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  1. I have listend to the JMlab grand utopia BE. While they were an amazing speaker, I dont think they were worth the huge price. The build quality is perfect which adds to the price and the sound was good but not great. I found them to be very clear but they had weak bottom end and at low volumes. They also sounded a little muffled on the high end. I tested them with Joe Satriani's "strage buetiful music". They were being powered by krell mono blocks. They were very power hungry too. Its funny that Ive listened to these but ive never listened to a Khorn.
  2. I auditioned a set of ML's and found that you HAVE to be in that sweetspot to hear anything good. I found that sweetspot to be very small too. I dont remember what amp was hooked up to it but that probably wont make to much of a difference. Overall very nice "smooth" sounding but keep your head in fixed position.
  3. Well I am biased, but I will say that this was a good movie. The cool thing for me was looking at all of there equipment. Im a guitar junkie and some of this stuff made me drool. They have the best amps in the world. Mesa(i have one), Marshalls, Peavy 5150, Solondos, Fender, Vox, Deizel and a bunch of other ones. Well enough about equipment. Overall the movie was great if your a fan, and good if your in to documetories(spelling).
  4. Maybee its vary's tv to tv. Both of the tv's I tried were regular tube tv's. No widscreen.
  5. Thanks, thats what I thought.
  6. I added AVP wide screen to my collection the other day. I know it has a horible plot, but its a lot of fun with the action. Most of the surround was pretty good. But I had a problem, the green words on the left sides of the screen were cut off. These are the ones at the begining that tell where the people are. eg, the girl is climbing the ice mountiain, it says something like nepal on the bottom left of the screen. Well these words and other are cut off. I checked my settings and all was well. I even changed some inputs to see if this was the problem. After I couldnt fix it, I went to another tv that has a cheap dvd player hooked up through one of those converters. I played the movie and found the same problem. So is it the disk or am I missing something? If anyone else has the wide screen version, please let me know.
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    Thanks for replying. I was thinking of geting the rc7 for the center and throwing the sc2 to the back. It is nice to see someone reply. There are a lot of people on this board not willing to help a semi newbie
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    Hey all, I currently have a 5.1 setup. Right now for mains I have RB35's. My center is a Synergy c2. My rears are my old Infinity Interlude IL20's. My receiver supports a 6.1 setup. Now on to the question. What should I use for my back channel? Would another center channel work or should I use a kilipsh RS speaker. Also, I will eventually be moving my rb35's to the surrounds and purchasing a RF7 for the mains. What do you all think? One more thing I currently have an Infinity 10" sub, I was thinking of going with a Klipsch sub but i've heard of reliability issues. Do any of you think a Velodyne would be better?
  9. Does anybody have a picture of the inside of an RB35 or something similar?
  10. Hello, Klipsch are you listening? We are your customers, please dont ignore us. And please dont post that policy again.
  11. Exactly, A store that you know is going to be open and will have the product. There are 50 states, How about opening one in the capital of each state? C'mon Klipsch, we obviouly want the product.
  12. Mechanical Engineer in the Aerospace industry and in the Semiconductor industry. I also tinker with cars on the side. Camaro now corvette soon
  13. You all have valid points. I feel if things keep going this way the Reference series will be discontinued. With no major chain selling them, how does anyone know about the product. All that will be left in the line up will be the synergy series and possibly the heratige. The synergy series is availible at bestbuy, but the average customer who shops for speakers there thninks that sony and bose make just as good speakers. Also the setup and salesperson knowlege if awfull. Klipsch could try a direct store in major cities. Similar to how gateway computers had their own stores. This would allow great setup and experienced salespeople to help the customer. They could sell the Reference and Heritige line. What do you all think?
  14. Why cant they just sell them online direct. This would be the biggest problem solver for all. If they want to get rid of some of the "gray" dealers, then offer them to the public online.
  15. So I used the authorized dealer search on the website to find a reference dealer and found a place that is 45 miles away acording to this web site. Once I mapped this out it was actually more like 80. I called this guy about a month ago to check his hours. So I plan my trip on a saturday (im a very busy person). After driving to some little hole in the wall town I found that the place is GONE! Out of buisness. This really pisses me off. I live in central connecticut and there are no dealers near buy. The damn web site says that there a few in the state but these are all designer installation companies with little or no showroom. So I have to travel out of state to get these. The distances claimed on the dealer locator are all way under. So after all this frustration, I decided to purchase from one of these ebay sites. I know that I have no warranty now but who cares. If Klipsch will continue to have such stubbron rules about selling online or at an actual chain of stores, I will continue to support these online dealers. So what I am saying is Klipsch, WHY DONT YOU AT LEAST SELL DIRECT ONLINE OR GET SOME STORES IN THE HARTFORD AREA.
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