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  1. Crossovers are now sold. Thanks for all of the inquiries. K22Rs still available.
  2. Open to offers on the crossovers & K22s. I wouldn’t mind selling them as a lot. I’ll even split the shipping. Hit me up....
  3. Hey all - I am working through a super-heresy conversion so there are several pieces of my 1983 Heresy IIs that I'm selling. 1. Pair of E2 crossovers. Working fine as of the other day when I took them out. Upgraded to Crites. $SOLD 2. Pair of original Klipsch badges. Some wear but otherwise in good shape for 38 years old! $SOLD. 3. Pair of K-22-Rs. Some minor scuffing on the outer edge of one of the woofers, presumably from when I took it out of the cabinet. Note, the woofer is fine. It's just on the part that lays against the cabinet front. Please see the pics. $SOLD
  4. Really sad news. I was just emailing with him last month about some crossovers. He definitely knew his stuff. My condolences to his family.
  5. Really sad for sure. I was just emailing back/forth with him back in December. I have a set of new crossovers for my Heresy project sitting here in my office. My condolences to his family.
  6. Perfect, thanks. That’s exactly what I needed to know! Will be posting up a bunch of parts from the donor ‘83 Heresys to the Garage Sale shortly (K22s, crossovers, original badges etc...)
  7. Hey all. I’ve amassed all the parts for my SH build. I am opting to build new rear panels should it ever be needed to bring them back to fully stock. My question (apologies if it’s been asked somewhere in the previous 30 pages). Regarding the ports, Is there an optimal placement in the bottom rear panel? I’m using the one cited earlier from Parts Express and just looking for where to drill out the 4.25” hole.
  8. Would be a nice addition to my office/listening room. BUT not at that price. 1/2 that price, maybe. Edit: I was looking at these on the bay where they were listed at $3400
  9. I have a bunch more higher res pics that I can email to anyone who is interested.
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