60A3000 today and CC has 'em for 1849. A DVD was playing on it and it looked great. Also read on cnet that the 55" has a high rating. I'm heading away from plasma due to my current viewing room being pretty bright, especially during daylight hours, though I've darkened it some. I also may be able to shelf the KLF on top of a DLP. Also looked at Vann's. The Samsung 61" DLP 1080p HLT6176S looked pretty good, also. But you never know wht type of input they're gietting at a box store. Decent price also at 1900. Samsung HLT5676S might also be an option. Oh, and one other thing: (this should really start something...) are Monster power supplies/filters worth the price?
  5. Thanks everyone! I went to a local family-owned TV/appliance center today that carries about every brand, but maybe a limited selection on some. They had a Samsung 50" "Led engine" (?) set that was impressive. Also looked at a Pioneer 43" and some Samsung 46"s. They even had an older (I believe) Elite, though I don't recall the resolution. Haven't researched their prices, but will no doubt be higher than the box stores, but they are local folks AND, OMG!!! they have a service department and will come to your house! The quest continues...[8-|]
  6. I know this has been blogged almost to the death here and elsewhere, but I value everyone's opinion here. Upgrading from a 32" JVC digital CRT. Viewing distance of 13 to 14 feet and that's probably the maximum. It depends on how I arrange the room. The TV will probably not be mounted on the wall, due to wiring/construction issues. Budget of 2500-3000, 4 max. Currently looking at 50,58" plas Panas, 52" LCD Sharp and Lg, possibly a Sony LCD. All 1080p. Since my A/V receiver is Pioneer, I will probably look at Pioneer also... Non-gamer, currently regular cable, soon to go digital, and updating to HD DVD...[&][&] Thanks! &
  7. Thanks! Looks like I've got some reading to do...
  8. Hello All, Haven't been on here for a loooooong time. Didn't realize how long until I signed on.....yikes! I've been WAY too busy.... Purchased a large hole in the water into which you pour $ in 2006 and it has put quite a damper on electronic purchases, but am still trying to upgrade to a plasma and hi-end DVD. Anybody have the 58" 1080p Pansonic plasma? Looking at those or maybe the LGs. Any info is greatly appreciated....
  9. Do you need spikes for subs if they're placed on carpet as you do for towers?
  10. Is Merlin a Siamese or a minature mountain lion?
  11. I believe this has been asked before, but where's the best place to get grill cloth for KLF-20s? Just got a pair that shared a house with some felines. Thanks.
  12. Damn Just the FM in my work truck. Had call duty and they called. And called, and called, and called.....
  13. Hey Moon, Just went to my 25 year reunion. It was OK, though I dreaded it and started not to go. Was glad I did after I went. Others actually looked much older, with less hair than I! Oh, and many more kids. Guess that does it to ya. You should go.
  14. Second the gunbroker.com, to sell or just to browse try gunsamerica.com, or send me a close up photo of the serial and overall condition and I can send ya a general value. Email Colt for a local dealer or insurance rep (yep) that can give you an appraisal. When all else fails, contact the NRA! (no kidding...)
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