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  1. Hi many thanks for the ideas, will do some serious checking with the info given me, pretty sure it is one speaker, but will isolate, thanks
  2. Hi, I Have a pair of 1993 Khorns, about 2 months ago I noticed a fuzzy, distorted sound from one of them, It happens usually when playing a cd with piano or keyboard, seems to happen only in that frequency range, I have multiple amps,preamps and sources, as well as other speakers, It is in the Khorn, any ideas??? bad xover etc,thanks
  3. I have 2 Dynaco ST70s from Will....his amps are spot on and great....he does super work and agree his prices are reasonable
  4. I have been on ebay for 7 yrs, it is a complete flea market, great for 1-$20.00 items....just like a flea market. It is soooooooo full of scams and ripoofs.....the last 2 audio auctions I bid on turned out to be scams. Audiogon is much better, the thing is ebay could care less...it is truly Caveat Emptor.
  5. Most of these "hi end shops" can't make a really good sound anyway. To say Klipsch "suck" is just pure ignorance,how many other speaker designers are in the engineering science hall of fame....er um none that I know of except PWK...guess I will just go home and listen to my "sucky" Khorns
  6. Hello anybody have experience with quicksilver gear and khorns, or Lascalas, or belles,heresy etc, thanks
  7. amen, have a few tube amps that sing with my khorn, BUT the surprise is my Mac 252 250/channel ss amp sounds mighty fine thru the khorns.
  8. I hope Klipsch does not el foldo the heritage line, I mean it was what the company was built on. Have complete stragers come into your house on your time, thats crazy, thats what stores are for. It is up to the people who work at Klipsch to regenerate the interest in the H. Line...how about ads in stereophile saying the line is alive and well and has been updated thru the years. The proliferation of hi end low powered tube amps are begging to be mated up to these speakers. Companies like quicksilver,Radii,Cary,ARC,VTL,etc are excellent choices with the H. line, heck quicksilver even makes an amp specifically designed for horns, its called the horn mono. To erase the very speakers that made this name a legend would be a tragedy.
  9. I would jump on it, I have the MC275, which is quite nice, this one has more juice, cant go wrong here, could always sell it and get your money back,maybe more. good luck.
  10. anythoughts on which is preferred...anyone own both or here both at length, thanks
  11. might be able to help here, I have owned Khorns for 10 yrs and have owned dq10s and ARC etc.....my suggestion especially for the money is VTL. Khorns seem to really fly with a nice el34 tube amp. You park a good source thru the 2.5 pre amp and their st 85 power amp = mighty good sound.... a little nicer is their MB 125 mono amps, and for the money their IT 85 integrated amp thru Khorns can't be beat. Another nice choice is a restored dynaco st 70, or of course a Marantz 8B. for SS Mcintosh works great with Khorns but is more money,also Linn gear works very well thru Khorns. I have either owned all of the above or tried them at length with the Khorns. I have also tried some expensive tube amps with 6550s....I prefer the el34 tube compliment...and it is less money. Lots of good choices to fuel the mighty Khorns...good luck.
  12. i have that same set up (among others too) anyway, the VTL 2.5 preamp is a nice one and quite a bargain for the money..can be had used for around 7-900,I have one and have used that exact set up with very nice results
  13. just curious,what is the census on old original heresy vs mk2,sure this has been talked about before...but any thoughts, thanks
  14. I received my 8B and it sound quite nice,surprisingly quiet...biasing question...they came with a set of Mullards and another set of svetlananas...whenI bias the tubes all go to the right point except one, I think it is a1...i turn the bias all the way to the right and it is still off...is this normal...do I have a bad tube etc ?? thanks
  15. I saw them open for Eric Clapton this summer, they were the best opening act that i have ever seen and they all switched instruments, they are destined to become big,Clapton brought him out for the last few numbers....these guys got it...about time somebody new was good...they smoke in concert.
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