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  1. I bought a MacBook Pro from Thaddeus Smith on this Forum...nice price...still runs fine...and I've used it not only to listen to music before but also to respond to threads on this Forum... Good luck with your sale...trusted seller Bill
  2. ...and some if not all Outlaw Audio subs are developed/based on Hsu designs...good luck with your choice Bill
  3. sorry to read this...Godspeed... Bill
  4. it seemed to me at times that the MD who sold and serviced his equipment was different than the MD that posted and argued on this Forum... Bill
  5. gotta love auto correct...because our Robot overlords know more than we do... Bill
  6. sometimes things go off half fast... Bill
  7. well the HBR means Heresy Birch Raw and that peeling stuff isn't Birch by the looks of it...I'd say poorly veneered by someone...perhpas the speakers look much better underneath that peeling stuff...nice little project for someone... Bill
  8. EICO HF81...restored by NOSValves/Craig from this Forum...sounds wonderful Bill
  9. I certainly couldn't afford most any of those receivers but I do remember those times and going to Pacific Stereo, Musicraft, HiFi Hutch and the like around ChicagoLand to see and hear some of these...I enjoyed the video and walk down memory lane...thanks Bill
  10. ...and I need to add as of a few hours ago a TA-3A as well...😎 Bill
  11. although not as old as some here I think any of the Nakamichi SR or TA series that are of the Nelson Pass STASIS variety (TA-1 need not apply) sound wonderful with Klipsch...I have tried my TA-2A as well as an older and less powerful SR-2A with kg2s, Heresies, Quartet, Chorus ll, RB-5s and probably others...very nice indeed... Bill
  12. this took the wind right out of me...Rest In Peace and thanks so much for the talks and all the speakers you made that much more enjoyable for me and my friends... Thoughts and Prayers for your Family...Godspeed Bob Bill
  13. I didn't want to start a new thread on this since this one exists albeit a bit old now...so...is anyone still enjoying their Panasonic SA-XR55 digital with Klipsch for 2 channel??? I had to return a Nakamichi TA-2A that I borrowed and at least for the time being I placed this in a system with a Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V2 with both Diana Krall and Norah Jones singing sweetly but separately (ladies please! ) through Bob and Michael Crites updated Klipsch Quartets... I haven't listened to this combo in quite some time for 2 channel sound...very nice and very clean... I'd like to hear back from those that still enjoy this or have moved on and to what...share if you care to... Thanks, Bill
  14. ...because I like the combo of RB-5 lls and RC-3 II in that setting so much...in case I hadn't made that clear 🤪 Bill
  15. in a smaller 3 speaker HT set up I use an RC-3 (ll) between RB-5 (ll)s and think it matches very well...I understand how many will tout the superiority of the RC-7 but I have not been able to find one at a decent price and now I just don't concern myself with looking further... Good luck with yours... Bill
  16. I hope this helps at least a bit... I have tried Quartet mains and a Popbumpered (he was a member here) Academy center for home theater and found I preferred three Heresies across the front but only by a small margin...of course I would say that's not exactly a fair comparison as three of the same speaker should sound better than two and a different center... Another reason for the preference of the Heresies was that I felt with running a sub that I was wasting the lower end of the Quartets (over the Heresies) because I had a sub for those lower reaches... as to running three Academies should you get another...that would sound very nice if you have a sub for the lower octaves (I assume you would)... as to running floor standing speakers...I see the logic in doing this as I have a smaller, second HT system and use RB5s atop speaker stands but if I had a second set of Quartets I would probably prefer those (as they have speaker stands built in so to speak ) to the RB5s on speaker stands (my speaker stands are home made cheap stands and not the expensive type many members here use)... now to price...depending as always condition, it would seem to me that your price for Academies with the Bob Crites additions, that is a nice price for the ChicagoLand area... all that said...my choice for what you describe (if I understood you correctly) would be for Quartets (or similar) mains and one of your Academies for center duty... hope this at least helps a bit or someone else sees it and responds with more info...good luck with your choice Bill
  17. thanks for posting this...it helps those of us who are clueless for the most part...me for instance... ...the video was very helpful too... Bill
  18. I had always heard it derived its name because it was Heresy for something so small to sound so good...thanks for sharing another version... Bill
  19. ...what happens when I forget to include the quote that I was responding to (posted below)...anyway...you guys got this "Here also in France, many Klipsch fans talk about the Heresy IV saying: "these are no longer true Klipsch," "betrayal" "they are no longer closed like all Heresy before".
  20. Here also in France, many Klipsch fans talk about the Heresy IV saying: "these are no longer true Klipsch," "betrayal" "they are no longer closed like all Heresy before". haven't Klipsch Heresys been modified and updated from time to time by the factory since they were introduced?... Bill
  21. these are original reviews from back in the day...glad to see these are still available to read Bill
  22. remember too that it has been widely reported here that Klipsch listed many of their speakers at one time to be 4 ohm and others that they were 8 ohm without any changes made to the speaker... I have been running Bob Crites titanium tweeter mods in my kg2s for years without incident...also I have run them on many receivers, amps and integrated without issue to any of the equipment... good luck with yours, the first speaker made for the bookshelf (despite being rather large for bookshelf speakers IMO) and a collaboration between and PWK and Gary Gillum and the derivation of the kg name...I've always called them kay gee two but I understand the original name was to be kay gee squared...I've bought mine new in 1989...enjoy yours Bill
  23. I don't know abut WD-40 but just a spritz of DeoxIT...I know this is an old thread and late reply but I just applied the "fix" for the first follow up since 2007ish for a friend... Bill
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